The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 11/From Charles Montagu to Jonathan Swift - 1

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OCT. 6, 1709.

OUR friend Mr. Addison telling me that he was to write to you to night, I could not let his packet go away without telling you how much I am concerned to find them returned without you. I am quite ashamed for myself and my friends, to see you left in a place so incapable of tasting you; and to see so much merit, and so great qualities unrewarded by those, who are sensible of them. Mr. Addison and I are entered into a new confederacy, never to give over the pursuit, nor to cease reminding those, who can serve you, till your worth is placed in that light it ought to shine. Dr. South holds out still, but he cannot be immortal. The situation of his prebend would make me doubly concerned in serving you. And upon all occasions, that shall offer, I will be your constant solicitor, your sincere admirer, and your unalterable friend.

I am your most humble

and obedient servant,