The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 13/From Robert Throp to Jonathan Swift - 1

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DECEMBER 10, 1739.

THE many professions of kindness you have made, and friendship you have shown, to my mother and her family, particularly in declaring your abhorrence and detestation of the cruel and inhuman behaviour of that monster —— [1] to my unfortunate and innocent brother, induced my mother to trouble you with a few of the narratives of that case, to disperse among such members of the house of commons as were of your acquaintance. The reason of our troubling you to do this, is because we intend presenting a petition to the members of the house of commons this session, to oblige —— to wave his privilege, every other attempt we have tried since my brother's death proving fruitless.

Your appearing, sir, in this affair, will not only make —— the more ready to do justice, but prevent others from supporting him in his villanies, which will be of infinite service to my mother and her family.

The bearer carries you a dozen of cases; and if you should have occasion for any more, they shall be sent you by, reverend sir, your most obliged and obedient humble servant,

I have written the names of several persons mentioned in the narrative at length upon the back of the titlepage.

  1. Mr. Faulkner fills the blank with "Mr. Wilson."