The Way of a Man with a Maid/Volume 2/Chapter 2

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Chapter II

I will not take up my readers’ time by detailing the incidents of Alice's visit.

She was exceedingly nervous and so timid that I saw it was absolutely necessary for me to treat her with the greatest tenderness and delicacy and in no way to offend her susceptibility. She yielded herself to me with pretty bashfulness, blushing divinely when I drew off her last garment and exposed her naked body to my eager eyes; and her transports of delirious pleasure during her first fucking were such that I shall never forget! I had her four delicious times—and when she left, I felt certain that it only wanted a little diplomacy to secure her cooperation!

She, naturally, was more at her ease on her next visit, and I ventured to teach her the art of sucking! When her sweet lips for the first time received my eager prick between them and her warm tongue made its first essays in the subtle art of titillation, I experienced the most heavenly bliss—such as I had never tasted before at the mouth of any woman; and when, after prolonging my exquisite rapture till I could no longer restrain myself, I spent in her mouth in a delirium of pleasure, her pretty confusion was something to be remembered!

I thought I might safely venture to convert her when she paid her third visit, and to this end, I selected from my collection of indecent photographs several that told their tale better than could be expressed by words. Among these was a series known as the "Crucifixion," in which a lovely girl (evidently a nun from her despoiled garments scattered on the floor) was depicted bound naked to a cross, while sometimes the Lady Abbess (in her robes) alone, and sometimes in conjunction with one of the Sisters, indulged their wanton fancies and caprices on the poor girl's breasts and cunt as she hung helpless! One photograph showed the girl fastened naked to a Maltese Cross, the Lady Abbess had inserted her finger into the Nun's cunt while the Sister tickled the Nun's clitoris! In another photograph, a monk was introduced who, kneeling before the Nun (still fastened on a Maltese Cross) sucked her cunt while his uplifted hands, in the attitude of prayer, attacked her helpless breasts! Another series, entitled "La Barrière" depicted various phases in the ravishment of a girl by two ruffians in a solitary part of the Bois de Boulogne.

The rest were mostly scenes of Tribadism and of Lesbian love, and interspersed with them were a few representing flagellation by a girl on a girl, both being stark naked!

I was puzzled how best to lead up to the subject, when Alice herself gave me the desired opening. We had just finished our first fuck and were resting on the broad couch, lying in each other's arms, her gentle hand caressing my prick with a view to its restoration to life. She had been rather more silent than usual, for she generally was full of questions which she used to ask with pretty hesitation and delicious naivety—and I was cudgeling my brains to invent a suitable opening.

Suddenly Alice turned to me and said softly, "Jack, I'd awfully like to know one thing!—when you had me tied up tight on that dreadful afternoon and...did all sorts of awful things to me, did it give you any pleasure besides the satisfaction of revenging yourself on me?"

"Will you hate me if I confess, dear, that the sight of your agony, shame, and distress, as you struggled naked, gave me intense pleasure!" I replied as I drew her once more closely against me. "I knew I wasn't hurting you or causing you bodily pain; and the knowledge that your delicious wriggling and writhing, as you struggled naked to get loose, was instigated by your shame at being naked and your distress at finding your sexual passions and instincts aroused in spite of yourself, and irritated till you could no longer control them, and so felt yourself being forced to do what was so horribly repugnant to you, in other words ... to ... spend!—and not only to spend, but to spend with me watching you! All this gave me the most extraordinary pleasure! When I stopped to let you have a little rest or else put you into another position, I felt the pleasure arising from vengeance gratified, but when I began again to torture you, especially when I was tickling your cunt with a feather, while you were fastened down on your back with legs tied widely apart, I must confess that the pleasure was the pleasure of cruelty! My God! darling, how you did wriggle then!"

"I thought I would have died!" Alice whispered as she snuggled up against me (apparently not displeased by my confession), yielding herself sweetly to the pressure of my encircling arm. "I wasn't in pain at all, but oh! my sensations! My whole self seemed to be concentrated just ... where you were tickling me! and I was nearly mad at being forced to endure such indignity; and on top of it all came that awful tickling, tickling, tickling!"

She shuddered at the recollection; I pressed her still more tightly against me and kissed her tenderly, but held my tongue—for I knew not what to say! Presently Alice spoke again. "And so it really gave you pleasure to torture me, Jack?" she asked almost cheerfully, adding before I could reply, "I was very angry with my maid this morning and it would have delighted me to have spanked her severely. Now, would such delight arise from revenge or from being cruel?"

"Undoubtedly from being cruel," I replied, "the infliction of the punishment is what would have given you the pleasure, and behind it would come the feeling that you were revenging yourself. Here's another instance—you women delight in saying nasty, cutting things to each other in the politest of ways. Why? Not from revenge, but from the satisfaction afforded by the shot going home. If you had given your maid a box on the ears this morning, you would have satisfied your revenge without any pleasure whatever; but if I had been there and held your maid down while you spanked her bottom, your pleasure would have arisen from the infliction of the punishment. Do you follow me, dear?"

"Yes, I see it now," Alice replied, then added archly, "I wish you had been there, Jack! It would have done her a lot of good!"

"I sometimes wonder why you keep her on," I said musingly. "She's a pert minx and at times must be very aggravating. Let me see—what's her name?"


"Yes, of course—a case of 'pretty Fanny's way,’ for she certainly is a pretty girl and a well-made one. My dear, if you want to do bottom slapping, you won't easily find a better subject, only I think she will be more than you can manage single-handed, and it may come to her slapping your bottom, my love!"

Alice laughed. "Fanny is a most perfect maid, a real treasure, or I would not keep her on—for as you say, she is too much for me. She's very strong and very high-spirited, but wants taming badly."

"Bring her some afternoon, and we'll tame her between us!" I suggested, seemingly carelessly, but with well-concealed anxiety, for was I not now making a direct attempt to seduce Alice into Sadism?

Alice started, raised herself on her elbows, and regarded me questioningly. I noticed a hard glitter in her eyes, then she caught her breath, colored, and exclaimed softly, "Oh, Jack, how lovely it would be!"

I had succeeded! Alice had succumbed to the sudden temptation! For the second time, her strain of lascivious sexuality had been conquered.

"Shall we try?" I asked with a smile, secretly delighted at her unconcealed eagerness and noting how her eyes now brimmed over with lust and how her lovely breasts were heaving with excitement.

"Yes! Yes! Jack!" she exclaimed feverishly, "but how can it be managed?"

"That shouldn't be much trouble," I replied. "Take her out with you shopping some afternoon close by here, then say you want to just pop in to see me about something. En route, tell her about this room, how it's sound-proof. It will interest her and she will at the same time learn information that will come in useful later on. Once in here, follow my lead. I suppose you would like to have a hand in torturing her?"

"Oh! Jack! Will you really torture Fanny?" exclaimed Alice, her eyes sparkling with eagerness. "Will you fasten her down as you did me?"

I nodded.

"Yes! Yes! Let me have a turn at her!" she replied vivaciously. Then after a pause she looked queerly at me and added, "And will you..." At the same moment she significantly squeezed my prick.

"I think so, unless of course you would rather I didn't, dear," I replied with a laugh. "I suppose you have no idea whether she is a virgin or not?"

"I can't say!" Alice replied, blushing a little. "I've always fancied she was and have treated her as such."

"And what sort of treatment is that?" I queried mischievously, and was proceeding to cross-question Alice when she stopped me by putting her hand over my mouth.

"Well, we'll soon find out when we get her here," I remarked philosophically, much to her amusement. "But, darling, your lessons in the Art of Love are being neglected; let us resume them. There is just time for one—I think you must show me that you haven't forgotten Soixante-neuf!"

Alice blushed prettily, slipped out of my embrace, and soon her cunt was resting on my lips while her gentle hands and mouth busied themselves with my delighted prick and balls! She worked me so deliciously that she made me spend twice in her mouth, by which time I had sucked her completely dry! Then we reluctantly rose to perform the necessary ablutions and resume our clothes.

"When shall I bring Fanny here, Jack?" asked Alice as she was saying goodbye to me.

"Oh! You naughty, lustful, cruel girl!" I exclaimed with a laugh in which she somewhat shamefacedly joined. "When do you think?"

"Will ... tomorrow afternoon do?" she asked, avoiding my eyes.

"Yes, certainly," I replied, kissing her tenderly. "Let it be tomorrow afternoon!" And so we parted.

This is how it came to pass that Alice's first experiments in Sadique pleasures were to be made on the person of her own maid.