The Way of a Man with a Maid/Volume 2/Chapter 4

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Chapter IV

Two days after this memorable afternoon, I received the following letter from Alice:

My darling Jack, I must write and tell you the sequel to yesterday's lovely afternoon at the Snuggery.

Fanny didn't say a word on the way home, but was evidently deeply thinking and getting more and more angry. She went straight to her room and I to mine. I did not expect she would resume her duties, in fact I rather anticipated she would come in to say she was going away at once! But in about ten minutes she came in as if nothing had happened, only she wouldn't speak unless it was absolutely necessary.

At eight o'clock she brought me the dinner menu as usual for my orders. I told her I felt too tired to dress and go down, so would dine in my own room and that she must dine with me, as she was looking so tired and upset generally. She looked surprised, and I think she hesitated about accepting my invitation, but did so.

At dinner, of course, she had to talk. I saw she had refreshing and appetizing food and she made a good dinner. I also induced her to drink a little Burgundy, which seemed to do her a lot of good, and she gradually became less sulky.

When the table was cleared, she was going away, but I asked her to stay and rest comfortably if she had done her work for the day. To my surprise she seemed glad to do so. I installed her in a comfortable chair and made her chat with me about things in general, carefully avoiding anything that might recall the events of the afternoon!

After some little time so passed, she rose and stood before me in a most respectful attitude and said, "Miss Alice, you've always been a very kind mistress to me. You've treated me with every consideration, you've paid me well, you've given me light work. Would you mind telling me why you were so awfully cruel to me this afternoon?"

I was very surprised, but fortunately ideas came! "Certainly I will, Fanny," I replied. "I think you are entitled to know. Come and sit by me and we can talk it over nicely."

I was then on the little sofa with padded back and ends, and which you know just holds two nicely. Fanny hesitated for a moment and then sat down.

"I've tried to be a good mistress to you, Fanny," I said gravely, "because you have been a very good maid to me. But, of late, there has been something wrong with you; your temper has been so queer that, though you have never disobeyed me, you have made your obedience very unpleasant, and I found myself wondering whether I had not better send you away. But I very much didn't want to lose you—(here she half moved toward me)—and so I thought I'd talk the case over with Mr. Jack, who is one of my best friends and always helps me in all troublesome matters. He said something must be wrong with you, and there undoubtedly is—and you must presently tell me what it is— and advised that he should give you a good shock, which he has done!"

"My God, yes, Miss Alice!" Fanny replied almost tearfully.

"But there is a second reason, Fanny," I continued, "which will explain to you why you were forced to submit yourself to me and to Mr. Jack. Am I wrong in guessing that your queer temper has been caused by your not being able to satisfy certain sexual cravings and desires? Tell me frankly!"

"Yes!" she whispered bashfully.

"We felt sure of it!" I continued. "Mr. Jack said to me, 'Look here, Alice, isn't it absurd that you two girls should be living in such close relations as mistress and maid, and yet should go on suffering from stifled natural sexual functions when you could and should so easily soothe each other?’ Then he explained to me how!"

I gently took her hand; she yielded it to me without hesitation "Now, Fanny, do you understand? Shall we not agree to help each other, to make life pleasanter and more healthy for us both? We tried each other this afternoon, Fanny! Do you like me sufficiently?"

She blushed deeply, then glanced shyly but lovingly at me. I took the hint. I slipped my arm 'round her and she yielded to my pleasure. I drew her to me and kissed her fondly, whispering, "Shall we be sweethearts, Fanny?"

She sank into my arms murmuring, "Oh, Miss Alice!" her eyes shining with love! Our lips met; we sealed our pact with kisses! Just then ten o'clock struck. "Now we'll have a nightcap and go to bed," I said to her. "Will you get the whiskey and siphon, dear, and mix my allowance and also one for yourself, as it will do you good?"

Fanny rose and served me with the "grog" as I call it, and when we had finished, we turned out the lights and went to my bedroom.

After she had done my hair and prepared me for bed as usual, I said to her softly, "Now go and undress dear, and come back," and significantly kissed her. She blushed sweetly and withdrew. I undressed.

Presently there was a timid tap on the door, and Fanny came in shyly in her "nightie." "Take it off, dear, please," I said softly. "I want to see you. I was too excited to do so this afternoon!" Bashfully and with pretty blushes she complied. I made her lie on my bed naked and had a good look at her all over, back, front, everywhere! Jack, she is a little beauty! When I kissed her after I had thoroughly examined her, she put her arms around my neck and whispered, "May I look at you, Miss?" So in turn I lay down naked and she looked me all over and played with me, kissed me here and there till the touch of her lips and hands set my blood on fire. "Come, darling!" I whispered.

In a moment she was on the bed by me with parted legs. I got between them and on her, and in each other's arms we lay spending, she sometimes on me, I oftener on her, till we fell asleep still clasped against each other! Oh, Jack, you don't know what a good turn you did us yesterday afternoon! Today Fanny is another person, so sweet and gentle and loving! An indescribable thrill comes over me when I think that I have this delicious girl at my command whenever I feel like I'd like to be—naughty! You must come and see us soon, and have some tea, and my maid and me! Your loving sweetheart, Alice

P.S.—I cross-questioned Fanny last night as to her experiences of that afternoon. I must tell you some day how she described what she went through; it will thrill you! But one thing I must tell you now! She says that she never felt anything so delicious as her sensations when in your arms, after you had got into her! I asked her if she would go to you some afternoon if you wanted a change from me. She blushed sweetly and whispered, "Yes, Miss, if you didn't mind!"