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The Riverside song book/Decoration Day

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Composed by Johann Aegidius Geyer


Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Johann Aegidius Geyer.

1. Sleep, comrades, sleep, sleep and rest On this Field of the

2. Rest, comrades, rest, rest and sleep! The thoughts of men shall

3. Your si - lent tents, tents of green. We deck with flowers, with

Ground-ed Arms, Where foes no more molest. Nor sen-try's shot a - larms!

ev - er be As sen-ti-nels to keep Your rest from danger free,

fra - grant flow'rs; Yours has the suf-f'ring been, The mem'ry shall be ours,

Sleep, com-rades, sleep and rest On this Field of the Grounded Arms.

As sen-ti - nels to keep Your rest from dan - ger free.

Yours has the suff - 'ring been. The mem - 'ry shall be ours.