The Zoologist/4th series, vol 3 (1899)/Issue 701

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Howard, H.E. Ornithological Notes from the North-West of Ireland 481
Selous, Edmund An Observational Diary of the Habits of Nightjars (Caprimulgus europæus),
Mostly of a Sitting Pair. Notes Taken at Time and on Spot.
(part II)
Davenport, H.S. Original Sketches of British Birds (part 3) 506
Distant, W.L. (ed.) Ornithological Meeting at Serajevo, Bosnia 511
J.L. Monk On the Spawning of Bombinator pachypus after Two Years of Captivity in England 513
Notes and Queries 516
Notices of New Books 520
Editorial Gleanings 526