Three Books of Occult Philosophy/Book 1/Chapter 62

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anything‘,asof good or evill, convenient or inconvenient, ' L ’ ‘ , Now thefe ltind ofapprehenfions are ofthtee forte, viz. sen, fial, Rationall, and lntelleduall. And according to thcfi three, are three forts of panions 1n the Soul; For when my follow the fenfitive apprehenfion, then they refpefi a tempo. tall good or evill,undet the nation of profitable , or an :05. table, deli htfull and offenfive, and are called natura l, o;- ranitnall p om. When they followdle tationalapprghm. fion,and {o refpefi 00d or bad,under the notions of Vennc ox Vice, praife or di grace, rofitable or unprofitable , hood} I 'ordithonefl, they are calle rationall, or voluntary pafliom. ‘When they follow the Intellefluall apprehenfion , and K2ng ‘ oodorbadpnde’tthenotion of jolt o: unjufl, true or' IE, ~ ‘ ' arecalledintellefimll paflions, or fynderefis. Now ch: 'fithxaof the pafliom of the foul, isthe eoneu itive pom of the foul, and is divided into concupilefl) , and in- ‘fibk, and botfiel’pea good angst, hut mafihm how’s?“ ’entheco’u' pom good, in! evifibfolntely; Loi'e 0%, or on the contrary.hatm1 is caul'ed : When it tef eds good, as abknt, {0 def)“: i; caufed; or evill, as a Kent, or at hand, and {o is fed horror, flying (ion, or loathing : or if it rd'paa ‘ o'od,:ts prefent,then thereiscaufed delight, with, mph. '5‘ but if evill, as prefect, then‘l'adnefs, anxiety, 7 grid, ' ‘38» the itafeible owe: refped-s good or badmnder the notion ofl’ome d5 ulty; to obtain theone , or avoid the other, and this fometimes with confident-cram! {o thereis caui'ed Hope or Boldnefs; but when‘with diflidtnty. then Del'pair. Indfeat. But what that‘vin’ltible power rifetlt V into revenge. and thisbe onely about fame evill'pafl, nit ’ ware of inmy or hurt offered, there is caufed Anger. And lo we find eleven paflions in the mind,vehich are , Love. Hatred, Defite,Horto:, ont Grief; Hope , Defpair , Boldnefs, Feat, IndAngcr, _ 1 r V _

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