The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 12/From John Gay to Jonathan Swift - 16

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LONDON, MARCH 3, 1729-30.

I FIND you are determined not to write to me, according to our old stipulation. Had I not been every post for some time in expectation to have heard from you, I should have writ to you before, to have let you know the present state of your affairs, for I would not have you think me capable of neglecting yours, whatever you think of me as to my own. I have received 21l. 13s. 4d. interest from lord Bathurst for your 200l. from Oct. 1727 to Christmas 1729, being two years and two months, at 5 per cent. Lord Bathurst gave me a note for your 200l. again, and to allow interest for the same, dated Jan. 15, 1729-30. If you would have me dispose of your money any other way, I shall obey your orders. Let me know what I shall do with the interest money I have received. What I have done for you, I did for myself, which will be always the way of my transacting any thing for you. My old vamped play got me no money; for it had no success. I am going very soon into Wiltshire with the duke of Queensberry, with intention to stay there till the winter. Since I had that severe fit of sickness, I find my health requires it; for I cannot bear the town as I could formerly. I hope another summer's air, and exercise, will reinstate me. I continue to drink nothing but water, so that you cannot require any poetry from me. I have been very seldom abroad since I came to town, and not once at court. This is no restraint upon me, for I am grown old enough to wish for retirement. I saw Mr. Pope, a day or two ago, in good spirits, and with good wishes for you; for we always talk of you; the doctor does the same. I have left off all great folk but our own family, perhaps you will think all great folks little enough to leave off us, in our present situation. I do not hate the worlds but I laugh at it; for none but fools can be in earnest about a trifle. I am, dear sir, yours most affectionately.

Direct for me at the duchess of Queensberry's, in Burlington gardens[1].

  1. Endorsed, "Answered March 19."