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Obituary: Mr. Pakenham Beatty

Source: The Times, Friday, Apr 11, 1930; pg. 19; Issue 45485—Mr. Pakenham Beatty

Mr. Pakenham Beatty

The death is announced of Mr. Pakenham Thomas Beatty, scholar and poet, of County Louth, Ireland , at the age of 74. The eldest son of Mr. Pakenham William Beatty, of Mount Pleasant, Dundalk, he was born at Maranham, Brazil, on June 23, 1855, and went to Harrow (Druries) in 1869. He was the author of three volumes of scholarly verse—"To My Lady," "Three Women of the People," and "Spretae Carmina Musae"—and was also known for enthusiastic work in the cause of Greek freedom. He possessed many lovable qualities, and though on account of his delicate health he retired from social life 20 years ago, he will be greatly mourned by his any friends. He had known many distinguished men of his generation, including William Morris, Walter O'Shaughnessy, Hengist Horne, G. W. E. Russell, George Moore and Bernard Shaw, of whom he had many anecdotes.

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