The Way of a Man with a Maid/Volume 2/Chapter 8

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Chapter VIII

I did not see anything of Alice for some little time after the conversion of Connie, but I did not distress myself, for I knew she would be in the first flush of her newly developed Tribadic ardor and newly born passion for her own sex and would be hard put to satisfy Connie and Fanny, and I felt sure that she would, of her own volition, come to me before long. Meanwhile, another matter began to occupy my serious attention.

A few months ago, I had made the acquaintance of Lady Betty Bashe at the house of a mutual friend. She was a consolable widow of something under forty and was busy introducing her daughter into Society, and for some perverse reason, she took it into her head that I would make an excellent sonin- law and proceeded to hunt me persistently, her daughter aiding and abetting her vigorously till they became a real nuisance.

I had taken a dislike to both mother and daughter from our first meeting, although they both were decidedly attractive. Lady Betty was a tall, robust, buxom woman of under forty, after the type of Ruben's fleshy females, but somewhat over-developed, and owed a good deal to her corseter. I guessed that without her stays she would be almost exuberant, but nevertheless a fine armful. Molly, her daughter, was a small and dainty edition of her mother, and with the added freshness and juiciness of her eighteen years, she was really a tidbit. But both mother and daughter were silly, affected, insincere, and unscrupulous, and Lady Betty's juvenile airs and youthful affectations only tended to confirm my distaste for her.

I had told Lady Betty plainly one day that I was not in the matrimonial market; but she nevertheless continued to pursue me pertinaciously till it became intolerable, and I determined I would stop her at any cost.

Matters culminated at a dinner given by the same hostess whose kindly suggestion brought about the reconciliation of Alice and myself, as already related in the first chapter. She, of course, again gave me Alice as my dinner partner, an arrangement that did not commend itself to Lady Betty. I think she must have taken a little too much of our hostess' champagne, but in the middle of dinner she called out in a tone that attracted everyone's attention and checked the conversation, "Jack, we're coming to lunch day after tomorrow; mind you're in!"

I was intensely annoyed, first by the use of my Christian name and then by the intolerable air of proprietorship she assumed, but the look of distress on my dear little hostess's face impelled me to face the music. I promptly responded with a smile, "That will be very nice of you, Lady Betty; you shall have some of my famous soufflé, and you will be the first to see my new curios!" The conversation turned on my curios and soon became general, much to my hostess's relief, and the rest of the dinner passed off pleasantly.

As I was driving Alice home, she said sympathetically, "Poor Jack, what a bad time you'll have day after tomorrow."

"Not at all, dear," I replied cheerily, "somebody else will have the bad time, for unless I am greatly mistaken, there will be a lot of squealing in the Snuggery on that afternoon. Her Ladyship will be made to remember the pleasures of married life, and there will be one virgin less in the world!"

Alice started in surprise. "You don't mean to say, Jack, that you mean to ... to..."

"I do!" I said stoutly. "I'm sick of this annoyance and mean to stop it. Will you come and see the fun, dear?"

"I will, gladly," Alice replied energetically. "But, Jack, do ask Connie also, for we both have a certain bone to pick with her Ladyship."

"Why not include Fanny as well, dear?" I asked mischievously.

"Jack! That would be just lovely!" Alice exclaimed with sparkling eyes. "Yes, Jack! Please let Fanny come! We'll then be three couples, very convenient, Sir, and we'll be three couples in the undressing and the ... the ... sponging! Yes, Jack! Let's have Fanny also. We can have a regular orgy with Lady Betty and Molly as the main attraction!" she added, eagerly hugging me in her excitement while one hand wandered down to the fly of my trousers.

I was hugely taken by her idea luscious woman and a voluptuous maiden on whom to exercise our lustful ingenuity! "A most excellent idea, darling," I replied. "You bring Connie with you, let Fanny follow and hide in my alcove till she's wanted, as before, and we'll give Lady Betty and Molly an afternoon entertainment they won't easily forget, and also have a heavenly time ourselves!"

Alice smiled delightedly. Cuddling up to me she whispered, "Now, Jack, I'm going to ask a favor. I'm longing to be fucked in my own little room in the middle of my own familiar things on my own bed! Come in tonight, darling, and do me!"

"Yes! ... Yes ... Yes!" I whispered passionately, punctuating my reply with kisses and noting with delight how she thrilled with sweet anticipation. Soon we arrived at her flat. Fanny, with pretty lashes, ushered me into Alice's dainty bedroom and on her little bed in the quaint surroundings of her most intimate self, Alice, stark naked, received me in her arms and expired deliciously five times, while I twice madly spent into her. So excited was I by my voluptuous experience of fucking an unmarried girl in her bedroom, and on her own bed, that I began a third course, but Alice murmured, "No, Jack, darling! Not again! I've got to console Fanny presently, and she'll be very excited!" Whereupon I reluctantly rose off her, dressed, and after a hundred kisses (not confined to her mouth by any means) I went home, imagining on my way Fanny in her mistress's arms, the cunts of both in sweet conjunction.

The eventful afternoon came around. Lady Betty was disgusted at finding that she and Molly were not going to have me at their mercy by myself all the afternoon, and vented her spite on Alice and Connie more than once in her ill-bred way. But they knew their vengeance was at hand and they took her insulting impertinence with well-bred indifference. In due course we were all collected in the Snuggery, Fanny concealed in my alcove.

"Jack, why don't you have those nasty pulleys taken down; they are not pretty, they're useless, and they're horridly in the way!" exclaimed Lady Betty after she narrowly escaped coming up against one.

"Why, they form my gymnasium, your Ladyship!" I replied. "I couldn't do without them!"

Molly now joined in eagerly. "How do you work them, Jack?" she asked.

"What's the idea of the loops? I'm a dab at gymnastics but never saw this arrangement before."

"The loops are wristlets, Miss Molly," I replied. "You must fasten them 'round your wrists and then grasp the rope with your hand—thus you divide your weight between wrist and hand instead of it all coming on the fingers as in a trapeze."

Of course all this was nonsense and rubbish, yet this "dab in gymnastics" believed it all solemnly; it was a fair sample of her ways.

"Oh, how clever!" Molly exclaimed in her affected fulsome way. "Let me try, Jack! Alice, please fasten me!" Alice complied demurely with a sly glance at me.

"I used to be the best girl at gymnastics in school," said Lady Betty complacently. "Molly takes after me." By this time, Alice had fastened the ropes to Molly's wrists and the latter began to swing herself slowly and gently, backwards and forwards.

"Oh, Mother, it is jolly!" cried Molly. "Do try it!"

Ever anxious to show herself to be a juvenile, Lady Betty rose briskly. "Will you fasten me, Jack?" she said as she raised her arms for the purpose. "I'm afraid I'm too old and heavy for this sort of thing now! Will the ropes bear me, Jack?"

"They carry me, Lady Betty," I replied as I fastened the wristlets to her arms.

"Why malign yourself so cruelly?"

Lady Betty glanced at me approvingly for my pretty speech, little dreaming that she and Molly were now our prisoners by their own actions. Alice and I exchanged exulting looks; we had our victims safe!

Following Molly's lead, Lady Betty swung herself gently to and fro a few times, then stopped, remarking, "I can't say I like it, dear, but I'm not as young you are! Let me loose, Jack!"

Instead of doing so, I passed my arms 'round her buxom waist, and drew her to me as I replied, "Not yet, dear Lady Betty. We're going to have some fun with you and Miss Molly first!"

Something significant in my voice or in my eyes told her of what was in store for her and her daughter! She flushed nervously, then paled, while Molly, startled, stopped swinging herself as Alice and Connie quietly took up positions, one on each side of her.

For a moment there was dead silence, then Lady Betty said somewhat unsteadily, "I don't follow you at all Jack. Loose us both at once please. I don't mind a joke in the least, but you're going too far, Sir!"

"Will this help you to understand our ideas, dear Lady Betty?" I rejoined with a mischievous smile as I slipped my hand under her clothes and pulled them up till they rested on her fat thighs.

"Oh!" she screamed, utterly taken aback by the quickness of my action and its most unexpected nature. "How dare you, Sir!" she shrieked as she felt my hand forcing its way upwards and between her legs. "Stop! ... Stop!" she yelled, now furious with rage at such an outrage, while Molly screamed sympathetically, horror-stricken!

I withdrew my hand. "You're awfully nice and plump dear Lady!" I remarked cruelly as I watched her flustered face and heaving bosom. "If the rest of you is like what I have just had the pleasure of feeling, you'll give us even a more delicious time than we expected! We really must undress you to see. You won't mind, will you?"

"WHAT!!" cried Lady Betty, staring wildly at me as if unable to believe her ears, while Molly shrieked hysterically, "No, no!"

"Make Molly comfortable in that easy chair, dears, till we want her," I said quietly to Alice and Connie, who instantly pushed the Chair of Treachery up to Molly and gently forced her into it till the arms firmly held her prisoner.

They took the ropes off her wrists, as she was sufficiently under control now, Molly, all the time struggling frantically, shrieking, "Oh, Mother! Help! Help!" But Lady Betty had her own troubles to attend to, for to her bewilderment, Fanny suddenly appeared before her in response to my signal, and the sight of this trim smart lady's maid ready to commence to undress her was evidently an awful proof that we intended to carry out our intentions as to her and her daughter.

"Undress Lady Betty, Fanny," I commanded quietly, and Fanny instantly began to do so!

"I won't have it! I won't have it! Stop her Jack," screamed Lady Betty, now purple with wrathful indignation and the sense of her powerlessness, for her frantic tugs at the ropes availed her nothing. "Mother! Oh mother dear!" yelled Molly in an agony of dismay as she saw Fanny deftly remove Lady Betty's hat and proceed to unfasten her dress. Intent on going to her mother's aid, she made desperate efforts to drag the heavy armchair after her, but Connie easily frustrated her attempts at rescue, and seeing that Molly was safe in Connie's hands, I signaled to Alice to assist Fanny, which she was delighted to do. Between the three of us, Lady Betty's clothes slipped off her in a way that must have been marvelous to her. By the time we had reduced her to her stays, bare-legged and bare armed, she evidently saw she was doomed, and in place of threats she began to plead for mercy. But we were deaf to her prayers and entreaties. Off came her stays, then her chemise and vest, leaving her standing with only her drawers on! "For God's sake, Jack, don't strip me naked!" she shrieked in terrible distress, her face crimson with shame. I simply nodded to Alice. A twitch at the tape and down came the drawers leaving Lady Betty standing naked from head to foot!

"Oh!" she wailed as her agonized eyes instinctively sought Molly's and read in her daughter's face her horrible anguish at the sight of her naked mother.

"Cover me up! For God's sake, cover me up, Jack!" she piteously pleaded as she involuntarily squeezed her legs together in a despairing attempt to shield her private parts from view. I touched the spring and made the ropes draw her off the ground, so that Alice and Fanny could remove the tumbled mass of her garments. "Oh-h-h!" she shrieked as she found herself dangling by her wrists, her struggles to touch the ground exposing her person deliciously.

Quickly Fanny cleared away Lady Betty's clothes. I let her down till she could stand erect comfortably, and joined Alice and Connie at Molly's side, my intention now being to compel Molly to inspect her naked mother and to harrow her already tortured feelings by criticizing Lady Betty's naked charms! She must have been a simply magnificent woman in her prime; even now, in spite of an exuberance of flesh, Lady Betty was enough to provoke any man into concupiscence with her massive, though shapely, arms and legs, her grand hips and round fat thighs, her full ample belly, and her enormous breasts, which though naturally pendulous, still maintained their upstanding sauciness to a marvelous degree. But what attracted all our eyes (even her daughter's) was the hair which grew over her cunt. I do not think I ever saw such an enormous tract. A dinner plate would not have covered it! It seemed to spring from somewhere between Lady Betty's legs; it clustered so thickly over the cunt itself that her crack was quite invisible. It extended all over her groin and abdomen and reached her navel, closely curling and silky and fully two inches deep all over her Mount Venus! A simply wonderful sight! In spite of the attraction of Lady Betty's naked figure, I closely watched Molly. She had been terribly distressed during the undressing of her mother, especially when the naked flesh began to be exposed, and she hysterically joined in her mother's futile prayers and piteous pleadings as she watched her quickly growing nudity with a fascination she could not resist; but when the terrible climax arrived and Lady Betty stood naked, the poor girl uttered a heart-broken shriek as buried her face in her hands. I could see that every now and then she glanced stealthily through her fingers at her mother's naked body as if unable to resist the fascinating temptation.

I turned to the three girls, who with gleaming eyes were devouring Lady Betty's naked charms, their arms around each other. Our eyes met. "Isn't she splendid, Jack!" cried Alice enthusiastically. "What a lovely time she'll give us all!" And they laughed delightedly as Lady Betty shivered.

"And you, my pet!" cooed Connie to Molly, "are you anything like Mummy?" And she began to pass her hands over Molly's corsage as if to sample her body. The girls’ individual predilections were clear even at this early stage.

Alice was captivated by Lady Betty's fleshy amplitude, while Connie coveted Molly's still-budding charms.

"Oh, don't, Mrs. Blunt, please, don't!" cried Molly, flushing deeply as she endeavored to protect herself with her hands, thereby uncovering her face.

This was what I desired. I intended that Lady Betty should now be felt in front of her daughter, and that Molly should be forced to look at her mother and witness her shame and anguish and involuntary struggles while my hands wandered lasciviously over Lady Betty's naked body and invaded her most private parts.

"Sling Molly up again, girls," I said quietly. "No, no," screamed Molly in an agony of apprehension, but in a trice she was standing upright with her hands secured over her head, her eyes full of silent terror! "Do you think you could slip Molly's drawers off her without disturbing the rest of her garments?" I asked.

"Yes, of course!" replied Connie, and the three girls dropped on their knees 'round Molly. Their hands disappeared under her skirts, her wriggles and cries and agitated movements proclaiming how she was upset by their attacking hands. Then came a shriek of despair from her, and Connie rose with an air of triumph, waving Molly's drawers.

"Good!" I exclaimed, a smile of congratulation on my lips. "Now, Connie, take Molly in your arms and hold her steady. Alice and Fanny, slip your hands under Molly's clothes and behind her till you can each command a cheek of her bottom!" Merrily the girls carried out my commands, Molly crying, "Don't, don't!" as she felt the hands of Alice and Fanny on her bottom.

"Now, Molly, I'm going to amuse myself with your mother! You must watch her intently! If I see you avert your eyes from her, whatever may be the cause, I'll signal to Alice and Fanny, and they will give you such a pinching that you won't repeat the offence. Now be careful!" and I turned towards Lady Betty who, having heard every word, was now trembling with nervous apprehension as she brokenly ejaculated, "Don't touch me!" Ignoring her pleading, I passed behind her, slipped my arms 'round her and caught hold of her large, full breasts! "Oh-h-h!" shrieked Lady Betty.

"Oh, Mother!" screamed Molly, coloring painfully as she watched her mother writhing in my embrace with her breasts in my hands.

"Don't Jack," again shrieked Lady Betty as I proceeded to squeeze and mould and toy with her voluptuous semi-globes, reveling in their exquisite fleshiness, now pulling now stroking, now pressing them against each other, causing her intense distress but affording myself the most delicious pleasure! I glanced at the group of four girls facing Lady Betty. Alice, Connie, and Fanny were simply beaming with smiles and gloating at the sight of Lady Betty's sufferings, while poor Molly, with staring eyes and flushing face, gazed horror-stricken at her tortured and naked mother, not daring to avert her eyes! After a few more minutes of toying with Lady Betty's huge breasts, I suddenly slipped my hands downwards over her hairy, fat belly and attacked her cunt! "Mother! Oh, Mother!" shrieked Molly hysterically as she saw my eager fingers disappear in the luxuriant growth that so effectually covered her mother's cunt. Utterly unable any longer to endure the sight of her mother's shame and agony, she let her head drop on her heaving bosom.

"Oh, my God! Don't, Jack!" yelled Lady Betty, her face crimson with shame, her eyes half-closed, as she frantically attempted to defeat my hands by squeezing her plump thighs together. But it was useless! With both hands, I set to work to thoroughly explore the fattest and longest cunt I had ever touched, at the same time nodding meaningfully to Alice. Instantly came a series of ear-piercing shrieks from Molly, whose wiggles were almost more than Connie could subdue. She continued to keep her face averted for a few seconds, then the agony of the pinches became more than she could endure, and slowly and reluctantly she nerved to again contemplate her mother, who now was writhing and wriggling frenziedly while filling the room with her inarticulate cries as my fingers tortured her cunt with their subtle titillation, one indeed being lodged up to the knuckle! For a minute or so I continued to explore and feel Lady Betty's delicious private parts till it was evident I was testing both her and her daughter beyond their powers of endurance, for Lady Betty was now nearly in convulsions while her daughter was on the verge of hysterics. Unwillingly, I removed my hands from her cunt and left 153 the tortured lady to recover herself, first gently placing her in the Chair of Treachery and releasing her arms.

"What does she feel like, Jack?" cried Alice and Connie excitedly as I joined them by Molly.

"Gloriously ripe flesh, dears," I replied, "and the biggest cunt I ever came across!" They looked joyously at each other, their eyes sparkling with pleasurable anticipation.

"And Molly?" I asked in my turn.

"Just delicious, Jack!" replied Alice delightedly. "Do let us undress her now!"

"Certainly!" I replied. Whereupon Molly screamed in terror. "No, no, no, oh, Mother, they're going to undress me!"

"Oh, no, Jack! For pity's sake, don't!" cried Lady Betty, now fully roused by the danger threatening her daughter. "Do anything you like to me, but spare my Molly, she's only a girl still."

But Connie, Alice, and Fanny were already hard at work on Molly's clothes, the stays of which were now visible in spite of her frantic exertions to thwart their active hands. As the girls did not require any help from me, I returned and stood beside Lady Betty, who with the intense anguish in her face, was distractedly watching the clothes being taken off her daughter. "For God's sake, Jack, stop them," she cried agonizingly, stretching her clasped hands towards me appealingly, as if unable to endure the sight.

"No, Lady Betty!" I replied with a cruel smile. "Molly must contribute her share to the afternoon's entertainment! We must have her naked!"

"Oh, my God!" she wailed, letting her head drop on her agitated bosom in her despair. Just then Molly screamed loudly. We looked up and saw her in her chemise struggling in Connie's grasp, while Alice and Fanny dragged off her shoes and stockings. Promptly, they proceeded to undo the shoulder fastenings of her two remaining garments and stepped quickly clear. Down these slid, and with a bitter cry of, "Oh-h-h, oh, Mother!" poor Molly stood naked.

"Oh, my God," Lady Betty shrieked again, frantically endeavoring, chair and all, to go to her daughter's rescue, but I quietly checked her efforts. "My darling! I can't help you," she wailed, hiding her face in her hands in her anguish at the sight of her daughter's helpless nakedness. My eyes met the girls'—they were gleaming with delight. They joined me behind Lady Betty and together we stood and critically inspected poor shrinking Molly's naked person! Alice had chosen the correct word—Molly naked was just delicious, so exquisitely shaped, so perfectly made, so lithe and yet so charmingly rounded and plump, so juicy and fresh, so virgin! She took after her mother in her large, firm, upstanding breasts with saucy little nipples, and few girls could have shown at eighteen the quantity of dark moss-like hair that clustered so prettily over her cunt, which, like her mother's, was peculiarly fat and prominent. I noticed with secret pleasure how Connie's eyes glistened as they dwelt rapturously on Molly's tender organ of sex.

For a minute or so we gazed admiringly at Molly's charming nudity. Then Alice whispered, "Jack, let us put them side by side and examine them."

"An excellent idea!" I replied, rewarding her with a kiss. We moved Molly's pulleys closer to the pillar on her left and wheeled Lady Betty across to Molly's right and quickly slung her up in spite of her stubborn resistance.

Mother and daughter stood naked side by side! They formed a most provoking, fascinating spectacle. It was delicious to trace how Molly's exquisite curves were echoed by her mother's exuberant fleshiness, how both the bodies were framed on similar lines, how the matron and the virgin were unmistakably related! Conscious that our eyes were devouring them greedily and traveling over their naked persons, both mother and daughter kept their faces down and stubbornly averted their eyes from us.

"Turn them so that they face each other," I said presently. Quickly Connie and Alice executed my order, Connie taking Molly. "Oh, how can you be so cruel?" moaned Lady Betty as Alice forced her 'round till she faced Molly.

There was just space to stand behind each of them while mother and daughter were about four feet apart. I saw their eyes meet for a moment, horrible dread visible in both.

Their profiles naked were an interesting study—Molly: lithe, graceful, with exquisite curves—Lady Betty: paunchy and protuberant, but most voluptuous. One striking feature both possessed: the hair on their cunts stood out conspicuously like bushes.

After we had to some extent satisfied our eyes, I said to the girls, "I've no doubt Lady Betty and Molly would like to be alone for a few minutes, so let us go off and undress." And we disappeared into the alcoves, Fanny coming into mine so as not to crowd her mistress and Connie.

We undressed quickly in silence, being desirous of hearing all that passed between our naked victims, and presently we heard Molly whisper agitatedly, "Oh, Mother, what are they going to do with us?"

"Darling, I can only guess!" replied Lady Betty faintly. "Their going off to undress makes me fear that you and I will have to satisfy their ... lust! Darling, I'm very afraid that Jack will violate you and outrage me, and then hand us over to the girls—and girls can be very cruel to their own sex."

"Oh, Mother!" stammered Molly, horror-stricken. "What shall I do if Jack wants me?" And her voice shook with terror.

Before Lady Betty could reply, Connie appeared, naked save for shoes and stockings. She went straight up to Molly, threw her arms 'round the shrinking girl and passionately kissed her flushed face, gently rubbing her breasts against Molly's and murmuring, "Oh, you darling! Oh, you sweet thing!" She slipped behind Molly and gently seized her lovely breasts.

"Don't, Mrs. Blunt!" shrieked Molly, now turning and twisting herself agitatedly. Just then Alice emerged, and seeing how Connie was amusing herself, she quickly slipped behind Lady Betty and caught hold of her huge breasts and began to squeeze and handle them in a way that drew cries from Lady Betty. It was delicious to watch the mother and the daughter writhing and wriggling, but I did not want their cunts touched yet by the girls and so appeared on the scene with Fanny, whom I had refrained (with difficulty) from fucking when she exposed herself naked in my alcove.

"Stop, darlings!" I commanded, and reluctantly Connie and Alice obeyed.

Under my instructions they pushed the padded music-bench under the skylight. We released Lady Betty's wrists from the pulleys and forced her onto her back on the bench, where I held her down while Alice and Connie and Fanny fastened first her arms and then her legs to the longitudinal bars of the bench, in fact, trussed her like a fowl, her arms and legs being on each side of the bench, her knees being separated by the full width, thus exposing her cunt to our attack! Having thus fixed the mother, we turned our attention to her trembling daughter. We placed a chair in a position to command a view of Lady Betty. I seated myself on it, and the girls dragged Molly to me and forced her onto my knees with her back to me. While I held her firmly, they drew her arms backwards and made them fast to the sides of the chair. Seizing her delicate ankles, they forced her legs apart and tied them to the chair legs. In short, they tied Molly onto the chair as she sat in my lap, thereby placing her breasts and cunt at my disposal and in easy reach of my hands.

It is needless to say that this was not effected without the most desperate resistance from both Lady Betty and Molly. The former struggled like a tigress till we got her down on the bench, while Molly had really to be carried and placed on my knees. But now both were satisfactorily fixed and nervously awaited their fate, their bosoms panting and heaving with their desperate exertions.

"Now, my darlings, Lady Betty is at your disposal!" I said with a cruel smile.

"I'll take charge of Molly! My pet," I added, as the girls hastily arranged among themselves how to deal with Lady Betty, "I'll try and make you comprehend what your mother is feeling, from time to time!"

"Let me have charge of Lady Betty's breasts," cried Connie.

"Excellent!" said Alice. "Fanny and I want her cunt between us! Now, your Ladyship," she added as Fanny knelt between Lady Betty's legs and Connie stationed herself by her shoulders, greedily seizing Lady Betty's breasts in her little hands, "you're not to spend till we give you leave!" And kneeling down between Connie and Fanny and opposite the object of her admiration, she placed her hands on the forest of hair and while Fanny's fingers attacked Lady Betty's crack, Alice proceeded to play with Lady Betty's cunt.

"Oh, my God! Stop!" yelled the unhappy lady as her breasts and private parts thus became the prey of the excited girls. "Mother! Oh, Mother!" shrieked Molly at the sight of her naked mother being thus tortured. I seized Molly's breasts. "Don't, Jack!" she screamed, agitating herself on my lap, her plump bottom roving deliciously on my thighs and stimulating my prick to wild erection. Molly's breasts were simply luscious, and I handled them delightedly as I watched her mother's agonies and listened to her cries.

Steadily and remorselessly, Connie's hands worked Lady Betty's breasts, squeezing, kneading, stroking, pulling, and even pinching them. She simply reveled in the touch of Lady Betty's ripe flesh, and while she faithfully attended to the duties committed to her, she delightedly watched Alice and Fanny as they played with Lady Betty's cunt. Every now and then they would change positions, Alice devoting herself to the gaping orifice itself, while Fanny played with the hairs. It was while they were thus dividing the duty that Alice suddenly rose and fetched the box of feathers.

Connie's eyes glittered delightedly as Fanny lent herself to Alice's caprice by carefully parting the dense mass that clustered on Lady Betty's cunt and thus cleared the way for the feather. With a finger on each side of the pouting slit, she kept the curling black hairs back. Then Alice, poising her hand daintily, brought the tip of the feather along the tender lips.

A fearful shriek burst from Lady Betty, followed by another and another, as Alice continued to tickle Lady Betty's cunt, now passing the feather along the slit itself, now inside, now gently touching the clitoris! Every muscle in Lady Betty's body seemed to be exerting itself to break her fastenings and escape from the terribly subtle torture that was being so skillfully administered. She wriggled her hips and bottom in the most extraordinary way, seeing how tightly we had fastened her. She would arch herself upwards, contorting herself frantically and disturbing Connie's grasp of her breasts, all the time shrieking almost inarticulate prayers for mercy. It was a wonderful sight—a fine voluptuous woman, naked, being tortured by three pretty girls, also naked—and my lust surged wildly in me.

So far, I had confined my attentions to Molly's delicious breasts so that she should not have her attention distracted too much from her mother by her own sensations. She was wild with grief and terror at the sight of the cruel indignities and tortures being inflicted on her naked and helpless mother, and with flushed face and horrified eye, she followed every movement. But when she saw the feather applied to her mother's cunt and heard her fearful shrieks and witnessed her desperate struggles, she completely lost her head.

"Mother, dear, dear! Oh! My darling! "Stop them, Jack! Stop, Alice, you're killing her! Oh, my God, stop!" she yelled as she desperately endeavored to get loose and go to her mother's aid. I really had to hold her tightly, lest she hurt herself in her frantic efforts. But it was now time for me to intervene, for Lady Betty was fast being driven into madness by the terrible tickling of so sensitive a part of herself; so I called out to Alice, who reluctantly stopped, Connie and Fanny at the same time ceasing their attention.

"Oh-h-h!" moaned Lady Betty with evident heartfelt relief as she turned her head unconsciously towards us, her eyes half-closed, her lips slightly parted.

The three girls gloatingly watched her in silence while I soothed poor Molly; and, before long, both Lady Betty and her daughter regained comparative command of themselves.

I intercepted an interrogating glance from Lady Betty to her daughter as if seeking to learn what had happened to the latter. I thought it as well to answer. "Molly is all right, Lady Betty. She was so interested in watching you that I haven't done more than play with her breasts; but now that you are going to have a rest and can watch her, we'll proceed!" I slid my hand down to Molly's virgin cunt!

"Oh!" the girl shrieked, utterly upset by the sensation of a male hand on her tender organ.

"No, Jack, don't!" cried Lady Betty, again horrified at the sight of Molly's distress. Promptly the three girls crowded 'round me to watch Molly, taking care not to interfere with Lady Betty's view of her daughter.

"Oh, don't Jack!" Molly again shrieked as she felt my fingers begin to wander inquisitively over her cunt, feeling, pressing, stroking, and caressing it tenderly but deliberately and rousing sensations in her that frightened her by their half-pleasant nature.

"Don't be afraid darling!" cooed Connie. "You'll like it presently!" I continued my sweet investigations and explorations, my fingers moving gently all over Molly's private parts, playing with her silky hairs, stroking her cunt's throbbing lips. As she became calmer and submitted herself more quietly to having her cunt felt, I tenderly tested her for virginity by slowly and gently pushing my finger into her. "Stop, Jack!" she cried agitatedly. "Oh, stop! You're hurting me!" her face crimson with shame, for it was evident to her what my object was! I smiled congratulatingly at Lady Betty, whose eyes never left Molly in her maternal anxiety and distress. "I congratulate you, your Ladyship," I said.

"Your daughter is a virgin, and as I haven't had a virgin for some time, I'm all the more obliged to you for allowing me this opportunity and the privilege of taking Molly's sweet maidenhead."

"No, no! Oh, Mother!" cried Molly in terrible distress, while her mother, now knowing that remonstrances would be to no avail, moaned heartbrokenly, "Oh, Jack! How can you be so cruel?"

Suddenly, Molly seemed to be seized with a fit of desperation. "You shan't have me! Oh, you brute! You coward! You shan't have me!" she shrieked as she frantically struggled to break loose. "Oh, oh, Molly," I said chidingly.

"What a naughty temper, darling."

"Let me loose, you beast!" she cried, making another furious struggle. "You shan't have me! I won't let you, you beast!" she hissed. "Leave me alone! Take your hand away, you cruel lustful brute! Oh! Oh!" she shrieked, as again I forced my finger into her cunt and began to agitate it gently. "Help, mother," she yelled, again struggling desperately. "Oh! Jack! Do stop! Oh, you're hurting me," she pleaded as she relapsed into her usual mood.

I nodded to Connie who at once came up. "Get a feather, dear, we must punish Molly. You can tickle her cunt; it will perhaps cure her temper."

Quickly and in huge delight, Alice handed Connie a sharp-pointed feather.

"No, no, Mrs. Blunt, don't tickle me!" she cried in terror as the recollection of her mother's agony flashed through her mind. But Connie was now on her knees before us, and with a smile of delight, she applied the feather to Molly's tender cunt! "Oh, my God!" shrieked Molly.

"Jack, don't!" cried Lady Betty, appreciating from her recent experience what her daughter must be feeling.

"Stop, Mrs. Blunt—Mrs. Blunt, do stop! Oh, my God, I can't stand it! Oh, Mrs.

Blunt! Dear Mrs. Blunt! Stop it. Stop! I'll be good. I'll do anything you like, Jack! You can have me, Jack! Oh, Mrs. Blunt! Mrs. Blunt!" shrieked Molly, mad with the awful tickling she was getting.

"Stop for a moment, Connie," I said. With a tender forefinger, I soothed and caressed Molly's tortured and irritated cunt till the girl was herself again.

"Now, Molly," I said gravely, "of your own free will, you've declared that you'll be good, that you'll do anything I want, and that you'll let me have you.

You were rather excited at the time; what do you say now?"

Molly shivered. "Oh, Jack," she stammered, "I'll be good—but ... but ... I can't do the rest!"

"Go on, Connie," I said briefly.

"No, no, Jack, not again!" cried Molly, but the feather was now being again applied to her cunt—only this time I pulled its lips apart so that Connie could tickle Molly's delicately sensitive interior, which she gleefully did.

Molly's screams and struggles now began to be something fearful, and poor Lady Betty, horror-stricken at the sight of her daughter's agony, cried, "Promise everything darling, you'll have to submit!"

"Yes, Jack! I'll submit! I'll do it all! Oh, stop, stop, Mrs. Blunt! I can't stand it any longer!" shrieked Molly.

Again I stopped Connie and soothed Molly's cunt with a loving finger, and when she had regained her self-control, I said, "Molly, there must be no mistake. You'll have to do whatever I tell you, whether it be to yourself, or to me, or to any of the girls, or even to your mother. Do you promise?"

"Yes, Jack, yes!" she gasped brokenly. Quickly the girls set her free and she fell half-fainting off my knees into Connie's arms, whose caresses and kisses soon restored her.

By now we all were in a terrible state of sexual excitement. Connie was absorbed with Molly, but Alice and Fanny were casting hungry glances towards Lady Betty as she lay on her back with widely parted legs, invitingly provocative. I could hardly contain my lust, but to fuck Lady Betty now would be to spoil her for the girls, so I decided to let them have her Ladyship first. Quickly I lengthened the bench on which she was fastened down by adding the other half. Bending over the agitated woman, I said with a cruel smile, "Now, Lady Betty, we're all going to have you in turn, Alice first!"

"Oh, my God, no! No!" she screamed, but Alice was already on her, and Lady Betty felt herself gripped by Alice's strong young arms as she arranged herself on her, so that her cunt pressed against Lady Betty's fat, hairy organ, and then slowly began the delirious rubbing process which she loved, but which was new to Lady Betty, for, woman of the world though she was, she had never been fucked by one of her own sex.

It was delicious to watch her in Alice's arms, utterly helpless, forced to lend her cunt to satisfy Alice's lust. Her color went and came, she began to catch her breath, her eyes shot wavering glances at us—especially at her daughter, who, seated on Connie's knees, was watching her mother with undisguised astonishment, blushing furiously as Connie in loving whispers and with busy fingers made her understand all that was happening. Soon she began to feel the approach of love's ecstasy as Alice agitated herself more and more quickly against Lady Betty's cunt. Soon Lady Betty surrendered herself to her sexual impulses, now fully aroused by the exciting friction communicated to her by Alice's cunt, and began to jerk herself upwards wildly as if to meet Alice's downward thrusting. Her eyes closed and her lips slightly parted as the spasm of ecstasy thrilled through her and Alice 162 simultaneously. Alice quivered deliciously as she hugged Lady Betty to herself frantically, caught up in the raptures of spending! Presently the spasmodic thrills ceased. Slowly Alice rose, her eyes still humid with the pleasure she had tasted on Lady Betty, who lay motionless and only half-conscious, absorbed in her sensations. Mutely I invited Connie to take Alice's place, and before Lady Betty quite knew what was happening, she found herself in Connie's embrace.

"Oh, please don't, Mrs. Blunt!" she ejaculated, flushing hotly as she felt Connie's cunt against hers and the exciting friction again commencing.

Connie was evidently very much worked up, and she confessed afterwards that the consciousness that she was fucking Molly's mother in Molly's presence sent her into a feverish heat. She plunged furiously on Lady Betty as she frenziedly rubbed her cunt against hers, Lady Betty's hairy tract intensifying the delicious friction till both were overtaken by the ecstatic crisis, Connie spending with divine tremors and evident rapture.

As she rose, I nodded to Fanny, who by now was just mad with desire. Like a panther, she threw herself on Lady Betty, who had hardly recovered from the spend provoked by Connie. Fiercely she clasped Lady Betty to her and began to rub her cunt furiously against Lady Betty's now moist organ. "Don't, Fanny, don't!" cried Lady Betty, utterly helpless in Fanny's powerful grip and half alarmed by Fanny's delirious onslaught, but Fanny was now in the full tide of her sexual pleasure and reveling in the satisfaction of her imperious desire by means of Lady Betty's voluptuous body. With fast increasing impatience to taste the joys of the sweet consummation of her lustful passions, she agitated herself frenziedly on Lady Betty's responsive cunt until the rapturous moment arrived, then spent madly, showering hot kisses on Lady Betty's flushed cheeks as she felt her quiver under her in the involuntary thrills of her third spending! As Fanny rose, the girls looked significantly at me, evidently expecting to see me seize Lady Betty and fuck her, but I had something else in my mind.

"Sponge and freshen Lady Betty, Fanny," I said quietly, and quickly the traces of her three fuckings were removed, the operation affording Lady Betty a little time in which to recover herself.

"Now, Molly, fuck your mother, dear!" I said.

She looked at me as if she could not believe her ears, then turned to Connie as if seeking confirmation, noting as she did so the look of delightful anticipation on the faces of her companions.

Connie rose to the occasion. "Yes, darling," she said soothingly as she gently pushed Molly towards Lady Betty, "go and get your first taste of the pleasures of love from your mother's cunt!"

"Oh Mrs. Blunt, I couldn't! It's too horrible!" cried Molly aghast, while Lady Betty, utterly shocked at the idea of being submitted to her own daughter's embraces, frenziedly cried, "No, no!"

"Come along, Molly," I said as I pointed to her mother. "Come along— remember your promise!"

"Oh Jack, no, no, it's too horrible!" she cried as she buried her face in her hands, shuddering at the idea.

I took her gently but firmly by her shoulders and pushed her towards the bench on which her mother lay in terrible distress. "Now, Molly, please understand that you've got to have your mother," I said sternly. "If you won't live up to your promise, we'll tie you onto her and whip your bottom till your movements on and against her make her spend!"

"Oh, my God!" she moaned, then breaking from me, she threw herself on her knees by her mother and cried agitatedly as she kissed her. "Oh, Mother darling, what shall I do?"

Lady Betty's face became a lovely study of maternal love contending with personal predilections. For a moment she was silent, then she murmured faintly, "Come, darling."

Slowly poor Molly rose. Unwillingly she placed herself between Lady Betty's legs, then gently let herself down on her and took her helpless mother in her arms, then lay still as if reluctant to begin her repugnant task.

"Just see that Molly has placed herself properly, Connie!" I said, and delightedly Connie arranged Molly so that her cunt rested on her mother's, Fanny and Alice at the same time arranging Lady Betty's breasts so that her daughter should rest hers on them.

"Now she's fine, Jack," cried Connie excitedly. "Now, my pet, fuck Mummy!"

Unwillingly, Molly complied. Slowly and gently she agitated herself on her mother, cheek to cheek, breast to breast, cunt to cunt. Presently she began to move herself faster. Her sexual passions seemed to begin to dominate her. She clasped her mother closely to her as she strenuously worked her cunt against Lady Betty's, rubbing harder and harder, more and more wildly till the ecstatic climax arrived with an indescribable ejaculation of "Oh-h-h, mother! Oh-h-h!!" She spent on her mother's cunt in delicious transports, Lady Betty's quivers under Molly showing that she too was spending! In admiring silence we watched the unusual spectacle of a mother and daughter spending in each other's arms till their thrillings and involuntary tremors died away. Then Molly seemed suddenly to remember where she was. Slowly she raised her face from against her mother's cheek where it had rested while she was absorbed in the bliss of her spending, and wailed, "Oh, Mother, forgive me! I couldn't help it! They made me do it!" And she passionately kissed her. Lady Betty, who had kept her eyes closed while her daughter was fucking her, now opened them and, with a look of infinite love, she put her lips up as if inviting a kiss. Passionately Molly pressed hers on them, and for a few moments, mother and daughter showered kisses on each other, a sight which drove my already over-excited self into an absolute fury of lust. Hardly knowing what I was doing, I seized Molly, pulled her off her mother, and pushed her into Connie's arms. I threw myself on Lady Betty, and with one excited stroke, I drove my prick right up her cunt as I madly gripped her luscious, voluptuous body in my arms and clasped her tightly to me.

"Oh-h-h!" she shrieked as she struggled wildly under me, her cunt smarting with the sudden distention caused by the violent entrance of my rampantly stiff organ into it. "No, no, Jack! Don't have me!" she cried as she felt herself being genuinely fucked. I heeded nothing but my imperious desires and rammed madly into her, reveling in the contact with her magnificent flesh and the delicious warmth of her excited cunt, inflamed as it was by the four girl-fuckings she had just received, which however, had not exhausted her love-juice, for I felt her spend as my prick raged wildly up and down her already well-lubricated cunt. Clenching my teeth in my desperate attempts to restrain the outpouring of my lust, and to prolong the heavenly pleasure I was tasting, I continued to fuck Lady Betty madly, her quivers and tremors and inarticulate ejaculations along with her voluptuous movements under me, telling me that her animal passions now had control over her and that she had abandoned herself absolutely to the gratification of her aroused lust. But soon I could no longer control myself. I felt Lady Betty spend again with delicious thrills, inundating my excited prick with her hot love-juice. This broke down all my resistance. Wildly I rammed into her till our hairs intertwined. Clutching her against me in a frenzy of rapture, I spent madly into her, flooding her interior with my boiling essence, she ejaculating brokenly, "Ah! Ah! Ah!" as she felt the jets of my discharge shoot into her.

When she came to, she found herself still lying under me and clasped in my arms, my prick still lodged in her cunt, for I was loathe to leave such delicious armfuls. The storm of lust that overwhelmed her had died away with the last quivers of her ecstasy, and she was only conscious of the appalling fact that she had been forcibly outraged. In an agony of grief and shame she wailed, "Oh, Jack, what have you done?" her eyes full of anguish.

"I've only fucked you, dear Lady Betty!" I replied with a cruel smile. "And I found you so delicious, that after I've taken your daughter's maidenhead, I'll have you again!" I laughed delightedly at the look of horror that came into her eyes, then continued, "Molly must now amuse us while you rest and recover yourself sufficiently to allow you to endure the further tortures and outrages we've arranged for your amusement—and ours!" And with this appalling intimation, I rose off Lady Betty, unfastened her, and made her over to Alice and Fanny to be sponged and refreshed while I went off to my alcove for a similar purpose.

When I returned after a few minutes, I found Lady Betty in the fateful armchair with Molly's arms around her, the girls having allowed mother and daughter a little time to themselves. Connie eagerly advanced to meet me, asking excitedly, "What now, Jack?"

"Would you like to fuck Molly now, dear?" I asked with a smile.

"Oh, yes! Please let me, Jack! I'm dying to have her," she exclaimed, blushing slightly at her own vehemence.

"Very, well," I replied, "but don't take too much out of her just now. I'll violate her as soon as I'm myself again, and then we'll just work them both for all we can. Do you approve, dears?" I asked, turning to Alice and Fanny.

They both nodded delightedly. "Jack, please turn Lady Betty over to Fanny and me. Connie wants Molly left to her, and you can fuck them both whenever you wish. We want to do the torturing!" said Alice softly, looking coaxingly at me.

"Just as you please, dears," I said with a smile, distinctly pleased with the arrangements and delighted to find the girls so keen on exercising their refined cruelty on their own sex! Together we approached Lady Betty and Molly, who had not heard a word, being absorbed in the terrible fate indicated by me as awaiting them, regarding which they no doubt were whispering to each other softy.

"Molly, Mrs. Blunt wants to fuck you—come along!" I said quietly, as Connie advanced to take her.

"Mother! Oh, Mother!" cried Molly, clinging apprehensively to Lady Betty.

"Come, darling!" cooed Connie as she gently passed her arms 'round Molly's shrinking, trembling body and drew her away from her distressed mother who moaned in her anguish as she watched her daughter forced to lie down and separate her legs. Connie arranged herself on her, breasts to breasts, cunt to cunt. Shocked beyond endurance, Lady Betty covered her face with her hands, but Alice and Fanny (who had now assumed charge of her) promptly pulled them away and shackled her wrists together behind her back, thus compelling her to witness Molly's martyrdom under Connie, who now was showering hot and lustful kisses on Molly's trembling lips as she lasciviously agitated herself on her unwilling victim.

To the rest of us, it was a lovely spectacle. The two girls fitted each other perfectly—while the contrast between Connie's look of delighted satisfaction as she gratified her lust after Molly, and the forlorn, woebegone, distressed expression of the latter, as she passively let her cunt minister to 167 Connie's concupiscence, was enough to rekindle my ardor and determined me to ravish Molly as soon as Connie had finished with her.

She did not keep me waiting unnecessarily. After testifying by her hot salacious kisses her satisfaction at holding Molly in her arms, cunt to cunt, she began to girl-fuck her ardently and with fast increasing erotic rage, rubbing herself raspingly against her victim's cunt till she felt Molly beginning to quiver under her. Redoubling her efforts, she went into a veritable paroxysm of thrusts and shoves and wild friction, which quickly brought on the delicious spasm of pleasure to both herself and Molly, whose unresisting lips she again seized with her own as she quivered and thrilled in the delicious consummation of her lust.

"There, Lady Betty, Molly has spent!" cried Alice gleefully as she gloated over the spectacle with eyes full of desire, which she turned hungrily on Lady Betty and then on me, as if begging leave to inflict some torture on her. But I shook my head. Lady Betty had now to witness her daughter's violation.

Presently Connie rose, after giving Molly a long clinging kiss expressive of the most intense satisfaction. Molly began to raise herself, but I quickly pushed her down again on her back and, lying down myself beside her, I slipped my arms 'round her so that we rested together, her back against my chest, her bottom against my prick, while my hands commanded her breasts and cunt.

"Let me go, Jack!" she cried in alarm, hardly understanding, however, the significance of my action, but it was quite patent to Lady Betty who screamed, "No, Jack, no!" while Alice and Fanny exchanged smiles of delight.

"Lie still, Molly dear!" I said soothingly, gently seizing one of her delicious breasts, while with my remaining hand, I played with her cunt.

"Oh, Jack, don't!" she cried, quivering exquisitely as she submitted reluctantly to my wishes and let my hands enjoy themselves, still not comprehending what was to follow! Presently I whispered loud enough for the others to hear, "Molly, you're quite ready now, let me have you, darling!"

She lay still for a moment. As her fate dawned on her, she made one desperate furious spring, slipped out of my hands, and rushed to Lady Betty.

She fell at her mother's knees and, clasping her convulsively, cried, "Don't let Jack have me, Mother! Oh, save me! Save me!" Alice and Fanny again exchanged delighted smiles with Connie, all three girls intently watching for the order to bring Molly back to me.

I rose from the couch and nodded to them. Like young tigresses, they threw themselves on Molly and dragged her away from her mother's knees in spite of her frantic resistance as she shrieked, "Mother, save me," while Lady Betty, frantic at her helplessness and distracted by her daughter's cries as she was being thus dragged to her violation, cried hysterically, "Jack! For God's sake, spare her!"

The girls had by now forced Molly on the couch again. I saw she would not yield herself quietly to me, so while they held her, I fastened the corner cords to her ankles and wrists and set the machinery to work. As soon as the girls saw the cords tightening, they let go of Molly, who immediately sprang up, only to be arrested and jerked onto her back on the couch. Inch by inch, she was extended flat with widely parted arms and legs as she shrieked with terror, while Lady Betty went into hysterics, which Alice and Fanny soon cured by twitching a few hairs off her cunt.

I seated myself by Molly, bent over her, and said gravely, "Now you've again broken your promise, Molly. I shall consequently amuse myself with you before I violate you!"

"No, no, Jack!" she shrieked as she again struggled to break loose. "Let me go! Don't ... shame me! Oh! Don't ... have me!"

I ignored her pleading and began to play with her breasts, which I caressed and squeezed to my heart's content, finally putting her little virgin nipples into my mouth and sucking them lovingly, at which the three girls laughed gleefully as they now knew that another part of Molly would also be sucked while virgin. Then I tickled her navel, a proceeding which made her squirm exquisitely. After that, I devoted myself to her cunt!

First I stroked and caressed it, she all the while frantically crying out and jerking herself about in vain endeavors to escape my hands. The girls now wheeled Lady Betty alongside the couch. Her hands were still tied behind her back so that she could not use them to shut out the dreadful sight of Molly spread-eagled naked, and was forced to look on and witness the violation of her daughter right in front of her eyes!

When Lady Betty had been properly placed so as to see all that went on, I leaned over Molly, seized one of her breasts with my left hand, and while squeezing it lovingly, I gently ran my right forefinger along the tender lips of her cunt, intently watching her telltale face as I did so.

A great wave of color surged furiously over her cheeks, even suffusing her heaving bosom as she screamed, "Don't, Jack, don't!" her eyes full of shame while her involuntary movements of hips and bottom betrayed her sexual agitation. It was simply delicious to have her thus at my absolute disposal, to know that the feeling of utter helplessness and the knowledge that her private parts were utterly defenseless was intensifying the mental and physical agony that my proceedings were making Molly suffer, and despite her prayers and her mother's imploring, I continued delightedly to tickle Molly's cunt with my finger till I considered she was sufficiently worked up to be sucked. I quietly rose, placed myself between her thighs and began to kiss her cunt, keeping my eyes on Lady Betty, so as to note the effect on her of this fresh torture to her daughter.

Lady Betty's eyes opened wide in shocked surprise and, as a half-strangled shriek broke from Molly, she screamed, "Oh, my God! Don't Jack! You'll drive Molly mad!" My tongue commenced to play on Molly's cunt, working along her lips, darting between them when they began to pout and every now and then caressing her clitoris, the subtle titillation sending Molly into shrieking convulsions as she felt she was being slowly driven against her wishes to the spending point! Again Lady Betty screamed, "Stop, Jack, for God's sake, stop!" as she saw her daughter squirming and quivering and heard her now half-inarticulate cries. I made a sign to the girls and promptly Alice and Fanny seized Lady Betty's breasts, while Connie forced her hand between Lady Betty's thighs and tickled her cunt! "Oh, my God! Leave me alone!" she shrieked, struggling frantically but unavailingly, her eyes remaining fixed on her daughter's now violently agitated body, for I had forced her to the verge of spending. A great convulsion shook Molly. "Oh-h-h," she ejaculated, then spent with exquisite tremors and thrills while an unmistakable shriek from Lady Betty proclaimed that Connie's fingers had brought about an unwilling but nevertheless delicious discharge.

Impatiently I waited till the thrills of pleasure had ceased. I sprang on her, seized her in my arms, brought my prick to bear on her cunt, and with a vigorous shove, I succeeded in forcing its head inside her maiden orifice in spite of her cries and frantic struggles. There her virgin barrier blocked the way. Gripping her tightly to me, I rammed fiercely into her, evidently hurting Molly dreadfully, for her shrieks rang through the room as I strove to get into her, Lady Betty, also terribly upset by the sight of her daughter's agonies and cries, frenziedly crying, "Stop, stop!" Molly was very tight, and in spite of her being tied down, she wriggled her strong young body so desperately that it was some little time before I could get a real good thrust, but presently I managed to pin her for a moment, then shoving furiously in her, I burst through her virgin defenses. A fearful shriek announced her violation, Lady Betty (whose breasts and cunt were still being handled and fingered by the girls) crying hysterically, "Oh, my darling! My darling!" as with eyes dilated with horror, she watched her daughter being ravished right in front of her and, indeed, recognized the very moment when Molly lost her maidenhead!

Now firmly lodged inside Molly, I drove my prick up to its roots in her smarting cunt and lay motionless on her for a moment till her cries ceased.

Then I set to work to fuck her in real earnest, first with long slow strokes, then with quicker and more excited ones, Molly submitting passively, as if recognizing that resistance now was useless. The deed had been done, her virginity had been snatched from her! Presently however, she began to agitate herself under me involuntarily as she succumbed to the imperious demands of her now fully aroused sexual emotions and erotic impulses. As my movements on her became more and more riotous and unrestrained, she responded half-unconsciously, half-mechanically, by jogging and heaving her bottom and hips upward as if to meet my vigorous down strokes. Soon our movements became a tempest of confused heaves, shoves, thrusts, and wiggles, then the heavenly climax overtook us! I felt a warm discharge from her as she quivered voluptuously in my arms. I spent madly, pouring my boiling essence into her virgin interior in rapturous ecstasy as I deliciously consummated Molly's violation, reveling in her exquisite thrills and tremors as she felt my hot discharge shoot into her, her movements being astonishingly like those of her mother when I spent into Lady Betty. But such was the violence of the sexual orgasm that shook Molly for the first time in her life that she went off into a semi-trance!