Translation:Mishnah/Seder Nashim/Tractate Kiddushin/Chapter 4/12

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In the Vilna edition of the Mishnah, this text is given as mishnah 13. The mishnah 12 of the Vilna edition appears here as mishnah 11.


Hebrew Text[edit]

לא ילמד רווק סופרים,
ולא תלמד אישה סופרים.
רבי אלעזר אומר:
אף מי שאין עימו אישה לא ילמד סופרים.

English Translation[edit]

A bachelor should not practice pedagogy,
and a woman should not practice pedagogy.
Rabbi Elazar says:
Even one who does not have a wife with him should not practice pedagogy.