Translation:Mishnah/Seder Nashim/Tractate Sotah/Chapter 2/3

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When he comes to write the scroll, from what place does he write? From "if no man has lain with you" and so on, " ...but if you have gone aside from under your husband." He does not write: "Then the priest shall adjure the woman," but continues with, "The Lord makes on youa curse and an oath", "and the water will come in your innards and bloat your stomach and cause your leg to fall off"; and doesn't write: "And says the women 'Amen amen'". Rabbi Yosi says: You don't break. Rabbi Yehudah says: All on himself he should not write except: "G-d shall give to you a curse and an oath" and so on, "And the better waters will come in your innards" and so on; and he doesn't write: "And the woman says 'Amen amen.'"