Transactions of the Geological Society, 1st series, vol. 4

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On the Geology of Northumberland and Durham
On a Whin Dyke
On a Group of Rocks in Cumberland and Westmoreland
Observations on the Mountain Cruachan
Account of the Veins in the Mine of Huel Peever
Description of the Tunnel of the Tavistock Canal
Supplement to the Mineralogy of Sky
On the Strata in the Neighbourhood of Bristol
On Magnesian Breccia
On the Magnesian Limestone of the neighbourhood of Bristol
On the Strata at Whorlbury Camp
On the Hill of Kinnoul
On the Angles of the Primitive Crystals of Quartz, and the Sulphate of Barytes
On the Measurement and Cleavage of certain Primitive Crystals
Supplementary Observations on Quartz Rock
On the Plastic Clay Formation
On Shell-Marle
Geological Remarks on the Vicinity of Maestricht
On the Parallel Roads of Glen Roy
On a shifted Vein occurring in Limestone
Explanation of a Supplementary Plate on Vegetable Remains preserved in Chalcedony
On certain colours in Killas
On the Veins of St. Agnes
On the Stream Works of Pentowan
On the Limestone of Plymouth
On the Paramoudra, and Formation of Flints in Chalk
On Shells in Slate
On the Gravel at Litchfield
Analysis of a bituminous Limestone
Barometrical Measurements
On Witherite found in Shropshire
Extracts from the Minute Book of the Geological Society
List of Donations
Plates and Maps