Three Books of Occult Philosophy/Book 1/Chapter 26

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the Plum tree, the Ash, the Dog-tree, and the Olive tree, and also Oile. Also all manner of Corn, as Barley, Wheat, also Raisins, Licorish, Sugar, and all such things whose sweetness is manifest, and subtile, partaking somewhat of an astringent, and sharp tast, as are Nuts, Almonds, Pine-apples, Filberds, Pistake Nuts, roots of Peony, Mirabolaus, Rhubarb, and Manna, Orpheus adds Storax. Amongst Animals such as have some stateliness, and wisdom in them, and those which are mild, well trained up, and of good dispositions, as the Hart and Elephant, and those which are gentle, as Sheep and Lambs: Amongst birds, those that are of