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Act Amending the Penal Code (No. 11), 2485 Buddhist Era  (1942) 
by 3rd House of Representatives of Thailand, translated from Thai by Wikisource

Seal of the Royal Command
Seal of the Royal Command

Amending the Penal Code (No. 11),
2485 Buddhist Era

In the name of Somdet Phra Chaoyuhua Ananda Mahidol
The Council of Regency
(according to the announcements of the President of
the House of Representatives dated 4 August 2480 Buddhist Era
and 16 December 2484 Buddhist Era)

Aditya Dibabha
Pridi Banomyong

Enacted on the 10th day of April 2485 Buddhist Era
Being the 9th year of the present reign

Whereas the House of Representatives has resolved that it is appropriate to amend the Penal Code;

Therefore, by and with the advice and consent of the House of Representatives, a great royal command is given that the following Act be enacted:

Section1.This Act shall be called the "Act Amending the Penal Code (No. 11), 2485 Buddhist Era".

Section2.This Act shall come into force from the day of its publication in the Royal Gazette onwards.

Section3.The stipulations of section 310 of the Penal Code shall be repealed and replaced by the following stipulations:

"Section310.Whoever sells goods by deceiving a buyer into erroneously believing in the false origin, condition, quality, or quantity of the goods by any means, shall be held guilty and be punished with imprisonment of not over one year, or a fine of not over two thousand baht, or both the imprisonment and the fine."

Field Marshal P Phibunsongkhram
Prime Minister


  • "Phra Ratcha Banyat Kaekhaiphoemtoem Kotmai Laksana Aya (Chabap Thi Sip-et) Phutthasakkarat Song Phan Si Roi Paetsip Ha" [Act Amending the Penal Code (No. 11), 2485 Buddhist Era]. (1942, 10 April). Ratchakitchanubeksa [Royal Gazette], 59(25A), 848–849. (In Thai).

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