The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 11/From Jonathan Swift to William King - 27

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LONDON, APRIL 30, 1713.

I HAD the honour of your grace's letter of the 14th, which at present I cannot answer particularly; I send this to welcome your grace to the bath, where we conclude you are now arrived; and I hope the design of your journey is more for prevention, than cure. I suppose your grace has heard that the queen has made Dr. Sterne bishop of Dromore, and that I am to succeed him in his deanery. Dr. Parnell, who is now in town, writ last post to your grace, to desire the favour of you that he may have my small prebend: he thinks it will he some advantage to come into the chapter, where it may possibly be in my power to serve him in a way agreeable to him, although in no degree equal to his merits; by which he has distinguished himself so much, that he is in great esteem with the ministry, and others of the most valuable persons in this town. He has been many years under your grace's direction, and has a very good title to your favour; so that I believe it will be unnecessary to add how much I should be obliged to your grace's compliance in this matter: and I flatter myself that his being agreeable to me, will be no disadvantage to him in your grace's opinion. I am, with the greatest respect, my lord,

Your grace's most dutiful

and most humble servant,