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Translation:Shulchan Aruch by Yosef Karo, translated from Hebrew by Wikisource
Orach Chaim 19: The time of the blessing made on tzitzit 

The time of the blessing made on tzitzit

זמן ברכת ציצית

19:1 Tzitzit are an obligation on the person and not on the item, in that as long as he is not wearing the tallit, he is exempt from (the obligation of) tzitzit (i.e. on that tallit). Therefore, one does not say a blessing regarding the making of the tzitzit, since there is no commandment except in wearing them.

סעיף א ציצית חובת גברא הוא ולא חובת מנא, שכל זמן שאינו לובש הטלית פטור מציצית, ולפיכך אינו מברך על עשיית הציצית, שאין מצוה אלא בלבישתו.

19:2 One who makes a tallit to be used as a burial shroud, even though he sometimes wears it during his lifetime, it is exempt (from the obligation of tzitzit).

סעיף ב עשה טלית לצורך תכריכין, אף על פי שלובשו לפעמים בחייו, פטור.