The Way of a Man with a Maid/Volume 2/Chapter 3

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Chapter III

Next afternoon, after seeing that everything was in working order in the Snuggery, I threw open both doors as if carelessly, and taking off my coat as if not expecting any visitors, I proceeded to putter about the room, keeping a vigilant eye on the stairs. Before long, I heard footsteps on the landing but pretended not to know that any one was there till Alice tapped merrily on the door saying, "May we come in, Jack?"

"Good Heavens! Alice?" I exclaimed in pretended surprise as I struggled hurriedly to get into my coat. "Come in! How do you do? Where have you dropped from?"

"We've been shopping—this is my maid, Jack"—(I bowed and smiled, receiving in return a distinctly pert and not too respectful nod from Fanny)— "and as we were close by, I thought I would take the chance of finding you in and take that enlargement if it is ready."

By this time I had struggled into my coat. "It's quite ready," I replied. "I'll go and get it, and I don't know why those doors should stand so unblushingly open," I added with a laugh.

Having closed them, noiselessly locking them, I disappeared into the alcove I used for myself, and pretended to search for the enlargement—my real object being to give Alice a chance of letting Fanny know the nature of the room. Instinctively she divined my idea, and I heard her say, "This is the room I was telling you about, Fanny—look at the double doors, the padded walls, the rings, the pillars, the hanging pulley straps! Isn't it queer?"

Fanny looked about her with evident interest. "It is a funny room, Miss! And what are those little places for?" she asked, pointing to the two alcoves.

"We do not know, Fanny," Alice replied. "Mr. Jack uses them for his photographic work now."

82 As she spoke, I emerged with a large print which was to represent the supposed enlargement, and gave it to Alice who at once proceeded to closely examine it.

I saw that Fanny's eyes were wandering all over the room, and I moved over to her. "A strange room Fanny, eh?" I remarked. "Is it not still; no sound from outside can get in, and no noise from inside can get out! That's a fact; we've tested it thoroughly!"

"Lor', Mr. Jack!" she replied in her forward familiar way, turning her eyes on me in a most audacious and bold way, then resuming her survey of the room.

While she was doing so, I hastily inspected her. She was a distinctly pretty girl, tall, slenderly but strongly built, with an exquisitely well-developed figure. A slightly turned-up nose and dark flashing eyes gave her face a saucy look, which her free style of moving accentuated, while her dark hair and rich coloring indicated a warm-blooded and passionate temperament. I easily could understand that Alice, with her gentle ways, was no match for Fanny, and I fancied that I should have my work cut out for me before I got her arms fastened to the pulley ropes.

Alice now moved towards us, print in hand. "Thanks awfully, Jack, it's lovely!" and she began to roll it up. "Now, Fanny, we must be off!"

"Don't bother about the print, I'll send it after you," I said. "And where are you off to now?"

"Nowhere in particular," she replied. "We'll look at the shops and the people.

Good-bye, Jack!"

"One moment," I interposed. "You were talking the other day about some perfection of a lady's maid that you didn't want to lose"—(Fanny smiled complacently)—"but whose tantrums and ill tempers were getting to be more than you could stand." (Fanny here began to look angry.) "Somebody suggested that you should give her a good spanking"—(Fanny assumed a contemptuous air)—"or, if you couldn't manage it yourself, you should get someone to do it for you!" (Fanny here glared at me.) "Is this the young lady?"

83 Alice nodded, with a curious glance at Fanny, who was now evidently getting into one of her passions.

"Well, as you've nothing to do this afternoon, and she happens to be here, and this room is so eminently suitable for the purpose, shall I take the young woman in hand for you and teach her a lesson?"

Before Alice could reply, Fanny with a startled exclamation darted to the door, evidently bent on escape, but in spite of her vigorous twists of the handle, the door refused to open, for the simple reason that, unnoticed by her, I had locked it. Instantly divining that she was a prisoner, she turned hurriedly 'round to watch our movements, but she was too late! With a quickness learned on the football field, I was onto her and pinned her arms to her sides in a grip that she could not break out of, despite her frantic struggles. "Let me go! Let me go, Mr. Jack!" she screamed. I simply chuckled as I knew I had her safe now! I had to exert all my strength and skill, for she was extraordinarily strong and her furious rage added to her power, but in spite of her desperate resistance, I forced her to the hanging pulleys where Alice was eagerly waiting for us. With astonishing quickness she made fast the ropes to Fanny's wrists and set the machinery going—and in a few seconds the surprised girl found herself standing erect with her arms dragged up taut over her head! "Well done, Jack!" exclaimed Alice, as she delightedly surveyed the still struggling Fanny! The latter was indeed a lovely subject of contemplation, as with heaving bosom, flushed cheeks, and eyes that sparkled with rage, she stood panting, endeavoring to get back her breath, while her agitated fingers vainly strove to get her wrists free from the pulley ropes. We watched her in victorious silence, waiting for the outbursts of wrathful fury that we felt would come as soon she was able to speak!

It soon came! "How dare you, Mr. Jack!" Fanny burst out as she flashed her great piercing eyes at us, her whole body trembling with anger. "How dare you treat me like this? Let me loose at once, or, as sure as I am alive, I'll have the law on you and also on that mealy-mouthed smooth-faced demure hypocrite who calls herself my mistress. Indeed! She who looks on while a poor girl is vilely treated and won't raise a finger to help her! Let me go at once, Mr. Jack! and I'll promise to say and do nothing; but my God!"—(here her voice became shrill with overpowering rage)—"my God! if you don't, I'll make it hot for the pair of you when I get out!" And she glared at us in her impotent fury.

"Your Mistress has asked me to give you a lesson, Fanny," I replied calmly, "and I'm going to do so! The sooner you recognize how helpless you really are, and submit yourself to us, the sooner it will be over; but if you are foolish enough to resist, you'll have a long doing and a bad time! Now, if I let you loose, will you take your clothes off quietly?"

"My God! No!" she cried indignantly, but, in spite of herself she blushed vividly! "Then we'll take them off for you!" was my cool reply. "Come along, Alice, you understand girl's clothes. You undo them and I'll get them off somehow!"

Quickly Alice sprang up, trembling with excitement, and together we approached Fanny, who shrieked defiance and threats at us in her impotent fury as she struggled desperately to get free. But, as soon as she felt Alice's fingers unfastening her garments, her rage changed to horrible apprehension, and as one by one they slipped off her, she began to realize how helpless she was! "Don't, Miss!" she ejaculated pitifully. "My God! Stop her, Sir!" she pleaded, the use of these more respectful terms of address sufficiently proclaiming her changed attitude. But we were obdurate, and soon Fanny stood with nothing but her chemise left on, her shoes and stockings having been dragged off her at the special request of Alice, whose uncontrolled enjoyment of the work of stripping her maid was delicious to witness.

She now took command of operations. Pointing to a chair just in front of Fanny she exclaimed: "Sit there, Jack, and watch Fanny as I take off her last garments."

"For God's sake, Miss, don't strip me naked!" shrieked Fanny, who seemed to expect that she would be left in her chemise and to whom the sudden intimation that she was to be exposed naked came with an appalling shock! "Oh, Sir! For God's sake, stop her!" she cried, appealing to me as she saw me take my seat right in front of her and felt Alice's fingers begin to undo the shoulder-strap fastenings which alone kept her scanty garments on her. "Miss Alice! ... Miss Alice! don't! ... for God's sake, don't," she screamed in a fresh outburst of dismay as she felt her vest slip down her body to her feet and knew now her only covering was about to follow. In despair she tugged frantically at the ropes which made her arms so absolutely helpless, her agitated, quivering fingers betraying her mental agony! "Steady, Fanny, steady!" exclaimed Alice to her struggling maid as she proceeded to unfasten the chemise, her eyes gleaming with lustful cruelty.

"Now, Jack!" she said warningly, then let go, stepping back a pace, herself the better to observe the effect! Down swept the chemise, and Fanny stood stark naked!

"Oh! Oh!" she wailed, crimson with shame, her face hidden on her bosom which now was wildly heaving in agitation. It was a wonderful spectacle!— in the foreground Fanny, naked, helpless, in an agony of shame—in the background but close to her was Alice, exquisitely costumed and hatted, gloating over the sight of her maid's absolute nudity, her eyes intently fixed on the gloriously luscious curves of Fanny's hips, haunches, and bottom! I managed to catch her eye and motioned to her to come sit on my knees that we might, in each other's close company, study her maid's naked charms, which were so reluctantly being exhibited to us. With one long, last look she obeyed my summons. As she seated herself on my knees she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me rapturously, whispering, "Jack! Isn't she delicious?" I nodded smiling, then in turn muttered in her ear, "And how do you like the game, dear?"

Alice blushed divinely. A strange languishing voluptuous half-wanton, half-cruel look came into her eyes. Placing her lips carefully on mine, she gave me three long-drawn-out kisses, the significance of which I could not possibly misunderstand, then whispered almost hoarsely, "Jack, let me do all the ... torturing and be content this time, with ... fucking Fanny ... and me, too, darling!"

"She's your maid, and so-to-speak your property, dear," I replied softly, "so arrange matters just as you like. I'll leave it all to you and won't interfere unless you want me to do anything."

She kissed me gratefully, then turned her eyes on Fanny, who during this whispered conference had been standing trembling, her face still hidden from us, her legs pressed closely against each other as if to shield her cunt as much as possible from our sight.

I saw Alice's eyes wander over Fanny's naked body with evident pleasure, dwelling first on her magnificent lines and curves, then on her lovely breasts, and finally on the mass of dark curling moss-like hair that covered her cunt.

She was a most deliciously voluptuous girl, one calculated to excite Alice to the utmost pitch of lust of which she was capable, and while secretly regretting that my share in the process of taming Fanny was to be somewhat restricted, I felt that I would enjoy the rare opportunity of seeing how a girl, hitherto chaste and well-mannered, would yield to her sexual instincts and passions when she had, placed at her absolute disposal, one of her own sex in a state of absolute nakedness!

Presently Alice whispered to me, "Jack, I'm going to feel her!" I smiled and nodded. Fanny must have heard her, for as Alice rose, she for the first time raised her head and cried in fear, "No, Miss, please, Miss, don't touch me!" and again she vainly strained at her fastenings, her face quivering and flushed with shame. But disregarding her maid's piteous entreaties, Alice passed behind her, then kneeling down began to stroke Fanny's bottom, a hand to each cheek!

"Don't, Miss!" yelled Fanny, arching herself outwards and away from Alice, and thereby, unconsciously, throwing the region of her cunt into greater prominence! But with a smile of cruel satisfaction, Alice continued her sweet occupation, sometimes squeezing, sometimes pinching Fanny's glorious halfmoons, now and then extending her excursions over Fanny's round, plump thighs, once, indeed, letting her hands creep up them till I really thought (and so did Fanny from the way she screamed and wriggled) that she was about to feel Fanny's cunt!

Suddenly Alice rose, rushed to me and, kissing me ardently, whispered excitedly, "Oh, Jack! She's just lovely! Such flesh, such a skin! I've never felt a girl before, I've never touched any girl's breasts or ... cunt ... except, of course, my own," she added archly, "and I'm wild at the idea of handling Fanny.

87 Watch me carefully, darling, and if I don't do it properly, tell me!" And back to Fanny she rushed, evidently in a state of intense eroticism! This time Alice didn't kneel, but placed herself close behind Fanny (her dress in fact touching her). Suddenly she threw her arms around Fanny's body and seized her breasts. "Miss Alice ... don't!" shrieked Fanny, struggling desperately, her flushed face betraying her agitation. "Oh! how lovely! ... how delicious! ... how sweet!..." cried Alice, wild with delight and sexual excitement as she squeezed and played with Fanny's voluptuous breasts! Her head with its exquisite hat was just visible over Fanny's right shoulder, while her dainty dress showed on each side of the struggling, agitated girl, throwing into bold relief her glorious shape and accentuating in the most piquant way Fanny's stark nakedness! Entranced, I gazed at the voluptuous spectacle, my prick struggling to break through the fly of my trousers! Fanny had now ceased her cries and was enduring in silence, broken only by her involuntary "Ohs," the violation of her breasts by Alice, whose little hands could scarcely grasp the luscious morsels of Fanny's flesh that they were so subtly torturing, but which, nevertheless, succeeded in squeezing and compressing them and generally playing with them till the poor girl gasped in her shame and agony, "Oh! Miss Alice! ... Miss Alice! ... stop! ... stop!" her head falling forward in her extreme agitation.

With a smile of intense satisfaction, Alice suspended her torturing operations and gently stroked and soothed Fanny's breasts till the latter indicated that she had, in a great degree, regained her self-control. Then Alice's expression changed. A cruel hungry light came into her eyes as she smiled wickedly at me. I saw her hands quit Fanny's breasts and glide over Fanny's stomach till they arrived at her maid's cunt! Fanny shrieked as if she had been stung. "Miss Alice ... Miss Alice! ... Don't! Don't touch me there! Oh! ... Oh! My God, Miss Alice ... oh! Miss Alice! Take your hands away!..." at the same time twisting and writhing in a perfectly wonderful way in her frantic endeavors to escape from her mistress's hands, the fingers of which were now hidden in her cunt's mossy covering as they inquisitively traveled all over her Mount Venus and along the lips of the orifice itself. For some little time they contented themselves with feeling and pressing and toying caressingly with Fanny's cunt; then I saw one hand pause while the first finger of the other gently began to work its way between the 88 pink lips, which I could just distinguish, and disappear into the sweet cleft.

"Don't, Miss!" yelled Fanny, her agonized face now scarlet while in her distress she desperately endeavored to defend her cunt by throwing her legs in turn across her groin, to Alice's delight—her telltale face proclaiming the intense pleasure she was tasting in thus making her maid undergo such horrible torture!

Presently I noted an unmistakable look of surprise in her eyes; her lips parted as if in astonishment, while her hand seemed to redouble its attack on Fanny's cunt. She exclaimed, "Why Fanny, what's this?"

"Oh! Don't tell Mr. Jack, Miss!" shrieked Fanny, letting her legs drop as she could no longer endure the whole weight of her struggling body on her slender wrists. "Don't let him know!"

My curiosity was naturally aroused and intently I watched the movements of Alice's hand, which the fall of Fanny's legs brought again into full view. Her forefinger was buried up to the knuckle in her maid's cunt! The mystery was explained; Fanny was not a virgin!

Alice seemed staggered by her discovery. Abruptly she quit Fanny, rushed to me, threw herself on my knees, then, flinging her arms 'round my neck, she whispered excitedly in my ear, "Jack! She's been ... had by someone ... my finger went right in!"

"So I noticed, darling!" I replied quietly as I kissed her flushed cheek. "It's rather a pity! But she'll stand more fucking than if she had been a virgin, and you must arrange your program accordingly! I think you'd better let her rest a bit now; her arms will be getting numb from being kept over her head. Let's fasten her to that pillar by passing her arms 'round it and shackling her wrists together. She can then rest a bit and, while she's recovering from her struggles, hadn't you better ... slip your clothes off also—for your eyes hint that you'll want ... something before long!"

Alice blushed prettily, then whispered as she kissed me ardently, "I'd like...something now, darling!" She ran away to her dressing room.

Left alone with Fanny, I proceeded to transfer her from the pulley to the pillar; it was not a difficult task as her arms were too numb (as I expected) to be of much use to her and she seemed stupefied at our discovery that her maidenhead no longer existed. Soon I had her firmly fastened with her back pressing against the pillar. This new position had two great advantages. She could no longer hide her face from us, and the backwards pull of her arms threw her breasts out. She glanced timidly at me as I stood admiring her luscious nakedness while I waited for Alice's return.

"When did this little slip happen, Fanny?" I asked quietly.

She colored vividly: "When I was seventeen, Sir," she replied softly but brokenly. "I was drugged ... and didn't know till after it was done! It's never been done again, Mr. Jack," she continued with pathetic earnestness in her voice, "never! I swear it, Sir!" After a short pause she whispered, "Oh! Mr. Jack! Let me go! ... I'll come to you whenever you wish ... and let you do what you like but ... I'm afraid of Miss Alice today ... she seems so strange! ... Oh! my God! She's naked!" she screamed in genuine alarm as Alice came out of her toilet room with only her shoes and stockings on, and her large matinee hat, a most coquettishly piquantly indecent object! Poor Fanny went red at the sight of her mistress and didn't know where to look as Alice came dancing along, her eyes noting with evident approval the position into which I had placed her maid.

"Mes compliments, mademoiselle!" I said with a low bow as she came up.

She smiled and blushed, but was too intent on Fanny to joke with me. That's lovely, Jack!" she exclaimed after a careful inspection of her now-trembling maid, "but surely she can get loose!"

"Oh, no!" I replied with a smile, "but if you like, I'll fasten her ankles together!"

"No, no, Sir!" Fanny cried in terror.

"Yes, Jack, do!" exclaimed Alice, her eyes gleaming with lust and delight.

She evidently had thought out some fresh torture for Fanny, and with the closest attention, she watched me as I linked her maid's slender ankles together in spite of the poor girl's entreaties!

"I like that much better, Jack," said Alice, smiling her thanks. Catching me by the elbow, she pushed me towards my alcove saying, "We both will want you presently, Jack!" Looking roguishly at me she continued, "So get ready! But tell me first where are the feathers?"

"Oh, that's your game!" I replied with a laugh. She nodded, coloring slightly, and I told her where she would find them.

I had a peep-hole in my alcove through which I could see all that passed in the room, and being curious to watch the two girls, I placed myself by it as I slowly undressed myself.

Having found the feathers, Alice placed the box near her, then going right up to Fanny, she took hold of her own breasts, raised them till they were level with the trembling girl's. Leaning on Fanny so that their stomachs were in close contact, she directed her breasts against Fanny's, gently rubbing her nipples against her own while she looked intently into Fanny's eyes! It was a most curious sight! The girl's naked bodies were touching from their ankles to their breasts, their cunts were so close to each other that their hairs formed one mass, while their faces were so near to each other that the brim of Alice's matinee hat projected over Fanny's forehead! Not a word was said! For about half a minute Alice continued to rub her breasts gently against Fanny's with her eyes fixed on Fanny's downcast face.

Suddenly I saw both naked bodies quiver, and Fanny raised her head and for the first time responded to Alice's glance, her color coming and going! At the same moment, a languorous voluptuous smile swept over Alice's face, and gently she kissed Fanny, who flushed rosy red, but, as far as I could see, did not respond.

"Won't you ... love me, Fanny?" I heard Alice say softly but with a curiously strained voice! Immediately I understood the position. Alice was lusting after Fanny! I was delighted! It was clear that Fanny had not yet reciprocated Alice's passion, and I determined that Alice should have every opportunity of satisfying her lust on Fanny's naked helpless body till the latter was converted to Tribadism with Alice as the object.

"Won't you ... love me, Fanny!" again asked Alice softly, now supplementing the play of her breasts against Fanny's by insinuating significant pressings of her stomach against Fanny's, again kissing the latter sweetly. But Fanny made no response, and Alice's eyes grew hard with a steely cruel glitter that boded badly for Fanny!

Quitting Fanny, Alice went straight to the box of feathers, picked out one, and returned to Fanny, feather in hand. The sight of her moving about thus, her breasts dancing, her hips swaying, her cunt and bottom in full view, her nakedness intensified by her piquant costume of hat, shoes and stockings, was enough to galvanize a corpse. It set my blood boiling with lust and I could hardly refrain from rushing out and compelling her to let me quench my fires in her! I, however, did resist the temptation, and rapidly undressed to my shoes and socks so as to be ready to take advantage of any chance that either of the girls might offer; but I remained in my alcove with my eye to the peephole as I was curious to witness the denouement of this strangely voluptuous scene, which Alice evidently wished to play single-handed.

No sooner did Fanny catch sight of the feather than she screamed. "No! ... no! Miss Alice! ... don't tickle me!" at the same time striving frantically to break the straps that linked together her wrists and her ankles. But my tackle was too strong! Alice meanwhile had caught up a cushion which she placed at Fanny's feet and right in front of her, she knelt on it, resting her luscious bottom on her heels and, having settled herself down comfortably, she, with a smile in which cruelty and malice were strangely blended, gloatingly contemplated her maid's naked and agitated body, then slowly and deliberately applied the tip of the feather to Fanny's cunt! "Oh, my God! Miss Alice, don't!" yelled Fanny, writhing in delicious contortions in her desperate endeavors to dodge the feather. "Don't, Miss!" she shrieked, as Alice, keenly enjoying her maid's distress and her vain efforts to avoid the torture, proceeded delightedly to pass the feather lightly along the sensitive lips of Fanny's cunt and finally set to work to tickle Fanny's clitoris, thereby sending her so nearly into hysterical convulsions that I felt it time I interposed.

92 As I emerged from my alcove, Alice caught sight of me and dropped her hand as she turned towards me, her eyes sparkling with lascivious delight! "Oh, Jack! Did you see her?" she cried excitedly.

"I heard her, dear!" I replied ambiguously, "and began to wonder whether you were killing her, so came out to see."

"Not to worry!" she cried, hugely pleased. "I'm going to give her another turn!" That declaration produced from Fanny the most pitiful pleadings, which seemed, however, only to increase Alice's cruel satisfaction, and she was proceeding to be as good as her word when I stopped her.

"You'd better let me first soothe her irritated senses, dear," I said, and, with one hand, I caressed and played with Fanny's full and voluptuous breasts, which I found tense and firm under her sexual excitement, while with the other, I stroked and felt her cunt, a procedure that evidently afforded her considerable relief although, at another time, it doubtless would have provoked shrieks and cries! She had not spent, though she must have been very close to doing it; and I saw that I must watch Alice very closely indeed during the "turn" she was going to give Fanny for my special delectation, lest the catastrophe I was so desirous of avoiding should occur, for in my mind, I had decided that when Alice had finished tickling Fanny, she should have an opportunity of satisfying her lustful cravings on her, when it would be most desirable that Fanny should be in a condition to show the effect on her of Alice's lascivious exertions.

While feeling Fanny's cunt, I naturally took the opportunity to see if Alice's penetrating finger had met with any difficulty entering and had thus caused Fanny the pain that her shrieks and wriggles had indicated. I found the way in intensely tight, a confirmation of her story and statement that nothing had gone in since the rape was committed on her. Although therefore I could not have the gratification of taking her virginity, I felt positive that I should have a delicious time and that practically, I should be violating her, and I wondered into which of the two delicious cunts now present I would shoot my surging and boiling discharge as it dissolved in Love's sweetest ecstasies! "Now, Alice, I think she is ready for you!" I said when I had stroked and felt Fanny to my complete satisfaction.

"No, no, Miss Alice!" shrieked Fanny in frantic terror, "for God's sake, don't tickle me again!"

Disregarding her cries, Alice, who had with difficulty restrained her impatience, quickly again applied the feather to Fanny's cunt, and a wonderful spectacle followed; Fanny's shrieks, cries, and entreaties filled the room while she wiggled and squirmed and twisted herself about in the most bewitchingly provocative manner, while Alice, with parted lips and eyes that simply glistened with lust, remorselessly tickled her maid's cunt with every refinement of cruelty, every fresh shriek and convulsion bringing a delightful look on her telltale face. Motionless, I watched the pair, till I noticed Fanny's breasts stiffen and become tense. Immediately I covered her cunt with my hand, saying to Alice, "Stop, dear, she's had as much as she can stand!" Reluctantly, she desisted from her absorbing occupation and rose, her naked body quivering with aroused but unsatisfied lust.

Now was the time for me to try and effect what I had in mind: The introduction of both girls to Tribadism! "Let us move Fanny to the large couch and fasten her down before she recovers herself," I hastily whispered to Alice.

Quickly we set her loose, between us we carried her, half-fainting, to the large settee couch where we lay her on her back and made fast her wrists to the two top corners and her ankles to the two lower ones. We now had only to set the machinery going and she would lie in the position I desired, namely spread-eagled!

Alice clutched me excitedly and whispered hurriedly, "Jack, do me before she comes to herself and before she can see us! I'm just mad for it!" And, indeed, with her flushed cheeks, humid eyes, and heaving breasts, this was very evident! But although I was also bursting with lust and eager to fuck either Alice or her maid, it would not have suited my program to do so! I wanted Alice to fuck Fanny! I wanted the first spending of both girls to be mutually provoked by the friction of their excited cunts one against the other! This was why I stopped Alice from tickling her maid into spending, and it was for this reason that I had extended Fanny on her back in such a position that her cunt should be at Alice's disposal! 94 "Hold on, darling, for a bit!" I whispered back. "You'll soon see why! I want it as badly as you do, my sweet, but am fighting it till the proper time comes! Run away now, and take off your hat, for it will now only be in the way," and I smiled significantly as I kissed her.

Alice promptly obeyed. I seated myself on the couch by the side of Fanny, who was still lying with eyes closed but breathing almost normally. Bending over her, I closely inspected her cunt to ascertain whether she had or had not spent under the terrific tickling she had just received! I could find no traces whatever, but to make sure, I gently drew the lips apart and peered into the sweet coral cleft, but again saw no traces. The touch of my fingers on her cunt, however, roused Fanny from her semi-stupor and she dreamily opened her eyes, murmuring, "Oh, Sir, don't!" as she recognized that I was her assailant, then she looked hurriedly 'round as in search of Alice.

"Your mistress will be here immediately," I said with a smile. "She has only gone away to take off her hat!" The look of terror returned to her eyes, and she exclaimed, "Oh, Mr. Jack, do let me go, she'll kill me!"

"Oh, no!" I replied as I laughed at her agitation. "Oh, no, Fanny, on the contrary, she's now going to do to you the sweetest, nicest, and kindest thing one girl can do to another! Here she comes!"

I rose as Alice came up full of pleasurable excitement as to what was now going to happen, and slipped my arm lovingly 'round her waist. She looked eagerly at her now trembling maid, then whispered, "Is she ready for us again, Jack?"

"Yes, dear!" I answered softly. "While you were away taking off your hat, I thought it as well to see in what condition her cunt was after its tickling! I found it very much irritated and badly in want of Nature's soothing essence! You, darling, are also much in the same state, your cunt also wants soothing! So I want you girls to soothe each other! Get onto Fanny, dear, take her in your arms, arrange yourself on her so that your cunt lies on hers and gently rub yours against hers! Soon both of you will be tasting the sweetest ecstasy! In other words, fuck Fanny, dear."

Alice looked at me in wondrous admiration! As she began to comprehend my suggestion, her face broke into delightful smiles, and when I stooped to kiss her, she exclaimed rapturously, "Oh, Jack! how sweet! ... how delicious!" as she gazed eagerly at Fanny. But the latter seemed horrified at the idea of being submitted thus to her mistress's lustful passion and embraces, and attempted to escape, crying in her dismay: "No, no, Sir!—oh, no, Miss!—I don't want it, please!"

"But I do, Fanny," cried Alice with sparkling eyes as she gently, but firmly, pushed her struggling maid onto her back and held her down forcibly, till I had pulled all four straps tight, so that Fanny lay flat with her arms and legs wide apart in Maltese-Cross fashion, a simply entrancing spectacle! Slipping my hands under her buttocks, I raised her middle till Alice was able to push a hard cushion under her bottom, the effect of which was to make her cunt stand out prominently; then turning to Alice, who had assisted in these preparations with the keenest interest but evident impatience, I said, "Now dear, there she is! Set to work and violate your maid!"

In a flash Alice was on the couch and on her knees between Fanny's widely parted legs. Excitedly she threw herself on her maid, passed her arms 'round her and hugged her closely as she showered kisses on Fanny's still-protesting mouth till the girl had to stop for breath. With a few rapid movements, she arranged herself on her maid so that the two luscious pairs of breasts were pressing against each other, their stomachs in close contact, and their cunts touching! "One moment, Alice!" I exclaimed, just as she was beginning to agitate herself on Fanny. "Let me see that you are properly placed before you start!"

Leaning over her bottom, I gently parted her thighs, till between them I saw the cunts of the mistress and the maid resting on each other, slit to slit, clitoris to clitoris, half hidden by the mass of their closely interwoven hairs, the sweetest of sights! After restoring her thighs to their original position, closely pressed against each other, I gently thrust my right hand between the girl's navels, and worked it along amidst their bellies till it lay between their cunts! "Press down a bit, Alice!" I said, patting her bottom with my disengaged hand.

Promptly she complied with two or three vigorous downward thrusts which forced my palm hard against Fanny's cunt while her own pressed deliciously against the back of my hand. The sensation of thus feeling at the same time these two full, fat, fleshy, warm and throbbing cunts between which my hand lay in sandwich fashion was something exquisite; and it was with the greatest reluctance that I removed it from the sweetest position it is ever likely to find herself in, but Alice's restless and involuntary movements proclaimed that she was fast yielding to her feverish impatience to fuck Fanny and to taste the rapture of spending on the cunt of her maid, the emission provoked by its sweet contact and friction against her own excited organ!

She still held Fanny closely clasped against her and with head slightly thrown back, she kept her eyes fixed on her maid's terrified averted face with a gloating hungry look, murmuring softly, "Fanny, you shall now ... love me!" Both the girls were quivering, Alice from overwhelming and unsatisfied lust, Fanny from shame and horrible apprehension! Caressing Alice's bottom encouragingly, I whispered, "Go ahead, dear!" In a trice her lips were pressed to Fanny's flushed cheeks on which she rained hot kisses as she slowly began to agitate her cunt against her maid's with voluptuous movements of her beautiful bottom.

"Oh! Miss..." gasped Fanny, her eyes betraying the sexual emotion that she felt beginning to overpower her, her color coming and going! Alice's movements became quicker and more agitated; soon she was furiously rubbing her cunt against Fanny's with strenuous downward thrusting strokes of her bottom, continuing her fierce kisses on her maid's cheeks as the latter lay helpless with half-closed eyes, tightly clasped in her mistress's arms!

A hurricane of sexual rage seemed to seize Alice! Her bottom wildly oscillated and gyrated with confused jerks, thrusts, and shoves as she frenziedly pressed her cunt against Fanny's with a rapid jogging motion: suddenly Alice seemed to stiffen and become almost rigid, her arms gripped Fanny more tightly than ever, her head fell forward on Fanny's shoulder as an indescribable spasm thrilled through her, followed by convulsive vibrations and tremors! Almost simultaneously Fanny's half-closed eyes turned upwards till the whites were showing, her lips parted, she gasped brokenly, "Oh! ... Miss ... Alice! ... Ah ... ah!" then thrilled convulsively while quiver after quiver shot through her! The blissful crisis had arrived! Mistress and maid were deliriously spending, cunt against cunt, Alice in rapturous ecstasy at having so deliciously satisfied her sexual desires by means of her maid's cunt, while forcing the latter to spend in spite of herself, while Fanny was quivering ecstatically under heavenly sensations hitherto unknown to her (owing to her having been unconscious when she was ravished) and now communicated to her wondering senses by her mistress whom she still felt lying on her and in whose arms she was still clasped!

Intently I watched both girls, curious to learn how they would regard each other when they had recovered from their ecstatic trance. Would the mutual satisfaction of their overwrought sexual cravings wipe out the animosity between them, which had caused the strange events of this afternoon, or would Alice's undoubted lust for her maid be simply raised to a higher pitch by this satisfying of her sexuality on her maid's body, and would Fanny consider that she had been violated by her mistress and therefore bear a deeper grudge than ever against her! It was a pretty problem and I eagerly awaited the situation.

Alice was the first to move. With a long-drawn breath, indicative of intense satisfaction, she raised her head off Fanny's shoulder. The slight movement roused Fanny, who mechanically turned her averted head towards Alice, and as the girls languidly opened their humid eyes, they found themselves looking straight at each other! Fanny colored like a peony and quickly turned her eyes away; Alice, on the contrary, continued to regard the blushing face of her maid. A look of gratification and triumph came into her eyes, then she deliberately placed her lips on Fanny's and kissed her, saying softly but significantly, "Now it's Mr. Jack's turn, my dear!" Raising her head, she, with a malicious smile, watched Fanny to see how she would receive the intimation.

Fanny darted a startled, horrified glance at me, another at her mistress.

Seeing that both our faces only confirmed Alice's announcement, she cried pitifully, "No, no, Mr. Jack! No, no! Miss Alice! Oh, Miss, how can you be so cruel?"

With a malicious smile, Alice again kissed her horrified maid, saying teasingly, "You must tell us afterwards which of us you like best, Fanny, and, 98 if you're very good and let Mr. Jack have as good a fuck as you have just given me, we'll have each other in front of you for your special edification!"

She kissed Fanny once more and rose slowly off her, exposing as she did so her own cunt and that of her maid. I shot a quick glance at both in turn. The girls had evidently spent profusely, their hairs glistened with tiny drops of love-dew, while, here and there, bits were plastered down.

Alice caught my glance and smiled merrily. "I let myself go, Jack!" she laughed. "But there will be plenty when you are ready!" she added wickedly.

"I'll just put myself right, then I'll do lady's maid to Fanny and get her ready for you!" With a saucy look, she whispered, "Haven't I sketched out a fine program!"

"You have indeed!" I replied as I seized and kissed her. I wish only that I was to have you first, dear, while I'm so rampant!"

"No, no," she whispered, kissing me again: "I'm not ready yet! Fuck Fanny well, Jack! It will do her good, and you'll find her a delicious mover!" And she ran off to her alcove.

I sat down on the couch by Fanny's side and began to play with her breasts, watching her closely. She was in a terrible state of agitation, her head rolling from side to side, her eyes closed, her lips slightly apart, while her bosom heaved wildly. As my hands seized her breasts gently she started, opened her eyes, and seeing that it was me she piteously pleaded, "Oh, Mr. Jack! Don't ...

don't..." She could not bring herself to say the dreadful word that expressed her fate.

"Don't ... what, Fanny?" I asked maliciously. With effort she brought out the word. "Oh! Sir! Don't ... fuck me!"

"But your mistress has ordered it, Fanny, and she tells me you are very sweet, and so I want it! And it will be like taking your maidenhead, only much nicer for you, as you won't have the pain that girls feel when they are first ravished and you'll be able to taste all the pleasure!"

"No, no, Mr. Jack," she cried. "Don't ... fuck me."

99 Just then Alice came up with water, a sponge, and a towel. "What's the matter, Jack?" she asked.

"Your maid says she doesn't want to be fucked, dear; perhaps you can convince her of her foolishness!"

Alice was now sponging Fanny's cunt with sedulous care, and her attentions were making Fanny squirm and wriggle involuntarily in the most lovely fashion, much to her mistress's gratification. When Alice had finished, she turned to me and said, "She's quite ready, Jack! Go ahead!"

"No, no, Sir!" yelled Fanny in genuine terror, but I quickly got between her legs and placed myself on her palpitating stomach, clasped her in my arms and directed my prick against her delicious cleft. I got its head inside without much difficulty. Fanny was now wild with fright and shrieked despairingly as she felt me effect an entrance into her, and as my prick penetrated deeper and deeper, she went off into a paroxysm of frantic plunging in the hope of dislodging me.

I did not experience half the difficulty I had anticipated in getting into Fanny, for her spendings under Alice had lubricated the passage, but she was exceedingly tight and I must have hurt her for her screams were terrible! Soon, however, I was into her till our hairs mingled. I lay still for a little while to allow her to recover a bit, and before long her cries ceased and she lay panting in my arms.

Alice, who was in my full sight and had been watching with the closest attention and the keenest enjoyment this violation of her maid, now bent forward and said softly, "She's all right, Jack! Go on dear!" Promptly I set to work to fuck Fanny, at first with long, slow, piston-like strokes of my prick, then more and more rapid thrusts and shoves, driving myself well up into her.

Suddenly I felt Fanny quiver deliciously under me ... she had spent! Delightedly I continued to fuck her ... soon she spent again, then again, and again, quivering with the most exquisite tremors and convulsions as she lay clasped tightly in my arms, uttering almost inarticulate "Ahs" and "Ohs" as the spasm of pleasure thrilled her. Now I began to feel my own ecstasy quickly approaching! Hugging Fanny against me more closely than ever, I let myself go and rammed furiously into her as she lay quivering under me till 100 the rapturous crisis overtook me. Madly I shot her my pent-up torrent of boiling virile balm, inundating her sweetly excited interior and evidently causing her the most exquisite bliss, for her head fell backwards, her eyes closed, her nostrils dilated, her lips parted, as she ejaculated, "Ah! ... Ah! ...

Ah!..." when feeling each jet of my hot discharge shoot into her. Heavens! How I spent! The thrilling, exciting and provocative events of the afternoon had worked me up into a state of sexual excitement that even the ample discharge I had spent into Fanny did not quench my ardor, and as soon as the delicious thrills and spasms of pleasure had died away, I started fucking her a second time. But Alice intervened. "No, Jack!" she exclaimed softly, adding archly, "you must keep the rest for me! Get off quickly, dear, and let me attend to Fanny!"

Unable to challenge her veto, I reluctantly withdrew my prick from Fanny's cunt after kissing her ardently. I rose and retired to my alcove, while Alice quickly took Fanny into her charge and attended to her with loving care! When I returned, Fanny was still lying on her back, fastened down to the couch, and Alice was sitting by her and talking to her with an amused smile as she gently played with her maid's breasts. As soon as Fanny caught sight of me, she blushed rosy red, while Alice turned and greeted me with a welcoming smile.

"I've been trying to find out from Fanny which fuck she liked best," she said with a merry smile, "but she won't say! Did she give you a good time, Jack?"

"She was simply divine!" I replied as I stopped and kissed the still-blushing girl! "Then we'll give her the reward we promised," replied Alice, looking sweetly at Fanny. "She shan't be tied up any more and she'll see you fuck me presently! Set her free, Jack," she added, and soon Fanny rose confusedly from the couch on which she had tasted the probably unique experience of being fucked in rapid succession first by a girl and then by a man!" She was very shamefaced and her limbs were very stiff from having been retained so long in one position, but we supported her to the sofa where we placed her between us. We gently chafed and massaged her limbs till they regained their powers and soothed her with our kisses and caresses, while our hands 101 wandered all over her naked and still trembling body, and soon she was herself again.

"Now!" exclaimed Alice, who was evidently in heat again, "are you ready?"

"Look, dear!" I replied, holding up my limp prick for her inspection, adding with a smile: "Time, my Christian friend!"

She laughed, took my prick gently in her hands and began to fondle it, but as it did not show the signs of returning life she so desired to see, she caught hold of Fanny's hand and made it assist hers, much to Fanny's bashful confusion.

But her touch had the desired effect, and soon I was stiff and rampant again! "Thanks, Fanny!" I said as I lovingly kissed her blushing face. "Now, Alice, if you will!"

Quickly Alice was on her back with parted legs. Promptly I got onto her and drove my prick home up her cunt. Clasping each other closely, we set to work and fucked each other deliciously till we both spent in delirious transports of pleasure which heightened Fanny's blushes, as with humid eyes she watched us in wondering astonishment and secret delight! After exchanging ardent kisses, we rose. "Come, Fanny, we must dress and be off I didn't know it was so late!" exclaimed Alice. Off the girls went together to Alice's alcove while I retired to mine. I was delighted that their departure should be thus hurried as it would bypass the possible awkwardness of a more formal leave-taking. Soon we all were dressed. I called a taxi and put the girls into it, their faces discreetly veiled, and as they drove off, I felt that the afternoon had not been wasted!