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Gemma.  (1869) 
by Władysław Tarnowski, translated from Polish by Wikisource
[„Gemma” in: Władysław Tarnowski ps. Ernest Buława „Nowe Poezye Ernesta Buławy”, Seyfarth i Czajkowski, Lwów, 1872, p. 38-39.]

(Fantasy for music.)

On way of life which led through the swamp
I found gem! from stones, with weeds faeces,
I raised to sun, and washed with tears,
And how this gem is call, I asked?..
   From over Sierras black cloud approached
   And nature on my way said me:

Later on the way of life, which by beaten
Tracks led, wide – far –
I met figure with garish garment
Gold glittered her as the lid on coffin,
   And when I asked, she said: I’m your well-known,
   Fallen angel, but I was called –

And once on boat, in full sea at night,
In the moonlight brought me young oarsman,
He sang barcarolle with orphan's homesickness,
That I saw in waves, the shape full of beauty,
   Like snow swan with flying hair
   She flowed in glitter … peace of drowneds

Barcarole has already died down and waves
Hums as of yore on rocks of bay,
And moon rises from deep sea
And I squeeze my harp in madness of arms –
   And oarsman whispers: harpist do you remember?
   And harpist whispers: oarsman do you remember?