The Way of a Man with a Maid/Volume 1/Chapter 6

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Chapter VI

The couch on which I had placed Alice was one of the cunning pieces of furniture that I had designed for use, should I succeed in capturing her. It was unusually long, nearly eight feet by about three and a half feet wide, upholstered in dark green satin and stuffed in such a way as to be delightfully soft and springy and yet not to allow one's person to sink into it. In appearance it resembled a divan, but in stern reality it was a rack, for at each end there was a concealed mechanism that worked stout leather straps, its object in life being to extend Alice at full length, either on her back or her front (as I might wish), and to maintain her fixed thus while I amused myself with her or worked my cruel will on her! From about halfway down the sides, there issued a pair of supplementary straps also worked by a mechanism, by means of which Alice's legs could be pulled widely apart and held so, should I want to devote myself to her cunt or fuck her against her will.

I did not wish to fatigue her with another useless struggle, so before she recovered the use of her faculties, I attached the corner straps to her wrists and ankles, leaving them quite loose and slack, so that she could move herself freely. Hardly had I effected this when Alice began to come to herself; immediately I quitted her and went to a part of the room where my back would be turned to her, but from which I could nevertheless watch her by means of a mirror.

I saw her draw a deep breath, then slowly open her eyes and look about her as if puzzled. Then, almost mechanically, one of her hands stole to her breasts and the other to her cunt, and she gently soothed these tortured parts by stroking them softly, as if to relieve them of the terrible tickling they had been subjected to! Presently she raised herself to a sitting position, then tried to free herself from the straps on her wrists and ankles.

I now considered that she must have fully recovered, so I returned to her and without a word, I touched the spring and set the mechanism working noiselessly. Immediately the straps began to tighten. As soon as she observed this, Alice started up in fright, at once detecting that she would be spread-eagled on her back if she did not break loose! 'No, no, no!' she cried, terrified at the prospect; then she desperately endeavoured to slip out of her fastenings, but the straps were tightening quickly and in the struggle she lost her balance and fell backwards on the couch, and before she could recover herself, she was drawn into a position in which resistance was impossible! With cruel satisfaction, I watched her, disregarding her frenzied appeals for mercy! Inch by inch, she was pulled flatter and flatter, till she rested on her back; then, inch by inch, her dainty legs were drawn asunder, till her heels rested on the edges of the couch! Then I stopped the machinery. Alice was now utterly helpless! In speechless delight, I stood gazing at her lovely body as she lay on her back, panting after her exertions, her bosom heaving and fluttering with her emotions, her face rosy red with shame, her lovely breasts and virgin cunt conspicuously exposed, stark naked, a living Maltese cross!

When I had sufficiently gratified my senses of sight and she had become a little calmer, I quietly seated myself by her waist, facing her feet, then bending over her, I began delightedly to inspect the delicious abode of Alice's maidenhead, her virgin cunt, now so fully exhibited! With sparkling eyes, I noted her full, fleshy mount of Venus, the delicately tinted coral lips quivering under sensations hitherto alien to them, the wealth of close clustering curly hair; with intense delight, I saw that, for a girl of her height and build, Alice had a large cunt, and that her clitoris was well developed and prominent, that the lips were full and her slit easy to open! Intently I scanned its every feature - the sweet junction of her belly and thighs, her smooth plump thighs themselves, the lines of her groin - while Alice lay trembling in an agony of shame and fright, horribly conscious of the close investigation her cunt was undergoing and in terrible dread of the sequel!

Shakespeare sings (in Venus and Adonis):
Who sees his true-love in her naked bed,
Teaching the sheets a whiter hue than white,
But, when his glutton eye so full hath fed,
His other agents aim at like delight?

So it was with me! My hands were tingling to explore the mysteries of Alice's cunt, to wander unchecked over her luscious belly and thighs. My prick was in a horrible state of erection. I could hardly restrain myself from falling on her and ravishing her as she lay there so temptingly helpless. But with a strong effort, I did suppress my rioting lustful desires and tore myself away from Alice's secret charms for a brief spell.

I turned round so as to face her, still seated by her waist, and placed my hands on her lovely breasts. As I lovingly squeezed them, I lowered my face till I almost touched hers, then whispered: 'You delicious beauty, kiss me!' at the same time placing my lips on hers. Alice flushed hotly, but did not comply. I had never yet either kissed her or received a kiss from her and was mad for one! 'Alice kiss me!' I repeated somewhat sternly, looking threateningly at her and replacing my lips on her mouth. Reluctantly she complied, I felt her lips open as she softly kissed me! It was delicious! 'Give me another!' I demanded, putting my right cheek in position to receive it. She complied. 'Yet another!' I commanded, tendering my left cheek. Again she complied. 'Now give me two more, nice ones, mouth to mouth!' Again came the sweet salute, so maddeningly exciting that, hastily quitting her breasts, I threw my arms round her neck, drew her face to mine, then showered burning kisses on her mouth, eyes and cheeks till she gasped for breath, blushing rosy red. Reluctantly I let her go; then to her dismay, I again turned round and bent over her cunt, and after a long look at it, expressive of the deepest admiration, I gently placed my hands on her belly and, after softly stroking it, began to follow the converging lines of her groin. Alice shrieked in sudden alarm, 'No, no - Oh! my God, no, no ... don't touch me there! ... Oh! no! not there!' and struggled desperately to break loose. But I disregarded her cries and continued my invasion; soon my itching fingers reached the forest of hairs that covered her mount, she squirming deliciously, then rested on her cunt itself. An agonised shriek of 'Oh! ... Oh!!!' from Alice, as she writhed helplessly with quivering hips, proclaimed my victory and her shame!

Shall I ever forget the sensations of that moment? At last, after weary longings and waitings, Alice's cunt was at my mercy. I not only had it in the fullest possible view, but was actually touching it! My fingers, ranged on either side of the delicate pinky slit, were busy amorously pressing and feeling it, now playing with its silky curly hairs and gently pulling them, now tenderly stroking its sweet lips, now gently opening them so as to expose its coral orifice and its throbbingly agitated clitoris. Resting as I was on Alice's belly, I could feel every quiver and tremor as it passed through her, every involuntary contortion induced by the play of my fingers on this most delicate and susceptible part of her anatomy, the fluttering of her palpitating and heaving bosom. I could hear the involuntary ejaculations, the 'ohs!' and the 'ahs!' that broke from her in her shame and mental anguish at thus having to endure this handling and fingering of her maiden cunt and the strange half-terrifying sensations thereby provoked!

Half mad with delight, I continued to toy sweetly with Alice's cunt, till sudden unmistakeable wriggles of her bottom and hips and her incoherent exclamations warned me that I was trying her too much, if not goading her into spending, and as I had determined that Alice's first sacrifice to Venus should be induced by the action of my tongue on her cunt, I reluctantly desisted from my delightful occupation, to her intense relief.

Turning round, I again clasped her in my arms, rained hot kisses on her unresisting lips and cheeks, murmuring brokenly: 'O Alice! ... O Alice! ...' Then pressing my cheek against hers, I rested with her clasped in my arms, her breasts quivering against my chest, till we both grew calmer and her tremblings ceased.

For about five minutes there was dead silence, broken only by Alice's agitated breathing. Soon this ceased, and she seemed to have recovered command of herself again. Then softly I whispered to her 'Will you not surrender yourself to me now, Alice dear! surely it is plain to you that you cannot help yourself?'

She drew her face away from me, and murmured: 'No, no, I can't, I can't ... let you ... have me! O let me go! ... let me go!!!'

'No,' I replied sternly, releasing my clasp of her and resuming my sitting attitude by her waist, 'no, my dear! you shan't go till you've been well punished and well fucked! But as I said before, I think you will change you mind presently!'

She looked questioningly at me, fear in her eyes. I rose. Her eyes followed me, and when she saw me select another fine-pointed feather and turn back to her, she instantly divined my intentions and frantically endeavoured to break the ropes that kept her thighs apart, shrieking: 'Oh no, no, my God no, I can't stand it! ... you'll kill me!'

'Oh no, I won't!' I replied quietly, seating myself by her knees, so as to command both her cunt and a view of her struggles which I knew would prove most excitingly delicious! Then without another word, I gently directed the point of the feather against the lowest part of her cunt's virgin orifice, and commenced to tickle her.