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Topic Index
1–7 Waking in the Morning 242–344 Sabbath
8–24 Fringes SECTION 4
25–45 Tefillin 345–365 Moving Items Between Domains on Shabbat
46–57 Morning Blessings and Other Blessings 366–395 Eiruv
58–88 Shema 396–407 Techumin
89–127 Prayer 408–416 Eiruv of Techumin
SECTION 2 417–428 Rosh Chodesh
128–134 Priestly Blessing SECTION 5
135–149 Reading the Torah 429–494 Passover
150–156 Synagogue 495–529 Sacred Holidays
157–165 Washing the Hands SECTION 6
166–168 Breaking Bread 530–548 Chol Hamoed
169–180 Customs During a Meal 549–561 Tish'ah B'av
181 Washing Hands After the Meal 562–580 Private Fasts
182–201 Grace after Meals 581–603 Rosh Hashanah
202–216 Blessings on Produce 604–620 Yom Kippur
217 Blessings for Fragrance 621–644 Sukkah
218 Blessing for Miracles 645–658 The Four Species
219–222 Thanksgiving Blessings 659–669 The Prayers of Sukkot, etc.
223–231 Various Blessings 670–685 Hanukkah
232–234 The Minchah Prayer (afternoon) 686–697 Purim
235–239 The Evening Prayer
240–241 Modesty

Waking in the Morning[edit]



Morning Blessings and Other Blessings[edit]



Priestly Blessing[edit]

Reading the Torah[edit]


Washing the Hands[edit]

Breaking Bread[edit]

Customs During a Meal[edit]

Washing Hands After the Meal[edit]

Grace after Meals[edit]

Blessings on Produce[edit]

Blessings for Fragrance[edit]

Blessing for Miracles[edit]

Thanksgiving Blessings[edit]

Various Blessings[edit]

The Minchah Prayer (afternoon)[edit]

The Evening Prayer[edit]



Moving Items Between Domains on Shabbat[edit]



Eiruv of Techumin[edit]

Rosh Chodesh[edit]


Sacred Holidays[edit]

Chol Hamoed[edit]

Tisha BeAv[edit]

Private Fasts[edit]

Rosh Hashanah[edit]

Yom Kippur[edit]


The Four Species[edit]

The Prayers of Sukkot, etc.[edit]



  • 686: Laws of the Fast of Esther
  • 687 The obligation to read the Megilah
  • 688 The law for cities which were surrounded by a wall in the days of Yehoshua Bin Nun
  • 689 That everybody is obligated to read the Megilah
  • 690 The laws concerning the reading of the Megilah
  • 691 The laws concerning the writing and the sewing of a Megilah scroll
  • 692 The laws concerning the blessings over the reading of the Megilah
  • 693 The prayer service of Purim
  • 694 The law as regards Purim money for the poor
  • 695 The laws concerning the Purim feast
  • 696 The laws concerning bewailing, fasting and the performance of Shabbos labor on Purim
  • 697 That one should not say a supplication prayer on the 14th and 15th of the first Adar and the law as regards fasting and bewailing on these days