Translation:Mishnah/Seder Nashim/Tractate Kiddushin/Chapter 2/9

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Hebrew Text[edit]

בעורלה, ובכלאי הכרם,
ובשור הנסקל, ובעגלה ערופה,
ובציפורי מצורע, בשיער נזיר,
ובפטר חמור,
ובבשר בחלב,
ובחולין שנשחטו בעזרה —
אינה מקודשת;
מכרן וקידש בדמיהן —
הרי זו מקודשת.

English Translation[edit]

One who betroths
with premature fruit, or with intermixed species of the vineyard,
or with an ox which is to be stoned, or with a calf whose neck is to be broken,
or with the birds of a metzorah, with the hair of a nazirite,
or with the first birth of a donkey,
or with meat [mixed] with milk,
or with mundane [animals] which were slaughtered in the [Temple] Courtyard —
she is not betrothed.
If he sold them and betrothed with their money —
she is betrothed.