The Whole Prophecies of Scotland, England, Ireland, France & Denmark/Chapter 15

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Another Prophecy of the ſame Author, &c.

THE French King (ſays he) or (as the latin has it) the King of France, ſhall be driven out by his own people; for he will exerciſe very great tyranny againſt his ſubjects and againſt the church of Chriſt, being inſtigated or ſtirred up thereunto by the Romiſh Biſhops, &c. who being bribed with money, ſhall ſeduce and betray him: This he ſhall ſeem to do in favour of his kingdom or allies; but when he ſhall be removed and deceived, he ſhall he left all alone in baniſhment, abandoned by thoſe that he confided in: This ſhall happen towards the end of the ſecond incurſe, ſo the field ſhall hang on the fire-band. This was written as ancient as the former.