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Thy will be done! Thou, who sees without strife
The world’s far ends from your throne above the star;
Who, with a loving eye, to these very ends brings life
Across the plains and mystic depths afar;
Who dwells above in the boundless realm of might,
Encircled by the glamor of your suns;
Thou, who commands all living creatures’ plight
With a holy wisdom as yet attained by none,

Thy will for e’er be done!

Thy will be done! That will, which humbles low
The heavenly court, attired in light’s robes;
That will, which sets the very skies aglow
And fills with bliss men’s most inspired souls.
Our Father, as your will is solemnized
By the angels and the blessed in your domain,
So, on this earth it shall be recognized
By all, your children, and thus it shall remain.

Thy will for e’er be done!

Thy will be done! When the aura of thy grace
And the splendor of thy gifts brightens our life;
When songs of gladness in our hearts find place,
And when with joy and peace our soul is rife.
Or when dark tempests gather overhead,
And want or grief cast shadows on our days;
When our earthly paths are crossed by foes we dread
And tragic sorrow against our courage plays.

Thy will for e’er be done!

Thy will be done! As we linger o’er the bier
Refusing consolation’s kind relief,
Or when through the loss of those we treasured dear
Our cheeks turn pale with an unspoken grief;
Tis then we say, in times with gloom replete
When the world to us seems barren, cold and drear,
We, in our soul, find strength as we repeat;
“Your gift. Oh Lord, to you return we here.”

Thy will for e’er be done!

Thy will be done! Let the seedlings of Thy laws
Grow forth and bloom for ever in our hearts.
We will accept and bear each heavy cross,
Your mercy shall help us to carry out our parts.
For we are weak; you give us strength, endurance,
And lest we fall, we seek your helping hand.
As through our life, so too at death’s appearance
Oh comforter, we’ll do what e’er you may command.

Thy will for e’er be done!

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