The Way of a Man with a Maid/Volume 1/Chapter 5

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Chapter V

On this occasion, I did not set free the catch which permitted the arms of the chair to imprison the occupant. Alice was so upset by her experiences that I felt sure she would not give me any trouble worth mentioning when it became time for her torturing to recommence, provided of course that I did not allow her too long a respite, and this, from my own point of view, I did not propose to do as I was wildly longing to play again with her naked charms!

I therefore let her coil herself up in the chair with her face buried in her hands, and greedily gloated over the voluptuous curves of her haunches and bottom which she was unconsciously exhibiting, the while trying to make up my mind as to what I should next do to her. This I soon decided. My hands were itching to handle again her virgin flesh, and so I determined to tie Alice upright to one of the pillars and while comfortably seated close in front of her, to amuse myself by playing with her breasts and cunt again.

She was now lying quietly and breathing normally and regularly, the tremblings and quiverings that had been running intermittently through her having by now ceased. I did not feel quite sure if she had recovered herself yet, but as I watched her, I noticed an attempt on her part to try and slip her wrists out of the silken nooses that attached the ropes to them. This settled the point, and, before she could effect her object and free her hands, I set the ropes working, remarking as I did so: 'Well Alice, shall we resume?'

She glanced at me affrightedly, then averted her eyes as she exclaimed hurriedly: 'Oh no, Jack! not again, not again!' and shuddered at the recollection of her recent ordeal.

'Yes, my dear!' I replied, 'the same thing, though not quite in the same way; you'll be more comfy this time! Now Alice, come along, stand up again!'

'No!' she cried, fighting vainly the now fast tightening ropes which were inexorably raising her to her feet! 'Oh, Jack! no! ... no!!' she pitifully pleaded while opposing the upward pull with all her might but to no avail! I simply smiled cruelly at her as I picked up a leather strap and awaited the favourable moment to force her against the nearest pillar. Presently she was dragged off the chair and now was my time. I pounced on her and rushed her backwards to the pillar, quickly slipping the strap round it and her waist and buckling it, and thus securing her. Then I loosened the pulleys and lowering her arms, I forced them behind her and round the pillar, till I got her wrists together and made them fast to a ring set in the pillar. Alice was now helpless; the whole of the front of her person was at my disposal! She was securely fastened, but, with a refinement of cruelty, I lashed her ankles together and bound them to the pillar! Then I unbuckled the strap round her waist and threw it away, it being no longer needed, placed the armchair in front of her, and sitting down in it, I drew it so close to her that she stood between my parted legs and within easy touch, just as she did when she was being indecently assaulted before she was undressed, only then we both were fully clothed, while now we both were stark naked! She could not throw her head back because of the pillar, and if she let it droop, as she naturally wanted to do, the first thing that her innocent eyes would rest upon would be my excited prick in glorious erection, its blushing head pointing directly towards her cunt as if striving to make the acquaintance of its destined bride.

Confused, shamefaced and in horrible dread, Alice stood trembling in front of me, her eyes tightly closed as if to avoid the sight of my naked self, her bosom agitatedly palpitating till her breasts seemed almost to be dancing! I leant back in my chair luxuriously as I gloated over the voluptuously charming spectacle, allowing her a little time in which to recover herself somewhat before I set to work to feel her again.

Before long, the agitations of her bosom died away; Alice's breathing became quieter. She was evidently now ready for another turn, and I did not keep her waiting, but gently placed my hands on her breasts.

'No, Jack, don't!' she pleaded piteously, moving herself uneasily. My only response was to stroke lovingly her delicious twin globes. As her shoulders were of necessity drawn well back by the pull of her arms, her bust was thrown well forward, thus causing her breasts to stand out saucily and provokingly; and I took the fullest advantage of this. Her flesh was delicious to the touch, so smooth and soft and warm, so springy and elastic. My fingers simply revelled in their contact with her skin! Taking her tempting bubbies between my fingers and thumbs, I amorously pressed and squeezed them, pulled them this way and that way, rubbed them against each other, finally taking each delicate nipple in turn in my mouth and sucking it while my hands made as if they were trying to milk her! Alice, all the while, involuntarily shifted herself nervously, as if endeavouring to escape from my audaciously inquisitive fingers, her face scarlet with shame.

After a delicious five minutes of lascivious toying with her maiden breasts, I reluctantly quitted them, first imprinting on each of her little nipples a passionate kiss which seemed to thrill through her. As I sank back into my chair she took a long breath of relief, at which I smiled, for I had only deserted her breasts for her cunt.

Alice's legs were a trifle short, and her cunt therefore lay a little too low for effective attack from me in a sitting position. I therefore pushed the chair back and knelt in front of her. My intentions were now too obviously plain to her, and she shrieked in her dismay, squirming deliciously.

For some little time, I did not touch her, but indulged in a good look at close quarters at the sweet citadel of her chastity.

My readers will remember that, immediately after I had stripped Alice naked, I had closely inspected her cunt from a similar point of view. But then it was unsullied, untouched; now it had experienced the adoring touch of a male finger, and her sensitive body was still all of a quiver from the lustful handling her dainty breasts had just endured! Did her cunt share in the sexual excitement that my fingers had undoubtedly aroused in her?

It seemed to me that it did! The hair seemed to stand out as if ruffled, the mount of Venus certainly looked fuller, while the coral lips of the cunt itself were distinctly more apart! I could not see her clitoris, but I concluded that it participated in the undoubted excitement that was prevailing in this sweet portion of Alice's body, and of which she evidently was painfully aware by her shrinking quivering movements!

I soon settled the point by gently placing my right forefinger on her slit and lovingly stroking it! An electric shock seemed to thrill through Alice, her limbs contracted, her head fell forward as she screamed: 'Don't Jack! ... oh my God! how can you treat me so?' while she struggled frantically to break the ropes which lashed her legs to the pillar to which she was fastened.

'Don't you like it, dear?' I asked softly with a cruel smile, as I continued gently to play with her cunt.

'No, no,' she shrieked, 'oh stop! ... I can't stand it!' And she squirmed horribly. The crack of her cunt now began to open visibly.

I slipped my finger in between the parted lips: another despairing shriek from Alice, whose face now was scarlet! Again I found my progress barred by the membrane that proved her virgin condition! Revelling in the warm moistness of her throbbing flesh, I slowly agitated my finger in its delicious envelope, as if frigging her: 'Jack! don't!!' Alice yelled, now mad with distress and shame, but I could not for the life of me stop, and with my left forefinger, I gently attacked her virgin clitoris.

Alice went off into a paroxysm of hysterical shrieks, straining at her fastenings, squirming, wriggling, writhing like one possessed. She was a lovely sight in herself, and the knowledge that the struggling shrieking girl I was torturing was Alice herself and none but Alice added zest to my occupation.

Disregarding her cries, I went on slowly frigging her but carefully refrained from carrying her sexual excitement to the spending point; till I had pushed her powers of self-control to their utmost I did not want her to spend, this crowning humiliation I intended to effect with my tongue. Presently, what I wished was to make Alice endure the most outrageously indecent indignities I could inflict on her virgin person, to play on her sexual sensitiveness, to provoke her nearly into spending, and then deny her the blessed relief; so, exercising every care, and utilising to the utmost the peculiarly subtle power of touch I possessed, I continued to play with her cunt with both my hands, till I drove her nearly frantic with the sexual cravings and excitement I was provoking.

Just then I noticed certain spasmodic contortions of her hips and buttocks, certain involuntary thrusting out of her belly, as if she were begging for closer contact with my busy fingers; I knew this meant that her control over her sexual organs was giving out and that she would be driven into spending if I did not take care; so, most reluctantly, I stopped torturing her for the moment, and leaning back in my chair, I gloatingly watched Alice as little by little she regained her composure, my eyes dwelling delightedly on her trembling and quivering naked body so gloriously displayed.

She breathed a long sigh of heartfelt relief as she presently saw me rise and leave her. She did not however know that my object in doing so was to prepare another and perhaps more terrible ordeal for her virgin cunt!

From a drawer, I took out a long glove-box, then returned and resumed my seat in front of her with the box in my hand. She watched me with painful intensity, her feminine intuition telling her that something horrible was in store for her, and she was not wrong!

Holding the box in such a way that she could see the contents, I opened it. Inside were about a dozen long and finely pointed feathers. Alice at once guessed her fate, viz, that her cunt was to be tickled; her head jerked in her terror as she shrieked: 'Oh, my God! not that, Jack! ... not that!! ... you'll kill me! I can't stand it!!' I laughed cruelly at her and proceeded to pick out a feather, whereupon she frantically tugged at her fastenings, screaming frenziedly for mercy!

'Steady, dear! steady now, Alice!' I said soothingly, as if addressing a restive mare, then touched her palpitating breasts with the feather's point. 'Jack, don't!' she yelled, pressing herself wildly back against the pillar in a impotent effort to escape from the torture caused by the maddeningly gentle titillation, her face crimson. For response, I proceeded to pass the tip of the feather along the lower portion of her glorious bubbies, touching the skin ever so lightly here and there, then tickling her maiden nipples! With redoubled cries, Alice began to squirm convulsively as much as her fastenings would permit, while the effect of the fiendishly subtle torture on her became manifest by the sudden stiffening of her breasts, which now began to stand out tense and full! Noting this, I thought it as well to allow her a little respite, so dropped my hand, but at the same time leant forward till my face touched her breasts, which I then proceeded to kiss lovingly in turn, finally sucking them amorously till they again became soft and yielding. I then made as if I would repeat the torture, but after a touch or two (which produced piteous cries and contortions) I pretended to be moved by her distress, and again dropping my hand, leant back in the chair till she became less agitated.

But as soon as the regular rise and fall of her lovely bosom indicated the regaining of composure, I proceeded to try the ardently longed for experiment, viz. the effect of a feather when applied to a girl's cunt! And no one could have desired a more lovely subject on which to test this much debated question than was being offered by the naked helpless girl now standing terrified between my legs!

Pushing my chair back as much as was desirable, I leant forward, then slowly extended my right arm in the direction of Alice's cunt. A great cry of despair broke from her as she noted the movement, and she flattened her bottom against the pillar in a vain attempt to draw herself back out of reach. But the only effect of her desperate movement was to force forward her mount of Venus, and thereby render her cunt more open to the attack of the feather than it previously was!

Carefully regulating my motions, I gently brought the tip of the feather against the lowest point of Alice's cunt hole, then very softly and gently began to play up and down on and between its delicate coral lips! Alice's head had dropped on to her breast the better, I fancy, to watch my movements; but as soon as the feather touched her cunt, she threw her head backwards, as if in agony, shrieking at the top of her voice, her whole body twisting and contorting wildly. Not heeding her agonised appeals, I proceeded to work along her slit towards her clitoris, putting into play the most subtle titillation I was capable of, sometimes passing the feather all along the slit from one end to the other, sometimes tickling the orifice itself, not only outside but inside; then, ascending towards her clitoris, I would pass the tip of the feather all round it, irritating it without so much as touching it. The effect of my manipulation soon became evident. First the lips of Alice's cunt began to pout, then to gape a little, then a little more as if inviting the feather to pass into it - which it did! Then Alice's clitoris commenced to assert itself and to become stiff and rigid, throbbing excitedly; then her whole cunt seemed as if possessed by an irresistible flood of sexual lust and almost to demand mutely the immediate satisfaction of its cravings! Meanwhile Alice, firmly attached to the pillar, went into a paroxysm of contortions and convulsions, wriggling, squirming, writhing, tugging frantically at her fastenings, shrieking, praying, uttering incoherent exclamations and ejaculations, her eyes starting out of her head, her quivering lips, her heaving bosom with its wildly palpitating breasts all revealing the agony of body and mind that she was enduring! Fascinated by the spectacle, I continued to torture her by tickling her cunt more and more scientifically and cruelly, noting carefully the spots at which the tickling seemed most felt and returning to those ultra-sensitive parts of her cunt, avoiding only her clitoris - as I felt sure that were this touched, Alice would spend - till her strength became exhausted under the double strain. With a strangled shriek Alice collapsed just as I had forced the feather up her cunt and was beginning to tickle the sensitive interior. Her head fell forward on her bosom, her figure lost its self-supporting rigidity, she hung flaccidly, prevented from falling only by her wrists being shackled together round the pillar! There was nothing to be gained by prolonging the torture, so quickly I unfastened her, loosed her wrists and ankles from their shackles, and carried her to the large divan-couch, where I gently laid her, knowing that she would soon recover herself and guessing that she now would not need to be kept tied and that she had realised the futility of resistance.