Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus/1

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1  The world is everything that is the case.[1]

1.1  The world is the totality of facts, not of things.

1.11  The world is determined by the facts, and by these being all the facts.

1.12  For the totality of facts determines both what is the case, and also all that is not the case.

1.13  The facts in logical space are the world.

1.2  The world divides into facts.

1.21  Any one can either be the case or not be the case, and everything else remain the same.

  1. The decimal figures as numbers of the separate propositions indicate the logical importance of the propositions, the emphasis laid upon them in my exposition. The propositions n.1, n.2, n.3, etc., are comments on proposition No. n; the propositions n.m1, n.m2, etc., are comments on the proposition No. n.m; and so on.