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The Riverside song book/True Freedom

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\header { subtitle = "TRUE FREEDOM." tagline = ##f poet = "James Russell Lowell" composer = "Friedrich Silcher." }

\score { << \new ChoirStaff << \override Score.BarNumber #'break-visibility = #'#(#f #f #f)
  \new Staff \relative b' { \key ees \major \time 3/4 \autoBeamOff
    <bes ees,>4. <g ees>8 <c ees,> <bes ees,> |
    <bes f>8. <aes f>16 <g ees>4 r |
    <f d>8 <g d> << { aes[ c] bes[\< aes] } \\ { d,4 d } >> |
    <aes' d,>8.\> <g ees>16 q4\! r | %end first line
    <bes ees,>4. <g ees>8 <c ees,> <bes ees,> |
    <bes f>8. <aes f>16 <g ees>4 r |
    << { f8 <bes f> d[ c] bes[\< a] } \\ { f8 s g4 f } >> |
    <c' f,>8.\! <bes f>16\> q4\! r | %end second line
    <aes d,>4.^\mp <g ees>8 <f c> <ees c> |
    <d bes>8. <ees c>16 <f d>4 r |
    <c' f,>4.^\mf <bes g>8 <aes d,> <g ees> |
    <f d>8. <g ees>16 <f d>4 r | %end third line
    <bes ees,>4. <g ees>8\< <aes f> <bes g> |
    <c aes>\! <d bes> <f d>[ <ees c>] <d bes> <c aes> |
    <bes g>4. <aes f>16[ <g ees>]\> <aes f>8 <f d> |
    q4\!( ees) r \bar ".." }
  \new Lyrics \lyricmode { \set stanza = #"1." Men!4. whose8 boast it is8. that16 ye2 Come8 of fa4 -- thers brave8. and16 free,2 If4. there8 breathe on earth8. a16 slave,2 Are8 ye tru4 -- ly free8. and16 brave?2 If4. ye8 do not feel8. the16 chain,2 When4. it8 works an -- oth8. -- er's16 pain,2 Are4. ye8 not base slaves in -- deed,4 Slaves8 un -- wor4. -- thy8 to be freed?2 }
  \new Lyrics \lyricmode { \set stanza = #"2." Is4. true8 free -- dom but8. to16 break2 Fet8 -- ters for4 our own8. dear16 sake,2 And,4. with8 leath -- ern hearts,8. for16 -- get2 That8 we owe4 man -- kind8. a16 debt?2 No!4. true8 free -- dom is8. to16 share2 All4. the8 chains our broth8. -- ers16 wear.2 And,4. with8 heart and hand, to be4 Ear8 -- nest to4. make8 oth -- ers free!2 }
  \new Lyrics \lyricmode { \set stanza = #"3." They4. are8 slaves who fear8. to16 speak2 For8 the fall4 -- en and8. the16 weak;2 They4. are8 slaves who will8. not16 choose2 Ha8 -- tred, scoff4 -- ing, and8. a16 -- buse,2 Rath4. -- er8 than in si8. -- lence16 shrink2 From4. the8 truth they needs8. must16 think;2 They4. are8 slaves who dare not be4 In8 the right4. with8 two or three.2 }
  \new Staff \relative e { \clef bass \key ees \major \autoBeamOff
    <ees g>4. <ees bes'>8 <ees aes> <ees g> |
    <d f>8. <d bes'>16 <ees bes'>4 r |
    <bes aes'>8 <bes g'> << { f'[ aes] g[ f] } \\ { bes,4 bes } >> |
    <bes f'>8. <ees g>16 q4 r | %end line 1
    q4. <ees bes'>8 <ees aes> <ees g> |
    <d f>8. <d bes'>16 <ees bes'>4 r |
    <d d'>8 <d bes'> << { bes'[ c] d[ c] } \\ { ees,4 f } >> |
    <bes ees>8. <d bes,>16 q4 r | %end line 2
    <bes, f'>4.^\mp <bes g'>8 <bes aes'> <bes a'> |
    <bes bes'>8. q16 q4 r |
    <d aes'>4.^\mf <ees g>8 <f bes> <g bes> |
    <aes bes>8. bes16 q4 r | %end line 3
    <g bes>4. <ees ees'>8 <ees d'> <ees des'> |
    <aes c> q q4 <f d'>8 <f ees'> |
    <bes ees>4. <bes bes,>8 q <aes bes,> |
    <aes bes,>4( <g ees>) r } >> >>
\layout { indent = #0 }
\midi { \tempo 4 = 116 } }

This work was published before January 1, 1927, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.