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LONDON, JUNE 4, 1713.

I WAS commanded by his excellency brigadier Hunter, governor of New York[1], to deliver the enclosed with my own hand, had I been so happy, for his service and my own satisfaction, as to have seen you at London. I am persuaded your influence here might have contributed to create a better opinion of him, among some leading men in the society for propagation of the Gospel in foreign parts, who have been much imposed on by the clamorous memorials of some indiscreet missionaries abroad. He has the just esteem of two thirds of the clergy in his government, and the greatest part of the laity, who have either sense, probity, or honour; but his adversaries have made the church's cause a favourable handle for their repeated complaints, which, with the application of their friends here, makes them hopeful of success.

I have been twelve years abroad, in the service of the church in America: the last ten were in the station of chaplain to her majesty's forces at New York, where I had the opportunity of being very near to the several governors; and do assure you, that if I had ever observed in him any inclination to weaken the interest of the church there. I could not in conscience offer to excuse him; but he is better known to you, than that I, who am altogether unknown, should presume to give his character.

What I beg leave to intreat of you is, to recommend me in my endeavours for his service, to the advice and assistance of your friends. The perplexity of all his affairs at this time claims the good offices of all that wish him well. If, in favour to his excellency, you are pleased to honour me with the pardon of this, and what return the enclosed may require, direct for me to the care of Mr. James Douglas, merchant, in Fen court, Fenchurch street, London. I beg leave to subscribe myself, with great respect, reverend sir, your most obedient and most humble servant,

  1. 'He was chaplain to brigadier Hunter, governor of New York.'