The Way of a Man with a Maid/Volume 1/Chapter 4

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Chapter IV

I commenced to feel Alice by placing my hands one on each side of her waist, noting with cruel satisfaction the shiver that ran through her at their contact with her naked skin. After a few caresses, I passed them gently but inquisitively over her full hips, which I stroked, pressed and patted lovingly, then bringing my hands downwards behind her I roved over her plump bottom, the fleshy cheeks of which I gripped and squeezed to my heart's content, Alice the while arching herself outwards in a vain attempt to escape my hands. Then I descended to the underneath portion of her soft round thighs, and finally worked my way back to her waist, running my hands up and down over loins and finally arriving at her armpits.

Here I paused, and to try the effect on Alice, I gently tickled these sensitive spots of herself. 'Don't!' she exclaimed wriggling and twisting herself uneasily, 'don't, I am dreadfully ticklish, I can't stand it at all!' At once I ceased, but my blood went on fire, as through my brain flashed the idea of the licentiously lovely spectacle Alice would afford if she was tied down with her legs fastened widely apart, and a pointed feather-tip cleverly applied to the most sensitive part of herself - her cunt - sufficient slack being allowed in her fastenings to permit of her wriggling and writhing freely while being thus tickled, and I promised to give myself presently this treat together with the pleasure of trying on her this interesting experiment.

After a short pause, I again placed my hands on her waist, played for a moment over her swelling hips, then slipped them on to her stomach, my right hand taking the region below her waist, while my left devoted itself to her bosom, carefully avoiding for the moment her breasts.

Oh! what pleasure I tasted in thus touching her pure sweet flesh, so smooth, so warm, so essentially female! My delighted hands wandered all over her body, while the poor girl stood quivering and trembling, unable to guess whether her breasts or cunt were next to be attacked.

I did not keep her long in suspense. After a few circlings over her rounded belly, my right hand paused on her navel again, and while my forefinger gently tickled her, my left hand slid quietly on to her right breast which it then gently seized.

She gave a great cry of dismay! Meanwhile my right hand had in turn slipped up to her left breast, and another involuntary shriek from Alice announced that both of her virgin bubbies had become the prey of my cruel hands!

Oh! how she begged me to release them, the while tossing herself from side to side in almost uncontrollable agitation as my fingers played with her delicious breasts, now squeezing, now stroking, now pressing them against each other, now rolling them upwards and downwards, now gently irritating and exciting their tiny nipples! Such delicious morsels of flesh I had never handled, so firm and yet so springing, so ripe and yet so maidenly, palpitating under the hitherto unknown sensations communicated by the touch of masculine hands on their virgin surfaces. Meanwhile Alice's tell-tale face reflected in the mirror clearly indicated to me the mental shame and anguish she was feeling at this terrible outrage; her flushed cheeks, dilated nostrils, half-closed eyes, her panting heaving bosom all revealing her agony under this desecration of her maiden self! In rapture, I continued toying with her virgin globes, all the while gloating on Alice's image in the mirror, twisting and contorting itself in the most lasciviously ravishing way under her varying emotions.

At last I tore my hands away from Alice's breasts. I slipped my left arm round her waist, drew her tightly against me, then while I held her firmly, my right hand passed gently over her stomach and slowly approached her cunt! Alice instantly guessed my intention! She threw her weight on one leg, then quickly placed the other across her groin to foil my attack, crying: 'No no, Jack! ... not there ... not there!' at the same time endeavouring frantically to turn herself away from my hand. But the close grip of my left arm defeated her, and disregarding her cries, my hand crept on and on till it reached her hairs! These I gently pulled, twining them round my fingers as I revelled in their curling silkiness. Then amorously, I began to feel and press her gloriously swelling mount of Venus, a finger on each side of its slit. Alice now simply shrieked in her shame and distress, jerking herself convulsively backwards and twisting herself frenziedly. As she was forced to stand on both legs in order to maintain her balance, her cunt was absolutely defenceless, and my eager fingers roved all over it, touching, pressing, tickling, pulling her hairs at their sweet will. Then I began to attack her virgin orifice and tickle her slit, passing my forefinger lightly up and down it, all the time watching her intently in the mirror. Alice quivered violently, her head fell backwards in her agony as she shrieked: 'Jack, don't! ... for God's sake don't!! ... stop! ... stop!' But I could feel her cunt opening under my lascivious attentions, and so could she! Her distress became almost uncontrollable. 'Oh, my God!' she screamed in her desperation as my finger found its way to her clitoris and lovingly titillated it; spasmodically she squeezed her thighs together in her vain attempts to defend herself. Unheeding her agonised pleadings, I continued to tickle her clitoris for a few delicious moments, then I gently passed my finger along her cunt and between its now half-opened lips till I arrived at her maiden orifice, up which it tenderly forced its way, burying itself in Alice's cunt till it could penetrate no further into her! Alice's agitation now became uncontrollable; she struggled so violently that I could hardly hold her still, especially when she felt the interior of her cunt invaded and my finger investigate the mysteries of its virgin recesses.

Oh! my voluptuous sensations at that moment! Alice's naked quivering body clutched tightly against mine! My finger, half buried in her maiden cunt, enveloped in her soft warm throbbing flesh and gently exploring its luscious interior!! In my excitement I must have pushed my inquisitiveness too far, for Alice suddenly screamed: 'Oh! ... oh! you're hurting me! ... stop! stop!' her head falling forward on her bosom as she did so! Delighted at this unexpected proof of her virginity and fearful of exciting her sexual passions beyond her powers of control, I gently withdrew my finger and soothed her by passing it lovingly and caressingly over her cunt; then releasing her from my encircling arm, I left her to recover herself. But, though visibly relieved at being at last left alone, Alice, trembled so violently that I hastily pushed her favourite armchair (the treacherous one) behind her, deftly released the pulley-ropes and let her drop into the chair to rest and recover herself, for I knew that her distress was only temporary and would soon pass away and leave her in a fit condition to be again fastened and subjected to some other torture, for so it undoubtedly was to her.