The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 12/From Jonathan Swift to Anne Acheson - 1

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A GENTLEMAN called here last night upon some business, who took Mr. ——'s house yesterday at dinner, in his return from Wicklow[1]. He tells me that Mrs. —— was brought to bed yesterday morning at five o'clock of a half child, just as if it were divided in two equal parts. It had one eye, half a nose and mouth, one leg, and so from top to bottom. They could see it was a boy, or rather half a boy: it was dead born, but she is very well. It was thought that this was the cause of all her colicks. Mrs. Brent tells me she has known the like more than once. I am glad the poor woman had her mother and sister with her.

Are you not undone for want of Monky? How are you? Does your milk agree with you? We shall see you no more at church until Monky returns. Adieu, &c.

I mend a little.


  1. A very delightful village in the county of Wicklow, about fourteen miles from Dublin.