Transactions and Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute/Volume 14

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Issued May, 1882.




  9, line 7 from bottom, for stored or food read stored for food
 18, line 14 {{{1}}} for 42 read 40
 22, line 4, for to Taane read of Taane
 25, line 7, for boats read bouts
 26, line 4 from bottom, insert "51" in blank space
 41, line 10 {{{1}}} for horokio read Korokio; this with several tribes being the name for the fern Polypodium pennigerum
 47, line 12 from bottom, for line 16 read line 46
107, in heading of Art. XI., for 1881 read 3rd August, 1880



Art. I. Historical Incidents and Traditions of the Olden Times, pertaining to the Maoris of the North Island (East Coast), New Zealand; highly illustrative of their national character, and containing many peculiar, curious, and little-known customs and circumstances, and matters firmly believed by them; now for the first time faithfully translated from old Maori writings and recitals, with explanatory notes. Part II. By W. Colenso, F.L.S. 3–33
II. Contributions towards a better Knowledge of the Maori Race. Part IV. By W. Colenso 33–48
III. On the fine Perception of Colours possessed by the ancient Maoris. By W. Colenso 49–76
IV. Notes upon the Great Flood of February, 1868. By W. T. L. Travers, F.L.S. 76–89
V. Remarks on the Sand Dunes of the West Coast of the Provincial District of Wellington. By W. T. L. Travers 89–94
VI. On the Taieri River Floods and their Prevention. By W. Arthur, C.E. 94–100
VII. On the Reclamation of Waste River Beds. By A. D. Dobson, F.G.S. 100–103
VIII. A few Remarks on the Carved Stone Bird, named Korotangi by the Maoris, now in the possession of Major Wilson. By Professor Julius von Haast, Ph.D., F.R.S. 104–105
IX. On Vertical Triangulation. By C. W. Adams 105–106
X. Notes on the Height of Mount Cook. By C. W. Adams 106–107
XI. Remarks on Mr. Frankland's Paper on "Mind Stuff." By J. Turnbull Thomson, F.R.G.S., F.R.S.S.A. 107–112
XII. On the Production of Inflammatory Action in detached Portions of dead Animal Bodies. By Robert Hall Bakewell, M.D., etc. 113–120
XIII. On a Source of Water Supply for Invercargill. By John R. Cuthbertson. (Abstract). 121–122
XIV. On the Conversion and Civilization of the Maoris in the South of New Zealand. By the Rev. J. F. H. Wohlers 123–134
XV. Fallacies in the Theory of Circular Motion. By T. Wakelin, B.A. 134–142
XVI. On the New Zealand Hydrobiinæ. By Professor F. W. Hutton 143–146
XVII. On a new Genus of Rissoinæ. By Professor F. W. Hutton 147
XVIII. On the Fresh-water Lamellibranchs of New Zealand. By Professor F. W. Hutton 148–150
XIX. Notes on some Pulmonate Mollusca. By Professor F. W. Hutton 150–158
XX. Notes on the Anatomy of the Bitentaculate Slugs of New Zealand. By Professor F. W. Hutton 158–161
XXI. Notes on some Branchiate Mollusca. By Professor F. W. Hutton 162–167
XXII. Description of two little-known Species of New Zealand Shells. By W. Colenso, F.L.S. 168–169
XXIII. Notes on New Zealand Mollusca. By Mr. Justice Gillies 169–171
XXIV. Additions to the New Zealand Crustacea. By Charles Chilton 171–174
XXV. On some Subterranean Crustacea. By Charles Chilton, B.A. 174–180
XXVI. History of Fish Culture in New Zealand. By W. Arthur, C.E. 180–210
XXVII. On the Occurrence of the Salmon Trout in Nelson Harbour. By James Hector, M.D. 211–213
XXVIII. On two Species of Nudibranchiate Mollusca. By T. F. Cheeseman, F.L.S. 213–215
XXIX. Further Notes on Coccidæ in New Zealand, with Descriptions of new Species. By W. M. Maskell, Fell. Roy. Micros. Soc. 215–229
XXX. Additions to the Crustacean Fauna of New Zealand. By George M. Thomson, F.L.S. 230–238
XXXI. On the Notornis. By Walter L. Buller, C.M.G., Sc.D., F.R.S. 238–244
XXXII. On the Skeleton of Notornis mantelli. By T. Jeffery Parker, B.Sc. London, Professor of Biology in the University of Otago 245–258
XXXIII. On a new Method of preserving Cartilaginous Skeletons and other soft Animal Structures. By T. Jeffery Parker 258–264
XXXIV. Notice of the Occurrence of the Eastern Golden Plover (Charadrius fulvus) in the Auckland District. By T. F. Cheeseman, F.L.S. 264–265
XXXV. Notice of the Occurrence of the Australian Roller (Eurystomus pacificus) in New Zealand. By T. F. Cheeseman 265–266
XXXVI. On some new Marine Planarians. By T. W. Kirk, Assistant in the Colonial Museum 267–268
XXXVII. Additions to the List of New Zealand Shells. By T. W. Kirk 268–269
XXXVIII. On Pseudo-scab and Lung-worm in Sheep. By John Buchanan, F.L.S. 269–274
XXXIX. Notes on Zoological Researches made on the Chicken Islands, East Coast of the North Island. By Andreas Reischek; communicated by Professor von. Haast, Ph.D., F.R.S. 274–277
XL. On some new and undescribed Species of New Zealand Insects, of the Orders Orthoptera and Coleoptera. By W. Colenso, F.L.S. 277–282
XLI. Description of new Shells. By T. W. Kirk, Assistant in the Colonial Museum 282–283
XLII. Description of new Cephalopoda. By T. W. Kirk 283–286
XLIII. On the Fresh-water Algæ of New Zealand. By W. I. Spencer, M.R.C.S. 287–299
XLIV. On some Additions to the Flora of New Zealand. By T. F. Cheeseman, F.L.S. 299–301
XLV. Contributions to a Flora of the Nelson Provincial District. By T. F. Cheeseman 301–329
XLVI. A Description of a few new Plants from our New Zealand Forests. By W. Colenso, F.L.S. 329–341
XLVII. On the Alpine Flora of New Zealand. By John Buchanan, F.L.S., of the Geological Survey Department 342–356
XLVIII. On some Plants new to New Zealand, and Description of a new Species. By J. Buchanan 356–357
XLIX. On new Species of New Zealand Diatoms. By John Inglis 357–359
L. Description of new Plants. By J. B. Armstrong 359–362
LI. Description of new Plants. By D. Petrie, M.A. 362–364
LII. Notes on Epacris microphylla in New Zealand. By A. T. Urquhart 364–365
LIII. On the Sugar Values of Beetroots grown in the Waikato District. By J. A. Pond 365–372
LIV. Notes on Sorghum Experiment. By Mr. Justice Gillies 373–374
LV. On an Abnormal Growth of New Zealand Flax. By the Rev. Philip Walsh 374
LVI. On the New Zealand Olives. By T. Kirk, F.L.S. 375–378
LVII. Notice of the Occurrence of Triodia and Atropis in New Zealand, with Descriptions of new Species. By T. Kirk 378–379
LVIII. A Revision of the New Zealand Lepidia, with Descriptions of new Species. By T. Kirk 379–382
LIX. Notes on recent Additions to the New Zealand Flora. By T. Kirk 382–386
LX. Notes on Plants from Campbell Island. By T. Kirk, F.L.S. 387–389
LXI. On the Preparation of Spontaneously Inflammable Phosphine. By T. A. Mollet 391–392
LXII. On a new Form of Burette. By T. A. Mollet 392–393
LXIII. Notes on Refrigeration. By Professor A. W. Bickerton 391–397
LXIV. On the supposed Paraffin Deposit at Waiapu. By William Skey, Analyst to the Geological Survey Department 397–399
LXV. On a Search for the Poisonous Principle of Brachyglottis repanda and B. rangiora. By W. Skey 400–402
LXVI. On a new Theory of the Mode by which Photographic Effects are produced with Silver Salts. By William Skey 403–404
LXVII. On the Percentage of Citric Acid obtained from Limes grown in Auckland and Tahiti. By J. A. Pond 405–406
LXVIII. On the Formation of Lake Wakatipu. By William Stuart 407–408
LXIX. Description of new Tertiary Fossils. By T. W. Kirk, Assistant in the Colonial Museum 409
LXX. On a Deposit of Moa Bones near Motanau, North Canterbury. By Alexander McKay, of the Geological Survey Department 410–414
LXXI. Further Notes on the Thermal Springs in the Hanmer Plains, Provincial District of Nelson. By Julius von Haast, Ph.D., F.R.S. 414–417
LXXII. Notes on the Mineralogy of New Zealand. By S. Herbert Cox, F.C.S., F.G.S., Assistant Geologist 418–450
LXXIII. On Crystalline Rocks. By W. D. Campbell, F.G.S. 450–457
LXXIV. Notes on a Pseudomorphous Form of Gold. By W. D. Campbell 457–458
LXXV. A Study of the Causes leading to the Extinction of the Maori. By Alfred K. Newman, M.B., M.R.C.P. 459–477
LXXVI. On the fine Perception of Colours possessed by the ancient Maoris (Addendum to Art. III.). By W. Colenso, F.L.S. 477–484
LXXVII. On the Origin of the New Zealand Flora—being a Presidential Address to the Otago Institute. By George M. Thomson, F.L.S. 485–502
LXXVIII. Origin and Early History of the Canterbury Museum; being the Annual Address. By Professor Julius von Haast, Ph.D., F.R.S., President of the Philosophical Institute of Canterbury 503–516
Thirteenth Annual Report of the Board of Governors 519–520
Accounts of the New Zealand Institute, 1880–1 520
Reports on Museum, Geological Survey, Publications, Meteorology, Observatory, Laboratory, and Library 521–527
Address by the President, Dr. Hector (abstract) 531
Description of Additions to the Museum. By Dr. Hector 531–532 533
Description of Bird Skins presented to the Museum. By Dr. Buller, C.M.G. 534
Mention of Tin Ore in New Zealand. By Dr. Hector 534
Discussion on Paper by Mr. W. T. L. Travers "On the Great Flood of February, 1868" 535–537
An Account of some of the less-known Islands of Western Polynesia. By Mr. Deputy-Commissioner Romilly 538–539
On the Extinction of the Moa. By H. C. Field. 540
On a Lichen of the genus Leuconora. By W. H. Levin, M.H.R. 540
Suggestions relative to the Rabbit Nuisance. By Henry Tryon (abstract) 540–541
On Solar Heat. By J. C. Crawford, F.G.S. (abstract) 541
Abstract of Report for 1881 541
Election of Officers for 1882 541
Address by the President, Dr. Hector (abstract) 541–543
On a Fundamental Error in Dynamics, the Theory of Gravitation, and the Nebular Hypothesis. By Victor Falkner (abstract) 543–544
List of Sertularians collected in Wellington. By T. W. Kirk 544
Abnormal Colouring in the Kokako. By T. W. Kirk 544–545
Reported Capture of a Californian Salmon at Riverton. By Dr. Hector 545
Fossil Cetaceans. By Dr. Hector (abstract) 545
New System of Telegraphic Weather Reports. By Dr. Hector 545
Remarks on New Zealand Sponges. By Dr. Hector 545
Anniversary Address by the President, T. Peacock (abstract) 546–549
On the New Zealand Garabidæ. By Capt. T. Broun, M.E.S. 549
Remarks on Scale Blight (Icerya purchasi). By E. A. Mackechnie 549
New Species of Coleoptera. By Capt. T. Broun 549
The Shadow of Justice. By E. A. Mackechnie (abstract) 550
The New Zealand Dascyllidæ. By Capt. T. Broun (abstract) 550
New Species of Curculionidæ. By Capt. T. Broun 551
On Evolution considered from its religious side. By the Rev. S. Edgar 551
On the Swiss Lake Dwellings. By Neil Heath (abstract) 551–553
Revision of the New Zealand Cossonidæ. By Capt. T. Broun 554
Recent Advances in Photography. By J. Martin, F.G.S. (abstract) 554
New Species of Gerambycidæ. By Capt. T. Broun 554
Notes on Various Subjects. By James Baber, C.E. 554–555
Translation of the Maori Tradition of Maui. By F. E. Maning 555
On the Shore of the Unknown. By E. A. Mackechnie 555
Abstract of Annual Report 555–556
Election of Officers for 1882 556
Exhibition of a Marine Spider and Vegetable Caterpillar. By Prof. Hutton 557
Election of Vice-president 558
Rock Paintings from South Africa. Exhibited by Professor J. von Haast 558
Scale Insects. Exhibited by W. M. Maskell 559
Abstract of Annual Report 559–560
Election of Officers for 1882 560
Remarks on Notornis. By Professor Parker 561
Remarks on Sphenodon güntheri. By Dr. Hector 561
Exhibition of Dissecting Microscope. By Professor Parker 561
On the Cause of Error in executing Minor Triangulation with Instruments of small Diameter. By J. Aitken Connell 561
The Birds of Macquarrie Island. By Professor Scott 561
Model of Stylonichia mytilus, exhibited by Prof. Parker 562
On the Development of the Discomedusæ. By Dr. Wilhelm Haacke 562
Remarks on Specimens of Saccharomyces. By Prof. Parker 562
Remarks on Sections of Macrocystis. By Prof. Parker 562
Electric Lighting. By R. Jones 562
Paintings of Notornis, exhibited by Prof. Parker 562
Mounted Skeletons, exhibited by Prof. Parker 562–563
Abstract of Annual Report 563
Election of Officers for 1882 563
Election of Officers for 1881 564
Abstract of Annual Report 564
Insects, Plants, etc., exhibited by W. Colenso 564–565
Fossils, exhibited by W. Colenso 565
Zoological Specimens and Maori Curiosities, exhibited by W. Colenso 565–566
Fossil Remains, exhibited by W. Colenso 567
On Recent Advances in Science. By J. T. Thomson, F.R.G.S. (abstract) 568
Buddhistic Philosophy. By J. T. Thomson 569
The Habits of Ants. By the Rev. J. Paterson 569
On the Importance of Forestry. By D. McArthur 569
On Co-operation. By J. R. Cuthbertson 569
On Burns. By W. G. Mehaffey 569
Election of Officers for 1882 569
Abstract of Annual Report 569

Meteorological Statistics for 1881 xxi
Notes on the Weather during 1881 xxii
Earthquakes reported in New Zealand during 1881 xxiii
Honorary Members of the New Zealand Institute xxiv
Ordinary Members xxiv–xxxvii
List of Public Institutions and Individuals to whom this volume is presented xxxviii–xl
Addenda et Corrigenda iii
Contents v–ix
List of Plates x
Board of Governors of the New Zealand Institute xi
Abstract of Rules and Statutes of the New Zealand Institute xi–xiii
List of Incorporated Societies xiv
Officers of Incorporated Societies, and Extracts from the Rules xiv–xvii


I. Hutton.Hydrobiinæ and Rissoinæ 146
II. {{{1}}}Fresh-water Lamellibranchs 148
III. {{{1}}}Pulmonate Mollusca 152
IV. {{{1}}}{{{1}}}{{{1}}} 156
V. {{{1}}}Bitentaculate Slug 160
VI. {{{1}}}Branchiate Mollusca 162
VII. {{{1}}}{{{1}}}{{{1}}} 166
VIII. Chilton.Crustacea 172
IX. {{{1}}}Subterranean Crustacea 178
X. {{{1}}}{{{1}}}{{{1}}} 176
XI. Arthur.—Map of Taieri River Basin  96
XII. {{{1}}}Salmo fario 192
XIII. {{{1}}}Trout-hatching 208
XIV. {{{1}}}Opoho Breeding Ponds 208
XV. Maskell.—Coccidæ 222
XVI. {{{1}}}{{{1}}} 224
XVII. G. M. Thomson.Crustacea 232
XVIII. {{{1}}}{{{1}}} 236
XIX. Parker.—Notornis mantelli 246
XX. {{{1}}}Notornis mantelli, Tribonyx gouldi, Ocydromus australis, Porphyria melanotus 248
XXI. {{{1}}}Ocydronms, Notornis, Tribonyx, Porphyrio 250
XXII. Inglis.—Diatomaceæ 358
XXIII. Spencer.—Fresh-water Algæ 296
XXIV. Buchanan.—Alpine Plants 344
XXV. {{{1}}}{{{1}}} 344
XXVI. {{{1}}}{{{1}}} 346
XXVII. {{{1}}}{{{1}}} 346
XXVIII. {{{1}}}{{{1}}} 348
XXIX. {{{1}}}{{{1}}} 348
XXX. {{{1}}}{{{1}}} 350
XXXI. {{{1}}}{{{1}}} 350
XXXII. {{{1}}}{{{1}}} 352
XXXIII. {{{1}}}{{{1}}} 352
XXXIV. {{{1}}}{{{1}}} 354
XXXV. {{{1}}}{{{1}}} 356
XXXVI. T. W. Kirk.Cephalopoda 284
XXXVII. Mollett.Fig. 1. Phosphine Generator
Fig. 2. A new Form of Buretté
XXXIX. Campbell.—Pseudomorphous Form of Gold 458