The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 11/From Jonathan Swift to Jane Swift - 1

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I RECEIVED your kind letter from Robert by word of mouth, and think it a vast condescension in you to think of us in all your greatness: now shall we hear nothing from you for five months but We courtiers. Loory is well, and presents his humble duty to my lady, and love to his fellow servant: but he is the miserablest creature in the world; eternally in his melancholy note, whatever I can do; and if his finger does but ache, I am in such a fright you would wonder at it. I pray return my service to Mrs. Kilby, in payment of her's by Robert.

Nothing grows better by your absence but my lady's chamber floor, and Tumbledown Dick. Here are three letters for you, and Molly will not send one of them; she says you ordered her to the contrary. Mr. Mose[2] and I desire you will remember our love to the king, and let us know how he looks.

Robert says, the czar[3] is there, and is fallen in love with you, and designs to carry you to Muscovy; pray provide yourself with muffs and sable tippets, &c.

Æolus has made a strange revolution in the rooks nests; but I say no more, for it is dangerous to meddle with things above us.

I desire your absence heartily; for now I live in great state, and the cook comes in to know what I please to have for dinner: I ask very gravely what is in the house, and accordingly give orders for a dish of pigeons, or, &c. You shall have no more ale here, unless you send us a letter. Here is a great bundle and a letter for you; both came together from London. We all keep home like so many cats.

  1. The doctor's sister.
  2. Steward to sir William Temple, after whose death he married Mrs. Johnson, Stella's sister.
  3. Peter the great was then in England.