The Way of a Man with a Maid/Volume 2/Chapter 7

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Chapter VII

I produced a large bottle of champagne and, pretending that the opener was in my alcove, I went there, but my real objective was to satisfy in Fanny the raging concupiscence which my torturing of Alice and Connie had so fiercely aroused in me.

I found her shivering with unsatisfied hot lust. I threw myself into a chair, placed my bottom on the edge and pointed to my prick in glorious erection.

Instantly Fanny straddled across me, brought her excited cunt to bear on my tool and impaled herself on it with deliciously voluptuous movements, sinking down on it till she rested on my thighs, her arms 'round my neck, mine 'round her warm body, our lips against each other's. Working herself divinely up and down on my prick, she soon brought on the blessed relief we both were thirsting for, and in exquisite rapture we spent madly.

"Oh! Sir! Wasn't it lovely!" she whispered as soon as she could speak.

"Which, Fanny," I asked mischievously. "This!—or that!" pointing to the room.

She blushed prettily, then whispered saucily, "Both, Sir!" as she passionately kissed me.

I begged her to sponge me while I opened the champagne, which she did sweetly, kissing my flaccid prick lovingly, and soon she removed from it all traces of our bout of fucking. I poured out four large glasses and made her drink one, which she did with great enjoyment, and took the other three out with me to the girls.

I found them still in each other's arms and coiled together in the large armchair, Alice half-sitting on Connie's thighs and half resting on Connie's breasts—a lovely sight. I touched her; she started up while Connie slowly opened her eyes.

"Drink this, it will pull you together!" I said, handing each a tumbler. They did so, and the generous wine seemed to have an immediate good effect and to put new life into them. I eyed them with satisfaction. Raising my glass, I said, "To your good health, dears, and a delicious consummation of Connie's charming and most sporting suggestion!" then gravely emptied my tumbler.

Both girls turned scarlet, Connie almost angrily. They glanced tentatively at each other but neither spoke.

To terminate their embarrassment, I pointed to a settee close by, and soon we arranged ourselves in it, I in the center, Alice on my right and Connie on my left, their heads resting on my shoulders, their faces turned towards each other and within easy kissing distance, my arms clasping them to me, my hands being just able to command the outer breast of each! Both girls seemed ill at ease. I think Connie was really so, as she evidently dreaded having to be fucked by me, but with Alice it was only a pretense.

"A penny for your thoughts dear!" I said to her chafingly, curious to know what she would say.

"I was thinking how lovely Connie is ... naked!" she murmured softly, blushing prettily. I felt a quiver run through Connie.

"Before today, how much of each other have you seen?" I asked interestedly.

Silently, both girls pointed to just above their breasts.

"Then stand up, Connie dear, and let us have a good look at you," I said, "and Alice shall afterwards return the compliment by showing you herself! Stand naturally, with your hands behind you."

With evident unwillingness she complied, and with pretty bashfulness she faced us, a naked blue-eyed daughter of the gods, tall, slender, goldenhaired, exquisite—blushing as she noted in our eyes the pleasure the contemplation of her naked charms was giving us! "Now in profile, dear!"

Obediently she turned. We delightedly noted her exquisite outline from chin to thigh, her proud little breasts, her gently curving belly, its wealth of golden-brown hair, standing out like a bush at its junction with her thighs, the sweep of her haunches and bottom, and her shapely legs!

"Thanks, darling," I said appreciatively. "Now Alice!" And drawing Connie onto my knees, I kissed her lovingly.

Blushingly Alice complied, and with hands clasped behind her back, she faced us, a piquant, provoking, demure, brown-eyed, dark-haired little English lassie, plump, juicy, appetizing. She smiled mischievously at me as she watched Connie's eyes wander approvingly over her delicious little figure! "Now in profile, please!"

She turned, and now we realized the subtle voluptuousness of Alice's naked figure, how her exquisitely full and luscious breasts were matched, in turn being balanced by her glorious fleshy bottom and her fat thighs, the comparative shortness of her legs only adding piquancy to the whole, while her unusually conspicuous Mount Venus, with its dark, clustering, silky hairs, proudly proclaimed itself as the delightful center of her attractions! "Thanks, darling!" we both exclaimed admiringly as we drew her to us and lovingly kissed her, to her evident delight and gratification.

"Now, Connie darling!" I said. "I want you to lie down on that couch!" I removed my arm from her waist to allow her to rise.

"No, Jack!" she begged piteously and imploringly, her lovely eyes not far from tears. "Please, Jack! Don't insist!"

"You must do it, darling!" I said kindly but firmly as I raised her to her feet.

"Come, dear!" and I led her to the couch and made her lie down.

"I must put the straps on you, Connie, dear," I said, "not that I doubt your promise, but because I am sure you won't be able to lie still. Don't be frightened, dear!" I added, as I saw a look of terror come over her face. "You are not going to be tortured, or tickled or hurt, but you will be treated most sweetly!"

Reluctantly Connie yielded. Quickly Alice attached the straps to her wrists, while I secured the other pair to her ankles. We set the machinery to work and soon she was lying flat on her back, her hands and feet secured to the four corners, the dark-brown upholstery throwing into high relief her lovely figure and dazzling fair hair and skin! I blindfolded her very carefully in such a way that she could not get rid of the bandage by rubbing her head against the couch. Now that Connie was at our mercy, I signaled to Fanny, who gleefully rushed to us noiselessly and hugged her mistress with silent delight.

"Now, Alice, dear!" I said, "make love to Connie!"

"Oh-h!" cried Connie in shocked surprise, blushing so hotly that even her bosom was suffused with color. But Alice was already on her knees by Connie's side and was passionately kissing her protesting mouth in the exuberance of her delight at the arrival at last of the much-desired opportunity to satisfy her lusts on Connie's lovely person, cunt against cunt.

I slipped into a chair and took Fanny on my knees, and in sweet companionship, we settled ourselves comfortably to watch Alice make love to Connie! My left arm was 'round Fanny's waist, the hand toying with the breasts which it could just command, while my right hand played lovingly with her cunt.

After Alice had relieved her excited feelings by showering her kisses on Connie's lips with whispered fond endearments, she raised her head and contemplated, with an expression of intense delight, the naked figure of her friend which I had placed at her disposal! She proceeded to pass her hands lightly over Connie's flesh. Shakespeare sings, substituting the feminine pronoun for the masculine one he uses: To win her heart she touched her here and there, —Touches so soft that conquer chastity! This is what Alice was doing! With lightly poised hands, she touched Connie on the most susceptible parts of herself: her armpits, navel, belly, and especially the soft tender insides of her thighs—evidently reserving her breasts and cunt for special attention. Soon the effect on Connie became apparent. Her bosom began to palpitate in sweet agitation, while significant tremors ran through her limbs. "Is it so nice then, darling?" cooed Alice, her eyes dancing with delight as she watched the effect of her operations on Connie's now quivering person. She rested her lips on Connie's and gently took hold of her breasts!

"Oh, Alice!" cried Connie, but Alice closed her lips with her own, half choking her friend with her passionate kisses. Raising her head again, she eagerly and delightedly inspected the delicious morsels of Connie's flesh that were imprisoned in her hands. "Oh, you darlings!" she exclaimed as she squeezed them. "You sweet things!" she said as she kissed them rapturously.

"Oh, what dear little nipples!" she cried, taking them in turn into her mouth, her hands all the while squeezing and caressing Connie's lovely breasts till that worthy woman faintly murmured, "Oh, stop, darling!"

"Oh, my love! Was I hurting you, darling?" cried Alice with gleaming eyes, as with a smile full of mischief towards us she reluctantly released Connie's breasts. For a moment she hesitated, as if uncertain what to do next. Her eyes rested on Connie's cunt, so sweetly defenseless. An idea seemed to seize her.

With a look of delicious anticipation, she slipped her left arm under Connie's shoulders so as to embrace her, placed her lips on Connie's mouth, extended her right arm and, without giving Connie the least hint as to her intentions, she placed her hand on Connie's cunt, her slender forefinger resting on the orifice itself! "Oh-h, Alice!" cried Connie, taken completely by surprise and wriggling voluptuously. "Oh-h-h, Connie!" rapturously murmured Alice between the hot kisses she was now raining on Connie's mouth, her forefinger beginning to agitate itself inquisitively but lovingly! "Oh darling! Your cunny is sweet!" she murmured as her hand wandered all over Connie's private parts, now stroking and pressing her delicate Mount Venus, now twisting and pulling her hairs, now gently compressing the soft, springy flesh between her thumb and forefinger, now passing along the delicate shell-pink lips, and finally gently inserting her finger between them into the pouting orifice! "I must! ... I must look at it!" Quickly she withdrew her arm from under Connie's shoulders, gave her a long, clinging kiss, and shifted her position by Connie's side till her head commanded Connie's private parts. She squared her arms, rested herself on Connie's belly, and with both hands proceeded to examine and study Connie's cunt, her eyes sparkling with delight.

Again she submitted Connie's delicious organ of sex to a most searching and merciless examination, one hand on each side of the now slightly gaping slit, stroking, squeezing, pressing, touching! With fingers poised gently but firmly on each side of the slit, Alice gently drew the lips apart and peered curiously into the shell-pink cavity of Connie's cunt, and after a prolonged inspection, she shifted her finger rather higher, again parted the lips and with rapt attention gazed at Connie's clitoris which was now beginning to show signs of sexual excitement, Connie all this time quivering and wriggling under the touches of Alice's fingers.

Her curiosity apparently satisfied for the time, Alice raised her head and looked strangely and interrogatively at me. Comprehending her mute enquiry, I smiled and nodded. She smiled back, then dropping her head, she looked intently at Connie's cunt, and imprinted a long clinging kiss in its very center.

Connie squirmed violently. "Oh-h-h!" she ejaculated in a half-strangled voice. With a smile of intense delight, Alice repeated her kiss, then again and again, Connie at each repetition squirming and wriggling in the most delicious way, her vehement plunging telling Alice what flames her hot kisses had aroused in Connie.

Again she opened Connie's cunt, and keeping its tender lips wide apart, she deposited between them and right inside the orifice itself a long lingering kiss which seemed to set Connie's blood on fire, for she began to plunge wildly with furious upward jerks and jogs of her hips and bottom, nearly dislodging Alice. She glanced merrily at us, her eyes brimming with mischief and delight, then straddled across Connie and arranged herself on her so that her mouth commanded Connie's cunt while her stomach rested on Connie's breasts and her cunt lay poised over Connie's mouth, but not touching it. Her legs now lay parallel to Connie's arms and outside them.

Utterly taken aback by Alice's tactics, and in her innocence not recognizing the significance of the position Alice assumed on her, she cried, "Oh, Alice! What are you doing?" Alice grinned delightedly at us and lowered her head, ran her tongue lightly half a dozen times along the lips of Connie's cunt and set to work to gamahuch her! "Oh-h-h!" shrieked Connie, her voice almost strangled by the violence of the wave of lust that swept over her at the first touch of Alice's tongue. "Oh-h-h! ... Oh-h-h..." she ejaculated in her utter bewilderment and confusion as she abandoned herself to strangely intoxicating and thrilling sensations hitherto unknown to her, jerking herself upwards as if to meet Alice's tongue, her face in her agitated movements coming against Alice's cunt, before it dawned on her confused senses what the warm, moist, quivering hairy object could be! In wild excitement Alice thoroughly searched Connie's cunt with her active fingers, darting deeply into it, playing delicately on the quivering lips, sucking and tickling her clitoris, and sending Connie into such a state of lust that I thought it wise to intervene.

"Stop, dear!" I called out to Alice, who at once desisted, looking interrogatively at me. "You are trying her too much! Get off her now and let her recover herself a little or you'll finish her, which we don't want yet!" Quickly comprehending the danger, Alice rolled off Connie, turned 'round, contemplated for a moment Connie's naked wriggling figure, then got onto her again, only this time lips to lips, bubbies against bubbies, and cunt against cunt. She clasped Connie closely to her as she arranged herself, murmuring passionately, "Oh, Connie! ... At last! ... At last!..." then commenced to rub her cunt sweetly on Connie's.

"Oh-h-h, Alice!" breathed Connie rapturously as she responded to Alice's efforts by heaving and jogging herself upwards. "Oh-h-h ... darling!" she panted brokenly, evidently feeling her ecstasy approaching by the voluptuous wriggles and agitated movements, as Alice now rubbed herself vigorously against her cunt with riotous down-strokes of her luscious bottom.

Quicker and quicker, faster and faster, wilder and wilder became the movements of both girls, Connie now plunging madly upwards, while Alice rammed herself down on her with fiercer and fiercer thrusts of her raging hips and buttocks till the delicious crisis arrived! "Connie! ... Connie!" gasped Alice, as the indescribable spasm of spending thrilled voluptuously through her. "Ah-h-h ... ah-h-h! ... AH-H-H!..." ejaculated Connie rapturously as she spent madly in exquisite convulsions, dead to everything but the delirious rapture that was thrilling through her as she lay tightly clasped in Alice's clinging arms!

The sight was too much for Fanny! With the most intense interest, she had watched the whole of this exciting scene, parting her legs the better to accommodate my hand, which now was actually grasping her cunt, my forefinger buried in her up to the knuckle, while my thumb rested on her clitoris, and she had already spent once deliciously. But the spectacle of the lascivious transports of her mistress on Connie set her blood on fire again. She recollected her similar experience in Alice's arms, the sensations that Alice's cunt had communicated to hers, the delicious ecstasy of her discharge, and, as the two girls neared their bliss, she began to agitate herself voluptuously on my knees, on my now active finger, keeping pace with them, till with an inarticulate murmur of, "Oh! ... Oh-h, Sir-r," she inundated my hand with her love-juice, spending simultaneously with her mistress and her mistress's friend.

As soon as she emerged from her ecstatic trance, I whispered to her inaudibly, "Bring the sponge and towel, dear!"

Noiselessly she darted off, sponged herself, then returned with a bowl of water, a sponge, and a towel just as Alice slowly raised herself off Connie with eyes still humid with lust and her cunt bedewed with love-juice. I took her fondly in my arms and kissed her tenderly, while Fanny quickly removed all traces of her discharge from her hairs, then proceeded to pay the same delicate attention to Connie, whose cunt she now touched for the first time.

Presently we heard Connie murmur, "May I get up now, Jack!"

"Not yet, darling!" I replied lovingly as I stooped and kissed her. "You have to make me happy now!"

"No, Jack! Please," she whispered, but Alice intervened. "Yes, darling, you must let Jack have you! You must taste again the real article," she cooed. "Let me work you into condition again!" And she signaled to Fanny, who instantly knelt by Connie and began playing with her dainty little breasts and feeling her cunt, her eyes sparkling with delight at thus being permitted to handle Connie who, not noting the difference of touch as Fanny's ministrations to her cunt had accustomed Connie to her fingers, lay still in happy ignorance of the change of operator.

Soon Fanny's fingers began to bring about the desired recovery. Connie's breasts began to stiffen and grow tense, and her body began to tremble in gentle agitation. She was ready—and so was I!

Without a word I slipped onto her. "Oh, Jack!" she murmured as I took her into my arms, holding up her lips to be kissed—no reluctance now! My rampant prick found her sweet hole and gently made an entrance; she was terribly tight, but her discharge had well-lubricated the sweet passage into her interior, and inch by inch, I forced myself into her till my prick was buried in her cunt, she trembling and quivering in my clasp, her involuntary flinchings and sighs confessing the pain attending her penetration! But once she had admitted me all the way into her and I began the sweet up-and-down movement, she went into transports of delight, accommodating herself deliciously to me as, with lips closely against each other, we exchanged hot kisses! I set to work to fuck Connie in earnest. Straining her to me till her breasts were flattened against my chest and I could feel every flutter of her sweet body, I let myself go, ramming into her faster and faster, more and more wildly—till, unable any longer to restrain myself, I surrendered to love's delicious ecstasy and spent madly into Connie just as she flooded my prick in rapturous bliss, quivering under me in the most voluptuous way! We lay closely clasped together till our mutual ecstatic trance slowly died away. With a sign, I bade Fanny disappear. As soon as she had vanished, Alice removed the blindfold from Connie's eyes. As they met mine, bashfully and shamefacedly, blushing deeply at thus finding herself naked in my arms, Connie timidly held up her mouth to me. Instantly my lips were on hers and we exchanged long lingering kisses till we panted for breath. Gently I released her from my clasp and rose off her, and, with Alice's help, unfastened her. Alice gently led her to her alcove where she sedulously attended to her, while Fanny silently but delightedly did the same for me.

It was now only four o'clock. We had a good hour before us. There was now no possible doubt that Connie had surrendered herself to the pleasures of Tribadism and Lesbian love as far as Alice was concerned. So when the girls rejoined me, Connie with a tender look on her face, and we had refreshed ourselves and recovered our sexual appetites and powers, I said to Connie, "Now, dear, you are entitled to take your revenge on Alice—will you?"

She cast a look of love at Alice, who blushed sweetly, then turning to me she murmured, "Please, Jack!" at the same time giving me a delicious kiss.

"Come along, Alice!" I said as we all rose, and I led her to the couch—the veritable Altar of Venus. "How will you have her, Connie?" I asked as Alice stood nervously awaiting the disposal of her sweet person.

Connie blushed. With a glance at Alice, she replied, "Tie her down, Jack, just as you did me!"

Blushingly Alice lay down, and soon Connie and I had her fastened down in the desired position.

"Will you have her blindfolded, dear?" I enquired.

Connie hesitated, looking oddly at Alice, then replied, "No, Jack! I want to see her eyes!" so significantly that Alice involuntarily quivered as she colored hotly again.

"May I do just whatever I like to Alice, Jack?" asked Connie, almost hesitatingly with a fresh access of color.

"Anything within reason, dear!" I replied with a smile. "You mustn't bite her bubbies off, or stitch up her cunt, for instance." Alice quivered while Connie laughed. "And you must leave her alive, for I am to follow you!"

"Oh, Jack!" exclaimed Alice at this intimation, blushing prettily.

Connie turned eagerly to me. "Are you going to fuck her?" she asked with sparkling eyes. I nodded, smiling at her eagerness.

"And may I watch you?" she demanded.

"Why, certainly, dear—and perhaps help me! Now what are you going to do to Alice? See how impatiently she is waiting!"

Both girls laughed, Alice a trifle uneasily. Connie looked intently at her for a moment. Seating herself by Alice's side, she began playing with Alice's breasts, keeping her eyes steadily fixed on Alice's.

"Your bubbies are too big for my hands, darling!" she said presently as she stooped to kiss her. "But they are lovely!" She squeezed them tenderly for a while, then deserted them, shifting her position, and began to feel Alice's cunt, which she lovingly stroked and caressed.

"Your cunny is fat, darling!" she exclaimed presently with heightened color as she held Alice's cunt compressed between her finger and thumb and gently squeezed the soft springy flesh, while Alice squirmed involuntarily.

Suddenly Connie leaned forward, took Alice's face in her hands and whispered, "Darling, I'm going to fuck you twice, eh?" and lovingly kissed her while Alice's eyes sought mine shamefully.

Quickly Connie got onto Alice, took her into her arms and, keeping her head raised so as to look right into Alice's eyes, she began to rub her cunt against Alice's, gently and slowly at first with a circular grinding sort of movement. Presently her action quickened and became more and more irregular. Soon Connie was rubbing herself up and down Alice's cunt with quick agitated strokes of her bottom, all the while intently watching Alice's eyes as if to gauge her friend's sensations. Soon both girls began plunging and heaving riotously, Alice especially, as they both felt the crisis approaching.

Then came a veritable storm of confused heaving, thrusting and plunging.

"Kiss ... me ... darling!" ejaculated Alice, now on the verge of spending. But Connie only shook her head with a loving smile, rammed her cunt against Alice's fiercely, intent on Alice's now-humid eyes, and apparently restraining her own discharge! A frantic heave from Alice—"Ah-h-h, dar-rling" she gasped as her eyes half closed in ecstasy—then she spent with delicious quivering. Immediately Connie glued her lips to Alice's, agitated herself rapidly against Alice's cunt. "Alice!" she breathed in her delirious frenzy as a spasm thrilled through her, and Alice's cunt received her lovejuice as she spent ecstatically.

For some moments the girls lay silent, only half-conscious, motionless save for the involuntary thrills that shot through them. Then Connie raised her head and, with the smile of the victor, surveyed Alice, whose eyes now began to open languidly. She blushed deliciously as she met Connie's glances and raised her mouth as if inviting a kiss. Instantly Connie complied with passionate delight. "Wasn't it nice, darling?" I heard her whisper. "Oh, Connie, just heavenly!" murmured Alice tenderly and with loving kisses.

"Are you ready again, darling?" whispered Connie eagerly. "Yes! Yes!" replied Alice softly, beginning to agitate herself under Connie.

"Our mouths together this time, darling, eh!" whispered Connie with excitement. "Don't stop kissing me, darling!" she added tenderly as she responded to Alice's movements under her and set to work to rub her cunt against Alice's. Soon both girls were hard at work with their cunts squeezed against each other, slit to slit, clitoris against clitoris—Connie's bottom and hips swaying and oscillating voluptuously while Alice jerked herself up madly. With mouths glued to each other they plunged, curveted, wriggled, squirmed, till the blissful ecstasy overtook them both simultaneously, when madly they bedewed each other with their love-juice to the accompaniment of the most exquisite quivering, utterly absorbed in rapture! With a deep-drawn sigh of intense satisfaction, Connie presently rose slowly off Alice and tenderly contemplated her as she lay—still fastened by her widely extended limbs—to the four corners of the couch, her closed eyes and her involuntary tremors indicating that she was still tasting bliss. Connie turned to me and whispered rapturously, "Oh, Jack, she is sweet!" I kissed her lovingly and resting her on my knees, I sponged and dried her, then begged her to perform the same office to Alice, whose cunt was positively glistening with her own and Connie's spendings. As soon as Alice felt the sponge at work, she dreamily opened her eyes, and, on recognizing me, she made as if to rise; but when she found herself checked by her fastenings and realized that she was now to be fucked by me, she smiled somewhat uneasily as our eyes met, for as often as she had tasted love's ecstasy in my arms, she had invariably, after that first time, been free. Now she was tied down in such a way as to be absolutely helpless, and in this equivocal position, she had to accommodate herself to me and to satisfy my lustful passions and desires. But I smiled encouragingly back to her, seated myself by her side, and tenderly embracing her defenseless body, I whispered, "Darling, may I have you like this?"

Her eyes beamed gratefully on me, full of love; she was now perfectly happy because I had left it to her to say whether or not she would be fucked while tied down in the most shamelessly abandoned attitude in which any girl could be placed in. So with love's own light in her shining eyes and with pretty blushes on her cheeks, Alice whispered back tenderly, "Yes, darling, yes!"

Promptly I got on her, took her in my arms, and gently drove my prick home up her cunt. "Do you like it like this, darling?" I murmured softly. "Shall I go on?" She nodded sweetly, our lips met, and I began to fuck her.

Tied down as she was, she was simply delicious! I had had first Fanny and then Connie in precisely the same attitude, but voluptuous as was the act of fucking them so, the pleasure fell short of what I was now tasting! To a certain extent, both Fanny and Connie were unwilling recipients of my erotic favors.

Fanny was really ravished and Connie practically so, and their movements under me were the outcome of fright, shame, and even pain; but Alice was yielding herself sweetly to my caprices and was doing her best to accommodate her captive body to my movements. Perhaps her little plump rounded figure suited the attitude better than the taller and more slender forms of Fanny and Connie—but whatever may have been the reason, the result was undeniable, and Alice, fucked as a helpless captive, was simply delicious. Her double spend under Connie made her usual quick response to love's demands arrive more slowly than was customary with her, and as this was my fourth course that afternoon, our fucking was protracted to a delicious extent, and I adopted every method and variation known to me to intensify our exquisite pleasure.

Commencing slowly, I fucked Alice with long strokes, drawing my prick nearly out of her cunt and then shoving it well home again, a procedure which always delighted her and which she welcomed with appreciative and warm kisses. I agitated myself more rapidly on her, shoving, pressing, thrusting, ramming, now fast, now slow, holding her so tightly clasped that her breasts were flattened against my chest while she, panting and gasping, plunged, wriggled, and heaved herself wildly under me in her loyal endeavors to cooperate with me to bring about love's ecstasy. Presently she thrilled exquisitely under me! Fired by her delicious transports, I re-doubled my efforts, as did she also. I began to feel my seminal resources respond to my demand on them. Soon we both were overtaken by the tempestuous prelude to the blissful crisis, and then came the exquisite consummation of our wildly sexual desires! With a half-strangled, "Ah-h ... Jack," Alice spent in rapturous convulsions just as I madly shot into her my boiling tribute!

Oblivious to absolutely everything except the delicious satisfaction of our overwrought feelings, we lay as if in a trance! We were roused by Connie's gentle warning voice, "Alice! ... Alice! ... Alice, dear!" as she set to work to undo Alice's fastenings. Taking the hint, I rose after giving Alice a long lingering parting kiss. We helped her to get up and Connie tenderly took her off at once to the girl's alcove, while I retired to mine, where Fanny deliciously attended to me, her eyes sparkling with gratified pleasure at the recollection of the voluptuous spectacle she had been permitted to witness through the peep-hole.

As it was getting late. We all dressed ourselves, and after a tender parting, I put Connie and Alice into a taxi and started them off home. On returning to my room, I found Fanny ready to depart. She was full of delighted gratitude to me for having managed that she should see all that went on and also have a share in the afternoon's proceedings, and when I slipped a couple of sovereigns into her hand, I had the greatest difficulty making her accept them. Finally she did so, saying shyly and with pretty blushes, "You've only got to call me, Sir, and I will come." I kissed her tenderly, put her into a hansom and sent her home. I wended my way to my Club, where I drank to the three sweet cunts I, that afternoon, had enjoyed, and their delicious owners; Alice, Connie, and Fanny!