Translation:Mikraot Gedolot/Genesis/4:4

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And Hevel also brought from the firstborn of his flock and from their fat, and God turned to Hevel and to his offering.


And God turned. A fire came down (1) from heaven and consumed his offering.

Sifsei Chakhamim[edit]

(1) That is to say, how did he know that God turned to him? A fire came down…


And Cayin brought from the fruits of the earth an offering to God. And Hevel also brought. These people understood the great secret of the sacrifices and offerings, and so did Noach. And our sages have said that also Adam HaRishon offered an ox. And this will block the mouths of those who generate intimidation about the reasons for the sacrifices. And furthermore, I will hint to a major principle, with God’s will. (See Vayikra, 1:9)