Translation:Mishnah/Seder Nashim/Tractate Kiddushin/Chapter 4/11

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In the Vilna edition of the Mishnah, this text is given as mishnah 12. The mishnah 11 of the Vilna edition appears here as the second part of mishnah 10.


Hebrew Text[edit]

לא יתייחד איש אחד עם שתי נשים,
אבל אישה אחת מתייחדת עם שני אנשים.
רבי שמעון אומר:
אף איש אחד מתייחד עם שתי נשים.
ובזמן שאשתו עימו, ישן עימהן בפונדקי,
מפני שאשתו משמרתו.
מתייחד אדם עם אימו ועם בתו,
וישן עימהם בקרוב בשר.
זה ישן בכסותו, וזה ישן בכסותו.

English Translation[edit]

A man may not be secluded with two women,
but a woman may be secluded with two men.
Rabbi Shimon says:
Even a man may be secluded with two women.
And when his wife is with him, he may sleep with them in an inn,
because his wife is with him.
A person may be secluded with his mother or with his daughter,
and may sleep with them in bodily contact.
When they grow up,
this one should sleep in his cover, and this one should sleep in his cover.