The Zoologist

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The Zoologist

The Zoologist was a monthly natural history journal founded in 1843 and running until 1916, when it was merged with British Birds. Excerpted from The Zoologist on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

cover of The Zoologist, 4th series, vol 5 (1901)

The Zoologist appeared in four series:

In general the first volumes were published in monthly issues of 32 pages, and also as an annual.
The pages of the first and second series are, apart from prefaces, contents etc., continuously numbered: 1 to 5180. The issues are not numbered.
Starting with the 3rd series, the issues are continuously numbered, and page numbering restarts at every new volume.
The fourth series for some reason starts with issue no. 667, and is again continuously numbered, with page numbers restarting at every new volume.

For an overview of all issues, see this page in BHL.