The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 13/From Jonathan Swift to George Faulkner - 2

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JAN. 8, 1735-6.

I AM answering a letter I had from Mr. Pope, when I was at Cavan. My absence and sickness, since I retired, have hindered me from writing to him. He complains of his unluckiness that you could never find him at home, which, he says, since his mother's death, he is often absent from. I here will transcribe a paragraph which relates to you, and I desire you will return an answer to it, time enough for me to send a letter to night, and I will insert the sum of it.

"As to his (Mr. Faulkner's) design about my works, I beg you will desire him to postpone it, until he sees the duodecimo edition of them here, with the first volume, published by Lintot: for that, joined to the rest by Gillever[1], will make the completest hitherto extant, and is revised by me. I guess they will be out at Christmas."

Pray, let me know what answer I shall make to Mr. Pope: write it down and send it by any messenger, the sooner the better, for I am an ill writer at night.

I am, yours, &c.

I think you may send your answer by the bearer, for it need not take above two lines.

  1. Lawton Gillever, a bookseller.