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Johnie.  (1869) 
by Władysław Tarnowski, translated from Polish by Wikisource
[„Jasieńko” in: Władysław Tarnowski ps. Ernest Buława „Piołuny”, publ. J. I. Kraszewski, Dresden, 1869, pp. 32-33. Another variant of the same song in: „Poezye Studenta”, publ. F. A. Brockhaus, Leipzig, 1865, Vol. III, pp. 307-308.]

(Words to music)

Every midnight she walked, to his grave,
She went mad, she cried, she pulled tresses,
                 My nice Johnie!}
                 Take me to grave} twice
And willows in tears, Tresses connected
Circle – warp, warp – circle,
And gloomy moon, Somewhere disappear behind mountain,
                 My nice Johnie! etc.
And he came from the grave, Amiable Prince,
She pushes him away with her hand – this is not my Johnie!
                 My nice Johnie! etc.
And youth arose, Adorned in rose wreath,
She pushes him away with her hand, This is not my Johnie!
                 My nice Johnie! etc.
And Johnie arose, In rags with lyre,
He leans on the sword, Heart eats up snake;
And she catches him hand, O! this my Johnie!
                 My nice Johnie! etc.
There we will cuddle, and pet and endear ourselves,
And we will be happy, Happy as alive,
And in one grave, house of happiness o! so many!
                 My nice Johnie! etc.
And the sun rose, And girl laughed,
Oh alone on the grave, has fallen asleep for ever –
               Johnie, with lyre,
               He took her in the grave!...