Three Books of Occult Philosophy/Book 1/Chapter 22

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effect. So we say that there be here certain things which are Solary, and certain which are Lunary, in which the Sun, and Moon make a strong impression of their vertue. Whence it is that these kind of things receive more operations, and properties, like to those of the Stars, & Signes which they are under: So we know that Solary things respect the heart, & head, by reason that Leo is the house of the Sun, and Aries the exaltation of the Sun: so things under Mars are good for the head, and testicles, by reason of Aries, and Scorpio. Hence they whose senses faile, and heads ake by reason of drunkenness, if they put their testicles into cold Water, or wash them with Vinegar, find present help. But in reference to these it is necessary to know how mans body is distributed to Planets, & Signes. Know therefore that according to the doctrine of the Arabians, the Sun rules over the brain, heart, the thigh, the marrow, the right eye, and the spirit; also the tongue, the mouth, and the rest of the Organs of the senses, as well internall as externall; also the hands, feet, legs, nerves, and the power of imagination. That Mercury rules over the spleen, stomack, bladder, womb, and right ear, as also the faculty of the common sense. That Saturn rules over the liver and fleshy part of the stomack. That Jupiter over the belly, and navill, whence it is written by the Ancients, that the effigies of a navil was laid up in the temple of Jupiter Hammon. Also some attribute to him the ribs, breast, bowels, blood, arms, and the right hand, and left ear, and the powers natural. And some set Mars over the blood, and veins, the kidnies, the bag of the gall, the buttocks, the back, motion of the sperm, and the irascible power. Again they set Venus over the kidnies, the testicles, the privities, the womb, the seed, and concupiscible power; as also the flesh, fat, belly, breast, navill, and all such parts as server to venerall acts, also the Os sacrum, the back bone, and loins; as also the head, mouth, with which they give a kiss, as a token of love. Now the Moon, although she may challenge the whole body, and every member thereof according to the variety of the Signes: yet more particularly they ascribe to her the brain, lungs, marrow of the back bone, the stomack, the menstrues, and all other excrements, and the left eye, as also the power of increasing. But Hermes saith, That there are seven holes in the head of an Animall, distributed to the seven Planets, viz. the right ear to Saturne, the left to Jupiter, the right nostrell to Mars, the left to Venus, the right eye to the Sun, the left to the Moon, and the mouth to Mercury. The severall Signes also of the Zodiack take care of their members. So Aries governs the head, and face, Taurus the neck, Gemini the armes, and shoulders, Cancer the breast, lungs, stomack, and armes, Leo heart, stomack, liver, and back, Virgo the bowels, and bottome of the stomack, Libra the kidnies, thighs, and buttocks, Scorpius the genitals, the privities, and womb, Sagittarius the thigh, and groins, Capricornus the knees, Aquarius the legs and shins, Pisces the feet. And as the triplicities of these Signes answer one the other, and agree in Celestials, so also they agree in the members, which is sufficiently manifest by experience, because with the coldness of the feet, the belly, and breast are affected, which members answer the same triplicity; whence it is, if a medicine be applyed to the one, it helps the other, as by the warming of the feet, the pain of the belly ceaseth. Remember therefore this order, and know, that things which are under any one of the Planets, have a certain particular aspect, or inclination to those members that are attributed to that Planet, and especially to the houses, and exaltations thereof. For the rest of the dignities, as those triplicities, and markes, and face, are of litle account in this; upon this account therefore Piony, Balme, Clove-gilliflowers, Citron-pils, sweet Marjoram, Cynnamon, Saffron, Lignum Aloes, Frankincense, Amber, Musk, and Myrrh help the head, and heart; by reason of sol, Aries, and Leo: so doth Rib-wort, the Hearb of Mars, help the head, and testicles by reason of Aries, and Scorpio: and so of the rest. Also all things under Saturne conduce to sadness, and melancholly; those under Jupiter to mirth, and honour; those under Mars to boldness, contention, and anger; those under the Sun to glory, victory and courage; those under Venus to love, lust, and concupiscence; those under Mercury to Eloquence; those under the Moon to a common life. Also all the actions, and dispositions of men are distributed according to the Planets. For Saturne governes old men, Monkes, melancholly men, and hid treasures; and those things which are obtained with long journies, and difficulty; but Jupiter, those that are Religious, Prelates, Kings, and Dukes, and such kind of gains that are got lawfully: Mars rules over Barbers, Chirurgeons, Physitians, Sergeants, Executioners, Butchers, all that make fires, Bakers, Souldiers, who are every where called Martial men. Also do the other Stars signifie their office, as they are described in the books of Astrologers.

Now it is very hard to know, what Star, or Signe every thing is under: yet it is known through the imitation of their rayes, or motion, or figure of the superiours. Also some of them are known by their colours and odours, also some by the effects of their operations, answering to some Stars. So then Solary things, or things under the power of the Sun are, amongst