The Way of a Man with a Maid/Volume 2/Chapter 5

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Chapter V

Among our friends was a very pretty lady, Connie Blunt, a young widow whose husband died within a few weeks of the marriage. She had been left comfortably off and had no children.

She was a lovely golden-haired girl of about twenty-two years, slight, tall, and beautifully formed, a blue-eyed beauty with a dazzling skin and pure complexion.

She and Alice were great friends and she was Alice's pet chaperone. The two were constantly together, Alice generally passing the night at Mrs. Blunt's flat when they were going to a ball or any late entertainment, and I suppose that the sweet familiarity that exists between girl friends enabled Alice to see a good deal of her friend's physical charms, with the result that she fell in love with her. But hint as delicately and as diplomatically as she dared of the pleasures tasted by girl sweethearts, Mrs. Blunt never by word or deed or look gave Alice any encouragement. In fact, she seemed ignorant that such a state of affection could or did exist.

I used to tease Alice about her ill-success and she took my chaff very goodnaturedly, but I could see that she was secretly suffering from the "pangs of ill-requited love," and had it not been for the genuine affection that existed between her and her maid Fanny, which enabled Alice to satisfy with the help of Fanny's cunt the desires provoked by Mrs. Blunt, things might have fared badly with Alice.

Among ardent girls, an unrequited passion of this sort is apt to become tinged with cruel desire against the beloved one, and one day, when Alice was consoling herself with me, I saw that this was getting to be the case with her passion for Mrs. Blunt, and my fertile imagination suggested to me means by which she might attain to the desired end.

We were discussing Mrs. Blunt. "I am getting hungry for Connie, Jack!" Alice had said mournfully. "Very hungry!"

"Dear, I'd like to help you, and I believe I can," I remarked sympathetically, "but I shall want a lot of help from you. Could you bring yourself to torture her?"

"Oh, yes!" replied Alice briskly, "and I'd dearly like to do it!" And into her eyes came the Sadique glint I knew so well! "But it would never do, Jack! She'd never have anything to do with me again. I thought of this, but it won't do!"

"I'm not so sure!" I said reflectively. "Let me give you my ideas as clearly as I can, and you can tell me if you think them workable."

"Wait a moment, Jack!" she exclaimed, now keenly interested. "Let me get on you, it's better for both of us," she added archly, and soon she was lying flat on me, her breasts resting on my chest and my prick snugly lodged up her cunt while my arms retained her in position.

"Now are you ready to discuss matters seriously?" I asked with a mischievous smile.

She nodded merrily. "Go ahead, you dear old Jack, my most faithful friend," she added with sudden tenderness as she kissed me with unusual affection.

"Then listen carefully, dear. The gist of my plan is that you must pretend to be what Mrs. Blunt thinks you are, but which is precisely what you are not: an innocent and unsophisticated virgin!"

"Oh, you beast!" hissed Alice in pretended indignation but with laughing eyes. "And who's responsible for that, Sir?"

"I'm delighted to say that I am, dear!" I replied with a tender smile to which Alice responded by kissing me affectionately. "Anyhow, you've got to pretend to be what you're not! You must get Mrs. Blunt to chaperone you here to lunch. When we all are here afterwards, we'll manage to make her sit down in the Chair of Treachery"—(Alice's eyes lit up)—"which of course will at once pin her. Immediately I'll collar you and fasten you to one pair of pulleys—I'll have two pairs working that day—and I'll fasten Mrs. Blunt to the other pair, so that you will face each other." (Alice's face was now a study in rapt attention.) "You both will then be stripped naked in full sight of each other"—(Alice blushed prettily)—"and you both will also be tortured in front of each other! You must agree to be tortured dear, to keep up the swindle!"

"I shan't mind, Jack!" Alice whispered, kissing me.

"But there will be this great difference to your former experience, both when you were done by yourself and when we did Fanny together, the girl that is being tortured is to be first blindfolded." (Alice's eyes opened widely with surprise.) "I shall keep Mrs. Blunt fastened in the usual way, but for you, I shall use a new and most ingenious set of straps which can be put on and taken off in a jiffy by anyone knowing the trick. So when I have fastened Mrs. Blunt for, say, cunt tickling, I'll blindfold her, then I'll silently let you loose and let you tickle her..."

"Oh Jack! How lovely!" ejaculated Alice delightedly, again kissing me.

"...and tie you up quickly when you're finished, then I'll take off the bandage.

She is sure to think it was me." Alice laughed merrily. "I must blindfold you, dear, when it's your turn, for your eyes may give you away while your mouth will be quite safe!" Alice nodded her head approvingly.

"I don't, however, propose to give you girls much torture. After you both have had a turn, I'll tie Mrs. Blunt to this couch just as we did Fanny. Then I'll threaten you with a whip, and you must pretend to be terrorized and consent to do everything I tell you. I'll first set you free and blindfold Mrs. Blunt, then order you to feel her, then to suck her and then to fuck her!"

"Jack, you're a genius!" ejaculated Alice admiringly.

"After you've fucked Mrs. Blunt, I'll have her while you look on!" Alice blushed. "Then it will be your turn. I'll terrorize Mrs. Blunt in reality and make her operate on you, and I'll have you in front of her!" Alice here kissed me with sparkling eyes, then, in her delight, began to agitate herself on my prick.

"Steady, dear!" I exclaimed, slipping my hands down to her heaving bottom to keep her still. "I can't think and talk and fuck at the same time! Let me do the first two now and the third afterwards if you don't mind!"

"I'm very sorry, Jack!" Alice replied demurely but with eyes full of merriment. "I'll try and lie still on you, but your magnificent plan is exciting me most awfully! The very idea of having Connie, oh, Jack!" and again she kissed me excitedly.

"Where were we?—oh, yes," I continued. "I'll compel Mrs. Blunt to perform on you and then I'll have you in her presence. Under the threat of the whip, I'll make you both swear that you'll never let out what has been happening and send you home! You must choose some day when you are staying with her, dear, for then you'll go back together and pass the evening together, and if you don't establish a sexual relation with her, I'm afraid I can't help you! Now, what do you honestly and frankly think of my plan, dear?"

"Just splendid, and lovely, Jack!" she replied enthusiastically, and in a different tone of voice she whispered hastily, "Jack, I really must, now..." and began to work herself up and down on me. I saw she was too erotically excited to think seriously and so let her have her way. She fucked me most deliciously, quivering voluptuously when she spent and when she felt my warm discharge shoot into her. After the necessary ablutions, we dressed, as Alice had to leave early to keep a dinner engagement.

"Think it over carefully, dear," I said as I put her in a taxi. "Let me have your opinion from the point of view of a girl." And so we parted.

Next day, as I was about to commence my solitary lunch, who should appear but Alice and Fanny. I greeted them warmly, especially Fanny, whom I had not seen since the never-to-be-forgotten afternoon when Alice and I converted her. She blushed prettily as we shook hands.

"Have you had lunch?" was my natural inquiry.

"No," replied Alice, "but we didn't come for that. I wanted to discuss with you certain points about Connie."

"Lunch first and Connie afterwards!" I said laughing. "Sit down, Alice, sit down, Fanny, and make yourselves at home."

We had a merry lunch. I noticed with great approval that Fanny did not in any way presume, but was natural and respectful, also that she worshipped Alice! In due course we adjourned to the Snuggery where we settled ourselves down comfortably.

"Now, Alice, let's get down to business. Have you found some holes in my plan, or have you brought some new ideas?"

"Well, neither," she said smiling, "but there are one or two things I thought I ought to tell you. I hope, Jack, dear, you won't mind my having told Fanny— she is as gone on Connie as I am and so is keen on helping me in any way she can!"

Fanny blushed.

"Two heads are always supposed to be better than one, dear," I said with a smile, "and in a matter like this I am sure that two cunts should be better than one!"

Alice playfully shook her fist at me. "Well, Jack, Fanny says that she talked to Connie's maid and that her mistress is a virgin! Will this matter?"

I looked inquiringly at Fanny. "She was with Mrs. Blunt before her marriage and has never left her, Sir," said Fanny respectfully, "and she told me she was certain that marriage had never been ... I forget the word, Miss!" she added, looking at her mistress.

"Consummated, Jack!" said Alice. "Do you know that I believe it must be so; it explains certain things!"

"What things, dear?" I asked innocently.

"Things that you're not to know, Sir!" she retorted, coloring slightly, while Fanny laughed amusedly. It was delightful to me to note the excellent terms on which the two girls were and to think of my share in bringing about this "entente cordiale!"

"I don't see how it can matter!" I said reflectively. "It will certainly make the show more piquant, a virgin widow is a rarity, and if I am able to carry out my program as planned, it will fall to you, dear, to show her how her cunt works!"

Both girls laughed delightedly. "It will be very interesting!" I added.

"This brings me to the second point nicely, Jack," said Alice. "Fanny would like awfully to be present. Can it be worked, Jack?"

"It shall be worked if it is possible," I said as I smiled at Fanny's eager expression. "I consider I am in debt to her for the delicious time she gave me when last here!" Fanny colored vividly while her mistress laughed merrily.

"Let me think!"

It was a bit of a poser, but my fertile imagination was equal to the occasion.

"By Jove!" I exclaimed as a sudden idea struck me, "I think it can be done! Listen you two." The girls leaned forward in pretty eagerness.

"You and Mrs. Blunt must come here together, Alice! That's inevitable. You'll be here by one o'clock, for we must have an early lunch and a long afternoon." Alice nodded significantly.

"Let Fanny follow you in half an hour's time, lunching at home, as I don't see how I can give her lunch here. She must not be seen by Mrs. Blunt, or the latter will be suspicious! When you arrive, Fanny, come straight into this room and hide yourself in my alcove! There's a peep-hole there, from which you will be able to see all that passes. If Mrs. Blunt's curiosity should lead her to wish to see my alcove, I will choke her off by saying it is my photographic dark room and there is something there which would spoil if light is admitted now. So you'll be certain to see the fun, Fanny." She smiled gratefully, as did also Alice. "When you see that I have worked my plan successfully and your mistress and Mrs. Blunt are fastened to the pulleys, take off your clothes noiselessly, even your shoes, and when I have blindfolded Mrs. Blunt, you can slip out and share with your mistress in the pleasure of torturing her! You mustn't speak and you must move noiselessly, for her senses will be very acute. What do you say to this, Alice?"

"Jack! It will be just lovely!" exclaimed Alice, while Fanny, too respectful to speak, looked her satisfaction and gratitude. "What a time Connie will have between the three of us!" she added, laughing more wickedly.

"Now, what's the next point?" I asked. Alice looked towards Fanny, then replied, "There is nothing more, is there, Fanny?"

"No, Miss!" she answered.

"Then we'll be off! Thanks awfully, Jack, I'm really very grateful to you for arranging about Fanny. Come, Fanny!" and they rose.

"Where to now?" I asked. "You are a pair of gadabouts!"

Alice laughed. "My dentist's, worse luck!"

"Poor fun!" I said. "For you or Fanny?"

"Me, unfortunately. Fanny will have to sit in the waiting room."

I glanced at her maid, and a sudden desire to have her again seized me.

"Look here, Alice," I said, "I'm going to ask you a favor! Will you allow me to have the company of your maid this afternoon?"

Fanny blushed rosy red over cheeks and brow. Alice laughed merrily as she regarded her blushing maid and caught her shy glances.

"Certainly, Jack, as far as I am concerned!" she replied. "What do you say, Fanny? Will you stay and take care of Mr. Jack?"

Fanny glanced shyly at us both. "Yes, Miss, if you don't mind!" And vivid blushes covered her face as she caught Alice's amused and half-quizzing look.

"Then I'll be off!" Alice exclaimed. "Don't trouble to come down, Jack. Byebye, Fanny, for the present."

But of course I wasn't going to let Alice leave unescorted, so I accompanied her downstairs and saw her into a taxi, under a shower of good-natured chaff from her. Then, two steps at a time, I hurried back to the Snuggery, where I found Fanny standing where we had left her, evidently very nervous at being alone with me.

I took her gently in my arms and kissed her blushing upturned face tenderly, sat down and drew her onto my knees.

"It is sweet of you to be so kind, dear," I said, looking lovingly at her. She blushed, then raising her eyes to mine she said softly, "I couldn't refuse, Sir, after you had been so very kind to me about Mrs. Blunt."

I laughed. "Not for my own sake then?"

"Oh, I didn't mean that, Sir!" she exclaimed hastily in pretty confusion.

"Then it is for my own sake, dear?" I asked with a smile.

"Yes, Sir!" she whispered bashfully as she looked into my eyes timidly but lovingly. I drew her to me and kissed her lips passionately. I gently began to unbutton her blouse.

"Do you wish me to ... undress, Sir?" she murmured nervously.

"Yes, please, dear!" I whispered back. "Use your mistress's room; does your mistress ... have you naked, Fanny?" I asked softly.

"Yes, Sir," she nodded blushing.

"Then I'll do the same!" I replied with a smile as I freed her and led her to Alice's alcove, then undressed myself in mine.

Presently Fanny emerged, stark naked, a delicious object, her face covered with blushes, one hand shielding her breasts and the other over her cunt! I sprang to meet her and led her to the couch and made her sit on my knee, thrilling at the touch of her warm, firm, soft flesh.

"What shall we do, Fanny?" I asked mischievously as I slipped my hand down to her cunt and lovingly played with it. My caress seemed to set her on fire; she lost her restraint, suddenly threw her arms around my neck and kissing me passionately murmured, "Do anything you like to me, Sir!"

"May I suggest a little sucking first, and then some sweet fucking?" I said softly. Her eyes beamed assent.

I laid her flat on her back, opened her legs widely, and after feasting my eyes on her lovely cunt, I applied my lips to it and tongued her till she quivered and wriggled with delight. Alice had evidently taught her this delicious pleasure. I got on her and thrust my prick well up her; she clasped me delightedly in her arms, and letting herself go, passed from one spending to another, wriggling voluptuously, till she had extracted from me all I could give her, and which I shot into her excited interior with rapturous ecstasy— and between fucking and sucking we passed a delicious afternoon! In the enforced intervals for rest and recovery, I learned from her all about her sexual relationship with her mistress. She described the sensation of being provoked into spending by the sweet friction of Alice's cunt against hers as something heavenly, so much so that the girls seldom did anything else but satisfy their lustful cravings and desires in this way. One evening, Alice apparently was very randy and insisted on frigging Fanny, first tying her down to the four bedposts, then making Fanny tie her down similarly and tickle her cunt with a feather till she spent three times. It was clear that the girls were devoted to each other. I asked Fanny what she thought would be the arrangement if we succeeded in converting Mrs. Blunt to their ways. She blushed and said she didn't think it would affect her and Alice's relations, and she hoped Connie would sometimes spend the night at Alice's and give her a chance!