Translation:Mikraot Gedolot/Genesis/4:3

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And it was at the end of days, and Cayin brought from the fruits of the earth an offering to God.


From the fruits of the earth. From the worst fruits. (1) And there is a legend that says he offered flax seeds.

Sifsei Chakhamim[edit]

(1) Rashi was trouble because it should have said “from the first of his fruits” like it said by Hevel, that he brought from the “firstborn of his flock and from their fat.”

Ibn Ezra[edit]

And it was at the end of days. That Cayin worked the ground, he brought an offering to God in the place where he established his prayer. And it is not correct in my eyes the words of those (i.e. Rashi) who say that when he brought an offering to his father (in heaven) that you can infer that he did not bring it from his first fruits because by Hevel’s offering it says “from his firstborn flock” (and the word “first” is not mentioned by Cayin’s offering).