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YOUNG, John William. Educ.: Wellington College, Trinity College, Oxford (B.A. 1883, Trinity College VIII, 1883-84); Vice-Pres. Wyoming Loan and Trust Co., Wyo., U.S.A., 1887-1890; Vice-Pres., Pacific Investment Co., Salt Lake City, Utah, 1890-1904; Pres. and Gen. Manager, San Peter Valley Ry. and Morrison Coal Mines, Utah, U.S.A., 1904-1907; D.L. and J.P. Queen's Co.; b. 25th Jan., 1861; only son of the late Wm. Young, D.L., J.P., Queen's Co., and J.P. Co. Galway, of Brockley Park, Stradbally, Queen's Co. Recns.: shooting, fishing, big game hunting. Res.: Brockley Park, Stradbally, Queen's Co, Club: Sports Club, London.