The St. Petersburg Times celebrates 125 years of publishing excellence

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                         HON. C. W. BILL YOUNG

                               of florida

                    in the house of representatives

                       Tuesday, January 27, 2009

  Mr. YOUNG of Florida. Madam Speaker, The St. Petersburg Times, my
hometown newspaper, began its 125th year of publishing this month.
  Starting from humble beginings in the back of a Dunedin, Florida
drugstore, 3 people--a doctor, dentist and printer--turned out 480
copies of the newpaper's first edition. Today, The Times is Florida's
most read newspaper.
  Following my remarks, I will include for the benefit of my
colleagues, a column by Paul Tash, the Editor, Chairman and Chief
Executive Officer of The St. Petersburg Times, commemorating the
newspaper's growth and plans to celebrate its history over the next
  Madam Speaker, The St. Petersburg Times has dutifully recorded the
history of our community these past 125 years, and as Paul Tash writes,
``sharing in the success, suffering in the setbacks. Please join me
in thanking all those past and present employees of The Times who have
brought the news to our doorstep, in good times and bad, and even
during the most trying of times.

             [From the St. Petersburg Times, Jan. 14, 2009]

              Our Common History: Tampa Bay and Its Times

                 (By Paul Tash, Editor, Chairman, CEO)

[excerpted article text]

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