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The Riverside song book/The Flag

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For works with similar titles, see The Flag.

Composed by L. V. H. Crosby


James Riley. L. V. H. Crosby.

(Air: Dearest Mae.)

1. That o - cean-guarded flag of light, for - ev - er may it fly! It

2. Timbers have crash'd and guns have peal'd be - neath its ar- dent glow; But

3. Its stripes of red, e - ter - nal dyed with heart-streams of all lands; Its

flashed o'er Monmouth's bloody fight, and lit Mc - Hen-ry's sky; It

nev - er did that en - sign yield its hon - or to the foe; Its

white, the snow-capped hills that hide in storm their up-raised hands; Its

bears up - on its folds of flame to earth's re-mot-est wave The

fame shall march with mar - tial tread down a - ges yet to be To

blue, the o - cean waves that beat round freedom's cir - cled shore; Its

names of men whose deeds of fame shall e'er in - spire the brave,

guard those stars that nev - er paled in fight on land or sea.

stars, the prints of an - gels' feet, that shine for-ev - er more.


For - ev - er may it fly! For - ev - er may it fly! That

o - cean-guarded flag of light, For - ev - er may it fly !