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by Nachman of Breslov, translated from Hebrew by Wikisource

"Behold, we found this in the handwriting of Rabbeinu, of blessed memory, and it is the heads of paragraphs from the concept of pidyon (see Likutei Moharan 180) with a short prayer at its end, and it is fitting to offer it here." [In later sefarim printings the pidyon is added at the end of Likutei Tefilot Vol. I or in the front of Odesser edition sefarim]:

[The donor who is giving the pidyon money to charity] puts his hands on the money and says:

Ma`OT/The money is “v’et ha-y’kum asher b’ragleihem/ the money that [kept them] on their feet” [Deut. 11:6]; “tzeked yikraehu l’raglo/Heavenly charity being summoned for his [Avraham’s (see Rashi)] every footstep [Isa. 41: 2]. “Tzedek malkhuta kadisha/righteousness is elevated kingship.” “Dina d’makhuta dina/The law of the land is the law.” The root of the dinim/strict decrees is Binah/understanding. “I am Binah, power is mine” [Prov. 8:14]. A decree can only sweetened at its root. There are three “hands” in Binah: The great hand (Chesed/kindness), the strong hand (Gevurah/Strength), the high hand (Tiferet/Beauty). Three times YaD (hand) has gematria of the 42-Letter Name. 42 in the world of Yetzirah is the name Ana Bekoach. 42 in the world of Creation is two times E-H-Y-H [do not pronounce the names]. 42 in the world of Emanation is Y-H-W-H with its filling [Yod-He-Waw-He] and the filling of the filling [YodWawDlt-HeAlf-WawAlfWaw-HeAlf] [Total=42 letters].

May it be Your Will that the hard decrees and forces should be sweetened off of [Person son of Person] through an exalted wonder, which is great kindnesses and complete simple compassions with no mix of harsh decree at all. Amen.

Pidyon sweetens harsh decress, and it saves from all afflictions, because healings is mainly via pidyon speficically, because “v’rapo yerapeh/heals completely” [Ex. 21:19] (with 2 added for the words) is gematria of “pidyon Nefesh” (LM 2 #3).

יניח ידיו על המעות ויאמר: מעות ואת היקום אשר ברגליהם צדק יקראו לרגלו. צדק מלכותא קדישא: דינא דמלכותא דינא. שורש הדינים בינה. אני בינה לי גבורה. אין הדין נמתק אלא בשרשו. שלשה ידים בבינה: יד הגדולה, יד החזקה, יד הרמה. ג' פעמים יד גימטריא שם של מ"ב. מ"ב שביצירה שם של אנא בכח. מ"ב שבבריאה שני פעמים אקי"ק. מ"ב שבאצילות הוי"ה פשוט, במלואו, ומלוי דמלוי: יהי רצון מלפניך שיומתקו הדינים והגבורות הקשות מעל: (פלוני בן פלוני) על ידי פלא עליון שהוא חסדים גדולים ורחמים גמורים ופשוטים שאין בו תערובת דין כלל. אמן.

פדיון הוא המתקת הדינים,והוא מושיע מכל הצרות, כי עיקר הרפואה על ידי פדיון דוקא, כי "ורפא ירפא" (עם שתי התבות) מספר "פדיון נפש": (לקוטי מוהר"ן ח"ב תורה ג)

[LM 180 explains one should be careful to not be stingy, so that the dinim (since money is like dinim) should not stay by him, and one needs "extra chochmah" for this, to know how much one needs to give so the dinim do not stay by him. See elsewhere (LE Pidyon #4) where Rabeinu says one should regularly make a pidyons even if he has no sickness or affliction in his house, so that he should not come to affliction or sickness, God forbid.]