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Adolph Heyduk, a contemporary of Halek and Neruda was born June 7th, 1835 and died, February 6th, 1923. Unlike so many of the Czech poets, Heyduk was not a journalist or lawyer, but spent his active years as a professor of drawing in the technical (real) schools of Pisek. The years spent in the peaceful small town environment had a marked mellowing effect upon Heyduk and his poetry reflects all the soothing tenderness of undisturbed nature. Heyduk’s genuinely sincere lyrics are a faithful reproduction of every mood of nature, of,every whim of man. His poetry is plain, simple and yet full of beauty and emotional depths. Heyduk’s journey to Italy, to Slovakia and to the Caucasus have added richness and breadth to his otherwise local subject matter, and have inspired such works as Southern Tunes, The Cymbal and the Violin and Upon the Waves