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YOUNG, Sydney, F.R.S., 1893; M.A. (Dublin); D.Sc. (London); B.Sc. (Manchester); Hon. D.Sc. (Dublin and Bristol); F.I.C.: F.C.S.; F.Inst.P.; F.P.S.L. Educ.; Private School, Southport; Royal Institution, Liverpool; Owens College, Manchester; Strassburg University: Lecturer on Chemistry, University College, Bristol, 1882-1887; Professor 1887-1903; Professor of Chemistry in Dublin University since 1903; President of Chemical Section of British Association, Cambridge, 1904; Member of Council of Royal Dublin Society since 1907; Vice-President Royal Irish Academy, 1908-11, 1913-15, 1917-19; President since 1921; Vice-President Chemical Society, 1917; Member of the Irish Peat Inquiry Committee, 1917; Member of Advisory Council of Scientific and Industrial Research Department since 1920; b. 29th Dec, 1857; third son of Edward Young, J.P., a Liverpool merchant. Pubns.: Fractional Distillation, 1903; Stoichiometry, 2nd edn., 1918; Distillation Principles and Processes, 1922; and more than 100 papers on Physical, Inorganic, and Organic Chemistry in British, Irish, and Foreign Scientific Journals. Recns.: golfing, gardening. Res.: 13 Clyde Road, Dublin. Club: Royal Societies, London.