The Theory of Moral Sentiments

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The Theory of Moral Sentiments
by Adam Smith

The Theory of Moral Sentiments, written by Adam Smith in 1759, is an important work in the theory of capitalism, wherein the ethical, philosophical, psychological and methodological underpinnings to Smith's later works are provided, including The Wealth of Nations (1776). Excerpted from The Theory of Moral Sentiments on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


  • Part I: Of the Propriety of Action
  • Part II: Of Merit and Demerit; or, of the Objects of Reward and Punishment
  • Part III: Of the Foundation of our Judgments concerning our own Sentiments and Conduct, and of the Sense of Duty
  • Part IV: Of the Effect of Utility upon the Sentiment of Approbation
  • Part V: Of the Influence of Custom and Fashion upon the Sentiments of Moral Approbation and Disapprobation
  • Part VI: Of the Character of Virtue
  • Part VII: Of Systems of Moral Philosophy