The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 16/Anglo-Latin Letter to Dr. Sheridan

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In like manner he sometimes tried to write English words to be read into Latin, of which the following is an instance.

Terse I ow I ane you are wry.

Am I say vain a Rabble is,

GAUDY o tea rue ry dy you sale you tye in service he: Said lynk way mere Ass, eat red Eye, add nose sight O[1]. Quipp ye knife all or tame Puss East. Tea Mary Tuck Sr; Tea may rent Family are ease. Anne lewd is cart is? Veal some no ill dull jest I? Anne Jo Cuz ty by place eat? Meer Rum spare O Freak went her Bib is: Lack Tea compleat: Ayd is, ride ease, Lock were is, do neck fat I gat us ease. A wry Debt nay, Rage in a eat may right us tye by? Do my Tea here I Eggs peck't have I; said may day say pist I. Usquebach come aen Ass; Force an I buy ass her o buss East; Codd mark a Toryes nice Eye ass I dumb mine I may hay bent. Said post hose Dairy lick toes add nose vain I. You buy inn do mow Day can at us bone um Salt 'em by beam us, sign on Mealy o'r'em fall or no. Satyr nigh, dye ease nose ty feast us east. May come air is; Sigh mull soke ray to Carmen a Pan game us. Ride end 'um, buy bend 'um e'r it come so dayly buss; nigh least carry us invite a.

Sick Dice it Whore ah see us:
Spare take um Sick way pot you it wag and
Fall e'er he tast a.

Et a lye by:
Back 'um in Ray mote is Carrmen are you
For tune a lay to save an egg o show.

Sate I sope I nor sight ha' shown um: add fine 'em proper and 'um East. Valiant a Mice I Vestry, eat you in Shoe pair vally Ass.

Ah my Cuz vest are.
Day can us.

  1. As a clue to the above, I shall point out in what manner the first sentence is to be read, leaving it to the reader's ingenuity to find out the rest. Amice venerabilis, Gaudeo te ruri diu saluti inservisse, sed linquamur eas, & redi ad nos cito, &c.