The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 11/From William Thomas to Jonathan Swift - 1

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JUNE 22, 1714.

IT was with some difficulty, that I prevailed with myself to forbear acknowledging your very kind letter. I can only tell you, it shall be the business of my life, to endeavour to deserve the opinion you express of me, and thereby to recommend myself to the continuance of your friendship.

My lord treasurer does, upon all occasions, do justice to your merit; and has expressed to all his friends the great esteem he has for so hearty and honest a friend, and particularly on occasion of the letter you mention to have lately writ to him. And all his friends can inform you with what pleasure he communicated it to them.

And now for business; I am to acquaint you, that last Thursday I received the 50l. (which now waits your orders) and dated your receipt accordingly, which I delivered to Mr. Wetham, who paid me the money.

I do not pretend to tell you how matters go. Our friend says very bad. I am sanguine enough to hope not worse. I am, with all possible esteem, ever yours,

  1. Secretary to lord treasurer. A letter to the earl of Oxford from Mr. Thomas, who retired into Wales, on the Antiquity of English and British Poetry, is in the Harl. MSS.